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Monday, December 20, 2021

How to Naturally Heal Your Lungs From Trauma

 Whether you have asthma, allergies, COPD, or have been a smoker, these tips and products will help you heal your lungs from trauma. Join me on my journey as I heal my lungs from experiencing trauma from severe asthma attacks and food allergies.

I am not a doctor and these treatments are not substitutes for prescribed medications. I am just sharing things that I learned about natural healing.

 My journey of trauma to my lungs started many years ago and recently some events added more damage to my lungs. It was first discovering mold in our house a couple of months ago and then a severe food allergy attack that left me unable to breathe. These events made me realize that I needed to seek help for my asthma, food allergies, and airborne allergies. It was time for me to make a doctor's appointment for allergy testing and asthma tests. 

 I was unable to control my asthma symptoms naturally without prescription medicine

It was through the skin-prick allergy test that I discovered how allergic I was to plants and weeds that grew in my city. When the nurse came to check on my back during the allergy testing, he described my itchy back as angry. My seasonal allergies were on the very high side as the testing gave me hives and an itchy back. My back was itchy for several days after the allergy test. 

 The allergy testing did not show any of my food allergies as I had not consumed any dairy, soy, or mushrooms in over three years. My severe food allergy, which I experience in September, was from dipping my hands in milk. Thankfully I had past food allergy blood tests to show the doctor about those food allergies. I was able to tell the doctor the symptoms that I experienced when I consumed dairy, soy, or mushrooms. 

The allergy doctor also did a lung function test and it showed that my lungs were experiencing asthma symptoms. The doctor knew that my allergies to plants, mold, and food were causing me to have severe asthma attacks. The doctor said that asthma could be causing damage to my lungs and needed to be treated or I could end up with COPD. The asthma doctor also informed me that the night I woke up unable to breathe was most likely my airway closing up from an anaphylaxis shock from my dairy allergy. 

 I left the allergy testing place with way too many prescriptions for asthma and food allergies. The prescriptions included an Epi-pen, a nebulizer, a nasal spray, and other medications for asthma. Most of the prescriptions were for emergency treatments for my asthma and food allergies. The doctor also wanted me to take a daily prescription medication for asthma. I left that allergy doctor appointment both relieved to have emergency food allergy medicine but discouraged that I had to take daily prescription medicine for asthma.

7 Effective Ways To Clear Mucus For Better Breathing

Could wheat be causing asthma problems?

 The allergy doctor also suggested some other allergy and asthma treatments. Since my skin allergy test showed a bad reaction to wheat, she suggested that I eliminate wheat from my diet for 4 weeks to see if my asthma improves. Not being able to eat any wheat during the holidays is going to be tough as that means none of my favorite Christmas sugar cookies and no holiday dinner rolls. Following a gluten-free diet is going to be hard. I am glad that I have many gluten-free products in my pantry from attending the Nourish Festival. I will have to modify my favorite recipes to be made without wheat flour. I am glad that I have a delicious recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Mocha Protein Brownies.

Natural ways to heal the lungs

 If you have been visiting my website for any amount of time, then you probably know I like to do things naturally. I like to use food and supplements to heal my body. I like to also keep my body healthy with exercise and a plant-based diet. I am one who avoids taking over-the-counter medicines and prescription medicine. I use supplements like CBD for sleep and pain. I am thankful that there is medicine to manage my asthma but they will not heal my body. So I decided to do research on natural treatments to heal the lungs. I discovered food and supplements that could heal the lungs. So I am going to start including these in my diet for the next month to see if they could help improve my lung function testing. 

 Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, these are items that I have discovered through my own research from medical websites and natural practitioners. I obtained a lot of this information from a book called Ancient Remedies.

The author of Ancient Remedies, Dr. Josh Axe, talks about three types of medical treatments and I want to focus on healing my lungs with the last ~ Ancient Medicine

1. Conventional Medicine: drugs and surgery prescribed to cover up symptoms

2. Integrative Medicine: general diet recommendations for everyone; supplements, exercise, and natural therapies to treat causes of symptoms.

3. Ancient Medicine: personalized diet, herbal supplements, essential oils, exercise, holistic treatments, emotional health recommendations aimed at treating the root cause of the disease. Yes, asthma is a disease.

In Dr. Axe's book, he focuses on using food, herbs, and supplements that can heal the dampness or dryness in the lungs. Asthma is usually caused by excess mucus in the lungs but you can also have dry asthma ( the key sign is a dry nonproductive cough.) I have experienced both types of asthma. Three years ago when my asthma was at its worse, the dry cough made it hard for me to sleep. So I had to sleep sitting up. Then I remember those mornings when I would wake up and cough so hard that I would vomit up mucus. 

Now I have mostly the wet excess mucus type of asthma and on my bad days, I tend to cough up a lot of phlegm. My family always will ask me if I am ok when I am coughing all the mucus out of my body but I remind them that getting the mucus out of my lungs helps me breathe better.

So to heal my lungs, I am following the advice of Dr. Axe and including these foods in my diet. I also did some searching online to find out how exactly these foods and herbs help the lungs. So make sure to click on the link below the foods if you want more information.

20 SuperFoods and herbs that are good for the lungs*

+ Beets ~ This includes homemade beet powder in my smoothies, beet juice, and roasted beets.

+ Peppers

+ Apples

+ Pumpkin ~ I discovered a delicious vegan protein powder made from pumpkin.

+ Turmeric ~ Great for inflammation. I am drinking a creamy vegan golden milk blend with turmeric, saffron, and ginger.

+ Tomatoes

+ Blueberries

+ Green Tea

+ Red cabbage

+ Edamame

+ Olive oil

+ Oysters

+ Yogurt

+ Brazil Nuts

+ Swiss chard

+ Barley

+ Anchovies

+ Lentils

+ Coffee

+ Cocoa ~ My favorite way to add cocoa to my diet is by adding this delicious Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogen Blend to my coffee. This blend has ashwagandha, which is also beneficial to the lungs.

Uplift Florae is a delicious dose of superfoods in one drink to help you feel good and perform your best. Uplift Florae comes in five healthy, plant-based beverage blends – Plant Power Vegan Protein, Phyto-Superfood Green Drink, Lean Bean Power Coffee, Hot Sexy Cocoa Adaptogen Blend, and Tranqui-Latte Golden Milk. Uplift Florae products are vegan, all-natural, non-GMO, Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, gluten-free. Uplift Florae uses only plant-based ingredients. No added sugar, fillers, or starches. Designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States. Sold at: https://getuplifted.com, Amazon, and Walmart.com.

* Click here for more information on the complete benefits of all these foods and herbs

Since questioning do I have asthma? I discovered many supplements that may improve asthma symptoms. By managing my asthma so I am symptom-free, my lungs are not being inflamed. So this can help my lungs heal. This list includes supplements that I currently take and some new ones that I will be adding to my daily supplements. My favorite supplements for asthma are ClearLungs and the essential oils ~ peppermint and eucalyptus. The ClearLungs is a Chinese remedy that opens up my airways while the essential oils are my natural inhaler. I deeply breathe in the essential oils to open up my airways. 

Supplements that are good for the lungs

+ Probiotics ~ Healing starts in the gut with good bacteria

+ Licorice root ~ Strengths the lungs ~ Take 1000 mg daily

+ Ashwagandha ~ increases nitric oxide production. Several animal studies have shown that ashwagandha helps decrease inflammation.

+ Essential oils ~ Peppermint & Eucalyptus ~ open the airways ~ breath in or apply topically to the chest

+ CBD ~ Research is still being done on the many benefits of CBD but studies show that CBD reduces inflammation in the lungs. I already use CBD for sleep so I will continue to.

+ Clear lungs ~ Herbal supplement that supports free breathing and keeps airways open.

+ Redd remedies inhaler ~ An easy way to use essential oils for opening up the airways.

+ Allergy Shots ~ Keep reading to find out more.

 The allergy doctor informed me about doing a treatment for asthma and allergies. This allergy treatment was allergy shots. I had always heard about allergy shots but never thought about them as a treatment option for airborne allergies. When the allergy doctor told me that my seasonal allergies were causing harm to my lungs from asthma and could mean I could have COPD later in life, I considered allergy shots. 

 I have always been against using traditional medicine as it just manages the symptoms of the disease. So when the doctor mentioned that allergy shots could heal my seasonal allergies, I had to do some research. Allergy shots are basically shots of the items that one is allergic to. The shots contain only the substances from the plants. So I would not have to worry about chemicals. These allergy shots are a way to introduce your body to the allergen so it eventually does not recognize it as the enemy. 

 The allergy shots will be time-consuming as for the first 6 months, one has to get the allergy shot injections every 2 weeks, The injections start out with a small amount of the allergen, less than the amount in the allergy skin test. Then the dosage increases gradually until your body no longer has any allergy symptoms. Then I will have to have the allergy shots for 3-4 more years for maintenance purposes.

 While I know that the allergy shots will benefit me in the long run, I worry about the side effects of the injections. The skin testing for allergies left my back itchy for a couple of days. I also felt congested too. So I know that I may experience some less desirable side effects from the allergy shots. Then when the plants that I am allergic to start growing, that will be another layer of allergy symptoms. I guess that I need to take a chance with the allergy shots as I have been dealing with seasonal allergies for over 20 years.

Have you done the allergy shot treatment? I would love to hear about your experience, the good and the bad.


Melanie Edjourian said...

It's great to hear that you found natural ways that help with your condition.

Louraine@T-worktalk.com said...

I love natural remedies...its the best way to heal the body. Thank you for sharing.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I am glad there are things that can help out. I'm always curious about natural remedies.

Fatima D Torres said...

There are a handful of items I wasn't aware of on this list to help your lungs heal. This is ideal for a friend who is recovering from lung trauma.

Kathy said...

This is really good to know. It's nice to see things that can help out, especially when they are natural.

Terri Steffes said...

While I agree that your best route is probably more ancient practices of medicine, I also believe that modern medicine has its advantages as well. Like in anything, moderation is best practiced. I'm going to try some of the foods you listed. They sound helpful!

Gervin Khan said...

I am so happy to know that there's a lot of things that can help out during this emergency matter and I like the fact that most of them are available in our house.

alita said...

Id like to lean more on natural ways to heal my lungs. Thank you for these suggestions

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you've found natural ways to help. There's a wealth of great information here!

The Super Mom Life said...

I love finding natural remedies! This is one I'll save just in case!

Lavanda Michelle said...

The same goes for me with the asthma problem. So I try to drink a little bit more than warm tea every morning. Thanks for sharing!

Marysa said...

These are good things to keep in mind. I am a big fan of natural remedies.

Unknown said...

My SIL has asthma but I don't know what medicine she's taking, though or if she's into natural remedies. I may have to talk to her about that. -LYNNDEE

Angela Ricardo Bethea said...

A friend of mine has kids that are all asthmatic and it would nice for them to try this product out. Healing naturally can be good for one's self.

Celebrate Woman said...

You've got quite a collection of products to take care of the body. I like certain adaptogens and change them around per my needs.

Gladys Nava said...

This is an important topic! Thanks for sharing how to naturally heal our lungs.

melissa cushing said...

I am sharing this with my brother as he suffers from asthma. I did not realize there were superfoods that were helpful with this ;) Food, when eaten properly can do amzing things ;)

Sarah Bailey said...

I have to admit I had no idea you could do this, I'm asthmatic and an ex smoker, so I perhaps need to think more about looking after my lungs and helping them heal.

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