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Monday, December 27, 2021

PonyCycle®, Makes My Dreams Come True!

 I have already posted two blogs about how my children love PonyCycle toys, they are just amazing, and have brought so much fun to my family!

 However, I have a dream of a PonyCycle toy for my son: I would like to buy him a bigger pony. My granddaughters ride PonyCycle toys every day, but my elder son could only look at them enviously because he is 13 years old, he is too old to ride Model N or Model U Size 4. It is such a pity right? I really hope that they could ride ponies happily together!

 I cared about my son’s reaction as soon as my granddaughter ride the pony, so I decided to send emails to the PonyCycle official team, to ask for an answer that if they would design a new size of PonyCycle toys for those kids who have already grown up because they still want to horse riding experience when they don’t have a real one.

 What excited me so much is that they gave me a positive reply, a bigger size for 7+ big kids will be released on January 1, 2022!

 I can’t wait to tell this exciting news to all my children immediately, they were so surprised that they almost jumped up! As I just mentioned before, I’ve been thinking about buying a bigger pony for my eldest son for a long time, and it will come true! Our family is about to welcome a new member! I believe you will be as excited as me if you have the same demand who desires to have a bigger size of PonyCycle toy for bigger kids!

As I just mentioned in my previous blogs, compared with PonyCycle® Model N 2018, Model U 2021 has been greatly changed in all aspects!

 Quality Appearance: Compliant fur and hair, comparable to a real horse

 Safe Stopping Brake: Hand-controlled, Safety Stop brake ensures very gentle and gradual braking

Realistic Sounds: Easily squeeze the ears for realistic neighing and galloping sounds

Updated  Bearing One-way Wheels: Without a stop ring, the craft is upgraded for a smoother ride. A larger contact area makes more stable use.

 Non-slip Solid Half Arc Pedals: Increase the force area, non-slip and wear-resistant.

 Optional Pedal Pads: You can purchase pedal pads to help kids reach the pedals easily. It increases the foot reach by about 3cm in height.

 Optional Reins: You can purchase reins to help kids feel more like riding a real pony.

New Sophisticated Package: new design, more colorful.​

 PonyCycle® even launched New Christmas Costumes suitable for all models: The right thing to warm your heart and bring up memories of Christmas.

That’s really a good idea, is it?!

PonyCycle makes my dream come true! We are looking forward to the new size, this will be definitely the best gift for my son.

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