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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Healthy DIY Valentine’s Day Craft With Wonderful Halos

 Check out these Valentine Critters! Made with sweet mandarin oranges for the best Valentine's Day card.

I received the supplies from Wonderful Halos to make the craft

Valentine's Day will be here soon and the kids will be busy creating their Cards for Valentine's Day exchanges at their Valentine's Day Parties at school. Most kids head to the store with their parents and pick out a box of premade Valentine's cards. Then mom or dad grabs a bag of candy. Once at home, the process of stuffing the candy into the card and having the child sign their name begins. So the child can stuff the Valentine's Day card into a box with many similar cards.

 This year skip the store-bought Valentine's Day cards for kids and instead make a healthy homemade Valentine's Day card with the kids. This Healthy DIY Valentine’s Day Craft is so simple to make and only requires some school supplies and a bag of sweet Wonderful Halos mandarin oranges. You probably have most of the school supplies at home. If not, the craft supplies are inexpensive and easy to find at most discount stores or office supply stores. The Halos oranges can be found at the grocery store.

Grab some Wonderful Halos Oranges and let the fun begin

 This adorable Valentine's craft is so easy to make! Depending on the age of the child creating the craft, you may not even have to help them. For younger children, you might have to help with the cutting of the card shapes. Using Halos in crafts is smart and healthy! Last year I made cute Snowmen with Wonderful Halos and they were so fun to make. Of course, the best part was eating the snowmen.

 A healthy Homemade Valentine's card is a great idea for school Valentine's parties. Most school holiday parties are filled with way too much sugar, so having a healthy food option at the party is always a smart idea. That way kids can reach for a healthy snack before they load up on all that sugar.

Wonderful Halos Mandarins are

+ Delicious

+ Loaded with vitamin C

+ Healthy

+ A nutritious snack

+ Contain fiber

+ Easy to peel

+ Sweet

+ Seedless

 You might be thinking that this mandarin oranges craft card creation is too heavy for the Valentine's Day exchange box. If that is the case these cute animal cards made from sweet oranges can be placed on the holiday food table or on each child's school desk. Another idea for the DIY Halos Valentine's craft is to trace and cut out the shapes that are needed to make the animal cards. Then place them in a craft bag along with the instructions and the mandarin orange. Then the child can create the delicious craft project at home. 

Supplies needed to create the Mandarin Valentine's Day Craft 

+ Halos mandarins

+ Colored, white, and black heavy paper or cardstock

+ Scissors

+ Hole punch

+ Glue stick

+ Black marker

+ Scissors

+ Adhesive dots

Parents will love this healthy homemade Valentine's Card craft

As a parent, I would love my child to receive this healthy Valentine's card craft project. That way when my child comes home from school with a bag filled with candy, I would be able to offer them a healthy snack. We know that our children have probably already consumed way too many sweets at school. The Halos Valentine’s Day Craft will hopefully distract them from eating all that candy that was included with the other cards. 

So head to the store and buy the supplies to make the Healthy DIY Valentine’s Day Craft With Wonderful Halos. Make sure you grab an extra bag or 2 of the Halos mandarin oranges. So you can munch on the sweet orange fruit while making the animal cards. These oranges are so delicious and taste like candy but they are a healthy snack. Kids love Halos!


AiringMyLaundry said...

What a cute idea! I will have to show my daughter. She will want to make these.

The Super Mom Life said...

What a cute idea! My nephew is obsessed with Cuties! He would love this.

Reviews By Kathy said...

These are so cute, love the idea of sharing something healthy for Valentines day!

Terri Steffes said...

Adorable. I am in love with the idea of giving a fruit versus a candy for the holiday!

alita said...

I love the idea of giving the kids an activity. Something to do on Valentine's Im gonna borrow your ideas. Thank you

Beth Pierce said...

What a great and lovely idea. Im so excited to make these with the kids. We will have so much fun

Tammy said...

This is such a cute idea for Valentine's Day. I love those little Halos.

Sarah Bailey said...

Oh these are so cute - what a fun idea to make and do! I love the healthy twist as well.

Marysa said...

These are adorable! My kids love mandarin oranges and it would be fun to do this with them.

Gust si Aroma said...

So cute and I love that it's healthy! The best way to teach kids!

Swathi said...

These are really healthy valentines treat, looks really nice.

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