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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Bug Hunter & Fly Killer

 The Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Bug Hunter is an essential tool for the serious bug hunter. 

 Do you hate when bugs are inside your home? While bugs are important for things like my swingset garden, they annoy me when they get inside my home. Sometimes I wonder why God created bugs like flies and spiders. To me, it seems that these pesky bugs serve no purpose other than to annoy people, especially flies. 

 In the summertime, it seems that flies are everywhere. These flying bugs are both inside and outside my home. The fly is a pesky creature that I do not like as they really bug me. The place that the flies annoy me the most is inside my home. No matter how hard you try to keep the flies out of the house, they always find a way to get inside. Most times it is someone leaving the door open.

 I sit down to do some work and then that darn fly starts bugging me. I try to swat the fly but I never can hit the fly. The fly can always see or feel my hand coming to swat it. I really hate when the fly lands on me or worse yet it lands in my coffee of food. I have tried everything to kill the fly, even using a fly swatter but the fly always wins. I am always left wondering how to kill a fly.

The best fly killer

 So I was happy to see that Buzz Bee Toys created a blaster to kill the bugs. My boys have reviewed many Buzz Bee Dart Blasters over the years and now it was my turn to have fun. Buzz Bee Toys sent me their latest product and it is an essential tool for the serious bug hunter. 

The Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Bug Hunter is an essential tool for the serious bug hunter. With one shot of this double-barrel salt blaster, you will splatter pesky bugs with just simple table salt. Works well for ridding your home of bugs in hard-to-reach spots like windows, screens, and blinds. The salt spray will not damage your furniture, paint, or window screens. You have up to 100 shots when the salt tank is full to get your enemy. No batteries are required, just pure pump-action blasting. Fill the salt tank, aim, pump the handle back and forth and pull the trigger lightly for one barrel shot of salt. Pull the trigger again for the 2nd barrel to shoot. Pull the trigger back hard for both barrels to shoot at the same time. Item is equipped with a safety mechanism so it will only fire when you are ready to.  Recommended for ages 18+. For adults only.

 The Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Bug Hunter is a blaster that uses salt, instead of foam darts. This salt blaster is made for bug-killing fun. So now I had a product to kill the bugs that annoy me, like the fly. This fly-killing blaster would have been great to use two years ago when we replaced our carpet with ceramic tile. The tile workers left the door open way too many times and the flies came into the house. While the flies were in the house, they laid fly eggs.

 We discovered that the flies laid the eggs a week later when we discovered hundreds of tiny white worms all over the new floors. At first, we did not know that the tiny white worms were fly maggots. That was until a couple days later when we had a house full of flies. There were flying bugs everywhere and we had a tough time killing the flies. I think that we had to wait until the flies died.

Have fun shooting at flies

 When the Bug Hunter arrived at our house, there were no flies inside our home. It was the middle of November. So my husband and I had to head outside to find the flies. The only place that we could find a couple of flies was in the backyard and inside the compost pile. The compost pile always has a bunch of flies.

So my husband filled the Buzz Bee Air Warriors Bug Hunter with some table salt. Then he pulled the trigger on the fly blaster gun and aimed it towards a fly. Boom went the fly killing gun and the salt hit the fly. The salt splattered the fly. My husband then had fun splattering more flies with salt.

No batteries required

I was happy that the bug blaster did not need any batteries. That way my husband could continue to have fun zapping the flies in our yard. The Buzz Bee bug blaster only needs simple table salt and it is safe to use inside the house. So next year, the flies better watch out as I will have the best fly killer device.

The Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Bug Hunter & Fly Killer is simple to use. This fly-killing device does have some safety features on it, as it does hurt if someone shoots the salt at you. My teen boys had to figure out the hard way that the salt does hurt if someone decides to shoot the bug blaster at a person. 

That is why the Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Bug Hunter is recommended for ages 18+. It is made for shooting at bugs. This fly gun works well for ridding your home of bugs in hard-to-reach spots like windows, screens, and blinds. The salt spray will not damage your furniture, paint, or window screens. 

Works indoors or outside

 The bug-killing blaster can be used inside or outside. So next year when we are eating outside, I will make sure to bring along this fly splattering machine. My husband has other plans for the Buzz Bee Fly gun and wants to use it to salt people's food. So if you ask for salt for your food, you better watch out. 

The Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Bug Hunter is a great device for taking care of all those pesky bugs that fly around your home. You can even use it to splatter bugs like spiders. Check out this fun blaster that kills the bugs HERE.


Tammy said...

I love this. My grandson would love this for sure.

AiringMyLaundry said...

This looks awesome. I will have to get one for my husband. He'd be amused.

Mandee said...

So cool! My boys would love this! I think my husband would love it as well!

Maureen Fitzgerald said...

What a great idea! I'd be tempted to get it for my son, but I'm afraid I'd wind up snagging it for myself instead :)

Sarah Bailey said...

This sounds like a great device to help kill those pesky bugs and flies you just don't want to have around the home.

Samantha said...

My boys would love this! Thank you for sharing! So cool!

Kathy said...

That looks like a fun toy. I know my daughters would love it. They love these kinds of toys.

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! This look so awesome I'm sure my son would love this so much!

Fatima D Torres said...

My kids would love these! They're always using their army men as targets for their toys.

Beth Pierce said...

I love that this can be used indoor or outdoor. I will check it out for the kids

alita said...

Zapping flies around our yard sounds fun to me. And the fact that this does not need batteries is great.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I doubt we'd ever have flies if we had one of these. The kids would make full use of it!

Terri Steffes said...

I could see getting this for my own husband. He prides himself on his fly swatting abilities.

Janeane Davis said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I am sure my children would enjoy shooting each other.

Marysa said...

This sounds like fun! We have an electronic fly swatter racket and it is quite satisfying. I'd enjoy trying this!

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