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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Having Fun With Adventure Force Dart Blasters

 The new dart blaster season is here and my boys loved checking out the newest Buzz Bee Dart Blasters.

I received samples from Buzz Bee to facilitate this post

My youngest boys may be teens but they still enjoy having fun with dart blasters. A couple days ago the newest dart blasters from Buzz Bee arrived at my house. The blasters with darts arrived in a big box and my youngest was amazed over the size of the box. Of course, he wanted to know what was in the box. So I told him, something fun.

This mom, did not tell her boys that they would be reviewing the newest dart shooters. I wanted to surprise them. Usually, when a brand asks me if I want to check out new toys with my teen boys, I ask the boys first if they are interested in the toy. When the toy to be review is dart blasters or water shooters, I don't have to ask. My boys love having dart blaster fights and get excited when they get to review them.

 Sure my teen boys have a closet full of blasters with darts but we can always find room for more. It has been a while since we reviewed toys from Buzz Bee, the last blaster that my boys had amazing fun with was last year. You can see that toy review HERE.

Buzz Bee Dart Blasters are the best foam dart shooters

 I allowed my boys to open the big box that contained the newest dart blasters. My boys were so happy as these dart blasters had some new features on them that my boys were excited to check out. I let my boys look at the new dart blasters but since it was a school day, they could not play with them. I told my boys that we would open the boxes up on Saturday. Thankfully Saturday was only a couple days away.

After I took pictures of the dart blasters in the packaging, I let my boys have fun opening up the boxes. I enjoyed watching their excitement as they inserted the foam darts into the blasters. One son said, "Buzz Bee Dart Blasters are the best foam dart shooters," while the other one agreed and said, "they are better than Nerf." 

 These dart blasters had plenty of foam darts along with rapid-fire dart blasting. My boys loved that the shooters could hold an insane amount of foam darts. Even I was getting excited about playing with the new blasters. 

Adventure Force Triggerfire 30 Dart Drum Blaster

+ Rapid-fire dart blaster 

+ Auto advancing 30 dart drum 

+ Detachable scope 

+ Shoots darts up to 80 feet 

+ 30 long-distance darts

Adventure Force Tetrashot Dart Belt Blaster

+ Ultimate belt blasting action  

+ Auto advancing, 48 shell dart belt: each shell holds 4 darts

+ Shoots darts up to 90 feet

+ 98 long-distance darts

 Once my boys loaded up the Adventure Force Triggerfire 30 Dart Drum Blaster and Adventure Force Tetrashot Dart Belt Blaster with all the darts. It was time for some fun. I love that the darts are made from foam, so I did not have to worry about injuries. 

 It was easy to insert all the dart blaster darts into the devices but it did take a while as these blasters held so many darts. So that meant more action fun and less time reloading darts into the guns. 

 My boys decided to play with the blasters inside so they would not lose any of the darts of foam. I liked the boys thinking, even if that meant I would be finding darts everywhere in my house. Where is the strangest place you have found a foam dart from a dart blaster?

The Adventure Force Blasters are so much fun!

 These foam dart blasters were so fun to shoot. My boys were able to rapid-fire the foam darts at each other from across the room. The best part was not having to reload the blasters with more darts. In less than five minutes the floor was covered with tons of dart blaster foam darts.

 My boys had fun shooting at each other and I had fun watching them. They were having fun without electronic devices. I loved that these dart blasters did not need any batteries. When the boys were finished having fun with the blasters, I had to join in on the fun. 

 I loaded up the dart drum and dart belt blaster with the foam darts. Then I had fun firing the darts at my boys. My boys started complaining about all the darts all over the room and said, "mom, you have to pick all the darts up!" The boys had just cleaned up the mess of the darts and did not like the mess I made.

 After I had fun, I cleaned up all the darts from the floor and then place the Adventure Force blasters in the closet. I told the boys that these blasters are my favorite and they better watch out for mom having fun shooting the darts at them.

You can find these fun dart blasters in the toy section at Walmart stores and at the below online links

Adventure Force Tetrashot Dart Belt Blaster

Adventure Force Triggerfire 30 Dart Drum Blaster


AiringMyLaundry said...

These do look like fun. My kids would be running through the house with these and the cats would like the darts.

Tammy said...

Great idea for Christmas gift for the grand kids.

Petro said...

Sounds like such a fun toy, I've got to give it a try with my little one! Thanks for sharing!

melissa said...

Those blasters look like the best safe gun play a kid could like. i will definitely keep this in mind for birthdays and holidays.

Anne Marie said...

My boys love guns and would have a blast with these! The bright colors are really cool, too.

Anna Elle Liz said...

Forget about kids...I want one ��! We had a nerf war in college once and it was epic!

Amy Liu Dong said...

My husband and my kids will def love this. I am pretty sure our house will be full of noises because of this. Lol!

Ivan Jose said...

That looks fun! I want that for myself. Haha. Of course, I'll try it with my kids, too.

Richelle Escat said...

These looks better than other gun toys. Toys should be safe first.

Monica Simpson said...

My son just started getting into these kind of toy guns. He would love this one and how many darts it loads.

Gust si Aroma said...

Oh yes! I know these toys. My kid is having so much fun with them!

Marysa said...

What a fun idea! Really, anything that gets the kids off their devices!

Swathi said...

My son has NRF guns. . This looks really nice one I will try to check it out for my son. He will love it .

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