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Monday, December 20, 2021

Unique Ways To Use Motion Sensor Lights In Your Home

 Motion lights can help you spend energy wisely and help light up dark places in your home. Check out some unique places to use motion lights in the home.

 Motion lights are lights that light up when you need them but turn off when no longer needed. A simple motion light can help light up so many places in your home, even places that do not have an electrical outlet. Using motion lights can help you avoid the phrase, "turn off the light!" and save money. A motion light needs motion, from someone walking by the light, to turn on and when it does not detect motion, it turns off. So no need to remember to turn off the light.

Adding light to unique places in your home

 This past year, I did several home renovations which included replacing the carpet on my stairs with vinyl flooring. The new flooring on the stairs looked amazing but I quickly discovered that the pattern of the vinyl tile made walking down the stairs at nighttime difficult for me. So I needed a light solution that would make walking downstairs easier.

While the lights that are controlled by a wall switch gave light to the stairs, I quickly realized that it was not practical. I often forgot to turn off the lights after going up and down the stairs. If I had items in my hands, then it would be even more difficult to turn off the lights. So I realized that I needed to purchase a motion sensor light to make my stair safer. Since the stairs did not have an electrical outlet, a battery-operated motion would be best for the lighting of my stairs.

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 Once I placed the Vont Round Motion Sensor Light on the wall, I no longer had problems walking down the stairs, when it was night. This motion wall light was easy to stick on the wall. It was a stick anywhere battery-operated motion light that was perfect for the staircase. The three battery-operated round LED night lights needed no tools to install. Once I saw how the motion lights worked, I decided that I needed to purchase more motion detected lights for my home.

Unique places for motion sensor lights

+ Staircase

+ Hallway


+ Kitchen

+ Cabinets

+ Garage

+ Closet

+ Pantry

+ Outdoor Hot Tub Gazebo

The motion lights not only made my home safer but they saved me money. I place some of the lights that turned on with motion in the bathroom that I converted from a bathtub to a shower. That way the kids could use the bathroom at night without having to turn on the wall light. I knew that the dark garage would be another room that needed motion lights. That way I did not have to leave the garage light on when I needed to go somewhere at night.

 These motion sensor lights from Vont are affordable so I bought several more and I quickly discovered other places that needed motion lights. My hall closet was a perfect place for a motion sensor light. I use the hall closet to store my food stockpile. This walk-in closet has no light in it and is quite dark. So it is hard to see inside the closet. So I stuck one of the round motion lights on the wall of the hall closet and now I can easily see inside the dark closet. I really love how these motion lights stick on the wall with magnetic adhesive brackets. That makes changing the batteries so simple.

Lights for the hot tub 

 Last year we decide to purchase a hot tub to make surviving the pandemic easier. We also purchased a metal gazebo with curtains for the hot tub. I love using my hot tub at night. The dark makes it hard to see my pathway to my outdoor hot tub. So I placed Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights near my outdoor gazebo to make my walk to the hot tub safer. I also placed one of the round motion lights inside the hot tub area so I would have a source of light to open up the hot tub and turn on the hot tub lights.

 I love that the outdoor solar lights are waterproof landscape spotlights that can be used outside in so many places like near the front door. These solar-powered outdoor LED lights are wireless and ready to use. The solar lights come in a 2 pack and I am already planning to purchase more solar lights for my front yard. Solar lights will help keep my home safe.

Places to use Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights

+ Yard

+ Walkway

+ Driveway

+ Porch

+ Patio

+ Garden

+ Outside by the front door

+ Near the trash cans

 I am glad that I discovered lights that work by motion. They are so useful in the home and so practical. I know the motion sensor lights will help me save money on my electrical bill. The motion lights will be replacing the use of other lights in my home. Since I will be using the lights controlled by light switches less, I will see the energy savings and be saving money. Check out the motion lights 



Jamie said...

Great ideas!!! We want to get some for our stairs, too. I'll share this with my husband, and see if these will work for him! :)

Simply Tasheena said...

This is such a great idea, I have to look into getting this for my home.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I need these for our yard. Someone stole our inflatable so maybe this would help prevent it again!

Gervin Khan said...

I need to have this in our home. I will check this out! Thank you!

alita said...

Our stair is dark too and my kids often complain. The motion sensor light is worth to try

Ana De-Jesus said...

It is great that these motion sensor lights are affordable! Would love them!

Wanda Lopez said...

This is a great idea. I hadn't thought of that. My parents would use this at their place. Thanks for sharing.

Gust si Aroma said...

I need these lights near my bed during the night. It will make things easier for sure!

waqas hadi said...

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Marysa said...

It is nice to have a variety of lighting for different situations. I can see that these would be handy for a lot of things.

Unknown said...

Oh wow! These items are really great!
I need few of them!

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