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Monday, February 7, 2022

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Using a Coffee Scale

 Looking for the perfect cup of coffee? Check out how a coffee scale can enhance your coffee brewing method and give you a great-tasting cup of coffee.

 So many people say the reason that they get their daily cup of coffee at a coffee shop is that the coffee tastes better than making coffee at home. Then there are the folks who say that they don't have time to make coffee at home. While making coffee at home can be simple as placing coffee grounds into a coffee maker, how you make your coffee can make all the difference in the way it tastes. There are so many different coffee brewing methods and each method can give that cup of joe a different taste. 

 The typical way to make coffee at home is with a drip coffee maker. Other coffee-making methods can include single-cup coffee makers, espresso machines, cold brew coffee, and the pour-over coffee method to name a few. Then there are single-serve coffee bags and the French Press. The list can go on with many other ways to make coffee. So many ways to make coffee and yet so many people still head to the coffee shop for their daily coffee. That coffee drink from the coffee place may taste the best and it may have nothing to do with the coffee beans.

A delicious cup of coffee is all about measurements

 Making coffee that tastes good is all about measurements. Like baking, making coffee requires math and science. While you don't need to read a recipe from a cookbook to make coffee. You do have to measure the coffee and use the right amount of water. When it comes to good coffee, finding the right ratio of ground coffee to water is essential. Making good coffee is science.

 Do you ever have days when your at-home coffee doesn't taste the same and sometimes tastes bitter? You used the same bag of coffee and the same coffee scoop. You added the same amount of sugar and creamer to your coffee cup. Yet your morning cup of coffee has a different taste, maybe even a nasty taste. The reason for the difference in taste may be due to how you measured the coffee grounds. A good cup of coffee requires the coffee to be weighed and that might be the reason that coffee tastes better from a restaurant. A simple coffee scale may help you up your coffee-making skills.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Using a Coffee Scale

When it comes to perfecting good coffee, finding the right ratio of ground coffee to water is essential. When you follow the typical coffee-making instructions that are found on the coffee canister, those ratios will not result in the best cup of coffee. The reason is because not all coffee weighs the same. One tablespoon of one brand of coffee may weigh more than another brand of coffee. It is those different coffee measurements that affect the taste of your coffee.

 To get a great-tasting coffee you need to weigh your coffee grounds and not use a coffee scoop. A coffee scale will help you measure your coffee so that you will have the right amount of coffee for your coffee brewing method. You might be asking yourself, what is a coffee scale?

Coffee beans, since they’re an agricultural product and not made in a factory, can vary wildly in size and density.

What is a coffee scale?

 Until last week, I had no idea what a coffee scale was. When a brand reached out to me asking me if I wanted to check out their coffee scale, I thought to myself ~ what is a coffee scale? When I realized that a coffee scale is a device that helps you make a great cup of coffee, I had to know more. I do love my daily coffee and having my coffee taste great is something that I desire. A coffee scale will help you get the measurements right. 

  A coffee scale allows you to use the same amount of water and the same amount of coffee for every brew. It is using the same measurements that are important in how your coffee tastes. These precise measurements will give you the same coffee flavor day after day. 

Lardera's new coffee scale measures your brew time without manual input. It automatically starts when you add water and stops when you lift the carafe. The scale is sleek in appearance and rich in features, like the unique auto-timer.

How to use a coffee scale

 The first step to making a great cup of coffee with a coffee scale is to use a pour-over coffee maker. The pour-over coffee making method involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a filter. That pour-over coffee filter is placed over a coffee carafe or a coffee cup. I described the pour-over coffee method in my Dairy-Free Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Coffee Latte recipe post.

 The next steps involve weighing the coffee carafe and the coffee. Then you pour the water over the coffee grounds. The scale will time the water and tell you how long it took. Once you are done brewing your coffee, you taste it. If you like the way it tastes then allow the scale to record the data. So that way when you make your next cup of coffee you will have the exact same measurements for the same great taste. 

How much coffee should I use for the perfect cup of coffee?

Since I have never used a coffee scale, I had to do some research on how much ground coffee to add to my coffee filter along with how much water to use. I discovered a coffee recipe for an average size cup of coffee ~ 10 ounces. If you desire a bigger cup of coffee, just double the amount of coffee and water.

~  A good coffee to water ratio for a 10-ounce cup of coffee is 20 grams ground coffee to 300ml of water. If you are using coffee beans, measure the coffee beans before grinding the coffee. 

~ If you prefer your coffee stronger ~ use more ground coffee

~ If you like your coffee on the mild side ~ use fewer coffee grounds

Check out some delicious coffee drink recipes

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How To Make Perfect Iced Coffee

My thoughts on using a coffee scale

 The first time that I used a coffee scale was a learning experience for me. I liked that the coffee scale was easy to understand. Since I have experience using kitchen scales, that made things a bit easier. I liked that this scale had a tare feature so I could set the scale back to zero after I place my coffee equipment on the scale. That way the weight of my coffee mug and pour-over filter was not in the measurement for the coffee. 

 I had to do some research online before I made my first cup of coffee. So I knew the right amount of water and ground coffee to use. I boiled my water first and then I measured it into a measuring cup. I wanted to make sure I did everything right. While it did take time to make my first cup of coffee, using the coffee scale, it was so worth it!

 My cup of coffee was delicious. For my next cup of coffee, I did things differently to make it easier. I used a mason jar as my coffee brewing container.  That way I did not have to measure the water. I simply poured the hot water over the coffee until it reached the 20-ounce mark on the glass mason jar. Since my coffee from the day before was so smooth and delicious, I also used the same amount of ground coffee. This coffee scale is my new favorite coffee equipment for making great-tasting coffee.

Using a coffee scale helped me to discover my perfect coffee brew.

To discover more about the coffee scale that I used head here


AiringMyLaundry said...

I need to show this to my mom. She loves her coffee. I could never get a taste for it but I love the smell.

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WOW, I've learned something new today. Would be so fun to experiment and find my own perfect coffee flavor. Truly nifty.

Simply Tasheena said...

I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing this tip.

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This is really neat. I'm going to share this with a few others. I bet this is going to be helpful for those who drink coffee.

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What an interesting post! I've never thought about this before but it definitely makes sense.

Monica Simpson said...

I need this because I never really know how much coffee to put in. I just feel like I could get the flavor even better if I had a scale to measure it.

Terri Steffes said...

I'm confused a bit. You say 20g of ground coffee, but then say to measure the beans first. That means unground coffee. I'm not sure which is the right way.

Gervin Khan said...

Wow! I definitely need one of this in my house. I'm just a coffee lover and this gives me joy and happiness.

Elizabeth Neas said...

I have never heard of a coffee scale except for when you purchase your beans. So I found your post very interesting. Thank you for this valuable information.

Beth said...

We tend to make a pot of coffee (10 cups) every morning, can you use a coffee scale for larger quantities?

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I had heard about this gadget but had not seen a blog post about it. Thanks for sharing this!

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My husband is a coffee lover. He needs to know all these tips. He is trying to make the perfect coffee!

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That is so nice and precise! I would have never thought to use a scale for measuring out coffee, but it would be nice to be using just the right amount.

Unknown said...

The hubs and I are coffee drinkers, but we sure have never thought about using a coffee scale. Thanks for the tip! -LYNNDEE

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