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Friday, December 17, 2021

JOOKI Streaming Wifi Music & Story Speaker For Kids

 Looking for a kid-friendly wifi music player? The new Jooki speaker is a wireless screen-free music/audiobook player is perfect for kids.

I received a Jooki in exchange for a feature on Mom Knows Best

 Meet Jooki -- the first kids’ speaker with streaming music and audio capabilities. The new Jooki speaker is a wireless screen-free music/audiobook player with a Spotify connection. Featuring Jooki’s patented NFC-enabled ToyTouch® Technology, Jooki lets kids operate the speaker independently using figurines or tokens as a remote control that triggers playlists that parents preset with a few clicks on the Jooki app. Guided by Montessori education principles, the award-winning Jooki player connects through Wi-Fi for music and audiobook streaming and Bluetooth for wireless headset listening, helping parents empower their children to develop creativity, independence, and emotional awareness through the child’s own access to a wide range of pre-selected songs, music, and stories. Faster, lighter, and better, Jooki Generation 2 is magic at a kid’s fingertips! 

 Kids love using mom's and dad's electrical devices for entertainment. The problem is devices like smartphones and tablets can be dropped or broken. Electronics also can be hard to monitor and children can end up on inappropriate websites or worse yet make phone calls to 911. While smart devices and screens are a great form of entertainment for kids, they are not always the best options for young children. 

Too much screen time on devices is not a good thing for kids. 

 I was happy to discover a device for my grandchildren called the Jookie. This amazing wireless screen-free music player allows kids to listen to their favorite music and favorite stories. The best part is mom and dad have complete control over what they are listening to. 

Jooki Connects with Spotify  

 Jooki embraces the modern way to consume music through Spotify streaming, unlike many other children’s speakers that operate with CDs. Jooki lets kids listen to the audio content that they want, whenever they want: Spotify and MP3 audio files of music, songs, and stories can be imported offline or streamed directly from the speaker. 

Jooki is a smart device

This unique children's speaker helps kids develop skills like creativity, independence, and emotional awareness. To be able to listen to music or a story kids simply place a token on the Jooki player. So parents can decide when children can use Jooki which can help limit screen time. Jooki can be used to help kids learn or for screen-free entertainment.

Jooki Features:

·  Wireless screen-free portable music and story speaker made for kids.

·  ToyTouch® Technology: playlists start when a colorful RFID-enabled figurine or token is placed on Jooki.

·  Plays Spotify content and local MP3 audio files.

·  Wi-Fi enabled.

·  Bluetooth connection to wireless headsets

·  Volume limited to protect kids’ hearing.

·  Easy control knobs for kids to switch tracks, adjust volume, and turn Jooki on and off.

·  The Jooki app lets parents easily associate Spotify playlists with tokens and figurines.

·  USB-C charging with built-in battery for 8 hours of playtime.

· Lighter, faster, and better than the first generation of Jooki.

· Ages 3 and up. 

  I decided that Jooki would be a great Christmas present for my granddaughters. My grandbabies are 1 and 3 years old so Jooki is an age-appropriate gift for them. This device can be used for so many different things. Their mom can fill the Jooki up with all their favorite kid songs and stories. Then when mom decides that they can use Jooki, she gives them the appropriate token to start the listening fun. Jooki can be used at home, in the car, and even at the grocery store. This kid device is portable and durable.

The Jooki is also simple for kids to use, so mom can use Jooki for entertainment when she needs to get stuff done. Right now the oldest grandchild is being potty trained and her reward for going potty is to hear her favorite song. After my grandchild goes potty, mom can hand her a Jooki token to listen to music. Jooki can also be great for bedtime music or stories.

 So now parents don't have to worry about kids damaging their electronic devices or worry about kids ordering things on Alexa while asking the smart speaker to play their favorite song. The Jooki music speaker is made for kids but controlled by the parents. So mom and dad decide when and what kids listen to. 

Get more information about Jooki ~  The wireless screen-free portable music and story speaker made for kids.


Terri Steffes said...

I love that you got it for your grandkids. What a great idea!

alita said...

This wifi music player looks great. I love the features. I think its worth looking into it

Wanda Lopez said...

What a great gift. We have a little kid in our family that would love this toy. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Sandy N Vyjay said...

Jooki seems the perfect toy and great to see that it will weam the kid from screen time too.

mail4rosey said...

Such a great gift idea for the kids. I know my grandbabes would love it.

melissa cushing said...

This looks like a wonderful gift for my niece. I will have to look for this as she celebrates a birthday the beginning of January ;)

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