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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

DIY Wonderful Halos Snowman Craft

Create your very own snowman, just in time for the holidays. With its vibrant pop of color, this craft makes for the cutest holiday decoration that your kids can both enjoy and eat!  

 My family enjoys eating Wonderful Halos mandarins in the winter as they are a great healthy snack. These small orange fruits are easy to peel and so sweet. My boys love that they are seedless. These mandarins may be small but they are packed with plenty of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a must-have vitamin for the winter months as it helps boost your immune system to help your body stay well. If you are looking for other ways to boost your child's immune system check out these immune health tips.

 So make sure to buy plenty of delicious Wonderful Halos for snacking and for school lunches. Wonderful Halos also make the perfect treat for kids to bring to school holiday parties. The Halos are already wrapped so they need no preparation. These delicious mandarins also are perfect for winter parties as you can use them to create cute holiday snowmen for a holiday decoration. They are the holiday decoration that can also be a snack. Kids will enjoy making the holiday snowman and enjoy eating them. A couple of months ago my boys enjoyed making these Chocolate Jack-O-Lanterns for snacks.

Check out my Cranberry Sauce recipe made from dried cranberries and Halos

I received a gift from Wonderful Halos (@halosfun) to facilitate this post

Ideas for Wonderful Halos Mandarin Craft | Holiday Snowman

+ Use as a place card for a holiday dinner - have the snowman hold a small name card

+ Decorate your holiday table

+ Place the snowman on the table with the food

+ Enjoy as an afternoon snack

+ Give as a gift

+ Use as a craft to keep kids entertained

These cute mandarin snowmen are fun to make. They are an easy craft that kids will enjoy making. The Halo snowman craft only requires a few simple supplies and many of them you probably already have around the home. The best part about this craft using Halo mandarin oranges is being able to eat them after you make them. These snowmen will encourage your children to eat more fruit and are an immune system-boosting snack. I like to create several of the mandarin snowmen snacks and store them in the fridge. That way my kids can grab an adorable fruit snowman when they are hungry. If you are looking for more healthy afterschool snack ideas that kids will eat, check out this article.

Supplies need to create the Mandarin Craft Holiday Snowman

● Small cardboard tube

● Scissors

● Black paint

● Paintbrush

● Black heavy paper 

● Wonderful Halos mandarins

● Cloves

● Carrot

● Grape stems 

● Toothpicks 

● Yarn or felt 

● Shredded coconut 

You don't need to spend a lot of money on craft supplies to make the orange snowmen. A toilet paper or paper towel tube is needed to make the snowman hat. The nose is made from a carrot, just like a snowman made from snow. For the eyes, you use spices and the arms are made from grape stems. If you don't have grape stems you can use a clean small twig or even toothpicks. 

 This is a craft for kids that encourages healthy eating. I like to buy plenty of carrots and oranges for the fruit craft. That way my kids can snack on the fruits and veggies while making the fun holiday craft. Even grown-ups can get in on the fun with this healthy food craft. These cute fruit snowmen are great for holiday parties for decorations and for eating.

Wonderful Halos Mandarins are

+ Delicious

+ Loaded with vitamin C

+ Healthy

+ A nutritious snack

+ Contain fiber

+ Easy to peel

+ Sweet

+ Seedless

So head to the store and purchase the Wonderful Halo mandarin oranges along with any other craft supplies that you may need. While the original craft does not list shredded coconut, make sure to grab a bag of shredded coconut at the store. The shredded coconut can be used for snow. Just sprinkle the shredded coconut on a plate and then place the snowman on top. The best part is kids can also eat the snow that is made from coconut. 

Wonderful Halos Mandarin Craft | Holiday Snowman 2021


● A recycled cardboard tube (from aluminum foil, plastic wrap, paper towels, or toilet


● Scissors

● Black paint

● Paintbrush

● Black heavy paper or card stock

● Round object to trace, 3” wide (such as a jar cap or the inside of a roll of masking tape)

● 3 Wonderful Halos mandarins

● 9 Cloves

● Small piece of carrot, cut into a small conical carrot shape

● Small clean twigs (or grape stems if you want to keep your snowman edible)

● Toothpicks or wooden skewers

● A thick piece of yarn or felt cut to 11”


1. Cut off a 1 ¼” piece of the cardboard tube and paint it black.

2. While drying, make the hat brim. Trace a circle, around 3” in diameter, and cut it out.

Use the cardboard tube to trace another circle in the center of your large circle and cut it

out to make a donut shape. Use the tube to trace one more small circle for the hat top

and cut it out. Glue the small circle to the top of the painted tube piece and the donut

shape to the bottom.

3. Push in two cloves to make the eyes and four for the mouth. Use a toothpick to poke a

hole where you want the nose to go and push in the small carrot.

4. Press three cloves in the second mandarin for buttons and push in twigs (or grape

stems) for arms.

5. Stack the three mandarins together and pierce toothpicks or skewers in as needed to

help them stand up.

6. Loosely tie the yarn or felt around the snowman’s neck to make a scarf. Place the hat on

top. You can add a toothpick to the top of the head to help stabilize it.

TIP: Instead of cloves, you can use a black food coloring marker to draw the eyes, mouth and


NOTE: Make sure to remove all the toothpicks before eating! 


AiringMyLaundry said...

What a cute idea. We always have Halos in the house so we'll have to make these.

Ashley Thompson said...

These are adorable! I can't wait to make them with my kids for our next craft time.

Melanie Edjourian said...

Ha, that is such a fun activity to do with the kids over the Christmas break.

Mandee said...

This is such a cute idea! I love that it's so simple too. I may have to try this with my little ones. Thanks!

Kathy said...

This is a really cute idea. I love it! My kids would have so much fun with this.

The Super Mom Life said...

Our nephew is obsessed with Halos. I am definitely going to make these for him!

alita said...

I never though I'd make a snowman with oranges. this looks so fun to make

Gervin Khan said...

This is so cute and easy. I will definitely make this with my kids. Thank you!

Susie's Reviews said...

What a fun idea for the kids and I to do together. So creative and we love mandarin oranges.

Wren LaPorte said...

These are so cute! I know my youngest would enjoy making them.

Richelle Milar said...

This is such a really cute idea! I'm sure my kids would really enjoy making this!

Celebrate Woman said...

These snowmen won't have a long display tine in my home. We so much adore mandarins!

Marysa said...

So cute! My kids love Halos (as do I) and this would be a fun way to enjoy a snack.

Gust si Aroma said...

OMG! How cute is this snowman. We will have a lot of fun making it!

Angela Ricardo Bethea said...

That sounds like a great idea and I've never tried it before. My kids will definitely love it and would want to make one of their own as well.

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