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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Stop Mindless Eating With Nucific

 Can stopping to think about eating help you can gain control of your health?

I received the mentioned products to review. With the information provided, you decide if they are something that you would purchase. 

 I am the first to admit that I enjoy eating. I love the taste of food and look forward to my meals. Food is delicious and meant to enjoy. Food also serves a purpose and it is to give our body nutrition so they can operate well. I like to think of my body as a car. When I give my body what it needs, I feel good and I have the energy to keep my body going. When I feed my body healthy nourishing food, it stays well and can fight off the germs that I encounter. Like a car, if I give my body junk food or in my case food that I am allergic to my body suffers. I may not have the energy or I may feel sick.

 So I do my best to listen to my body and feed it the food that it needs. I make sure to eat protein for my muscles, carbohydrates for energy, and the nutrients that keep my body healthy.  Since I have several food allergies, with a dairy allergy being the main concern, I have to spend time thinking about the food I eat. One bite of food that I am allergic to can cause an asthma attack. I have become a food label reader and select the places that I eat out at very carefully. That does not mean that I don't do the act of mindless eating.

What is mindless eating?

If you’ve ever eaten dinner in front of the TV, or scarfed down a bucket of popcorn while watching a movie in a theater, you’ve probably been guilty of mindless eating. If you grab the bag of chips with the intent to eat a couple and then eat the whole bag ~ that is mindless eating. 

  As I am writing this article, I am suffering from indigestion as I ate too many servings of a rice melody that I made. I made the package of the rice that contained 2 servings. Rather than placing a serving of rice on a separate plate, I placed my plant-based burger and greens in the dish that contained the rice. I told myself that I would eat only some of the rice. I grabbed the food and headed to the living room. So I could eat while I worked. Five minutes later, I realized that I ate all the rice. Fifteen minutes later, I had indigestion.

 Another way that I mindlessly eat, is eating before I go to bed. I am a late owl and go to bed later than the rest of the family. My bedtime routine includes cleaning the kitchen before I go to bed. If I don't wipe the counters down and place the dirty dishes in the sink, I will wake up to ants. So I quickly clean up the kitchen and then I grab a snack. Most of the time I am not hungry. It is being in the kitchen that makes me think of food. 

Nucific can help with mindless eating

Working from home has caused many people to put on the pounds. It is so easy to grab a snack as the kitchen is right there. When my husband was working from home, I did my work upstairs. Now that I am back downstairs, I have been noticing that I have been snacking more. 

I give into snacks even when I am not hungry. I get up to use the bathroom and then grab a snack. By the end of the day, I have a stack of dishes and wrappers by my chair. Then when everyone comes home, I am not hungry for dinner. So I have not been making dinner for the family. I think that I need to move my office back upstairs.

 When a company reached out to me to try their probiotic blends that can help with junk food cravings, I decided to try their products. I did not accept their products to help me lose weight as that is never my focus. My focus is on a healthy body. For those who may think they need to lose weight, I always give the advice to stay away from fad diets and instead focus on changing eating habits. 

So I like that Nucific Bio-X4 is a product that helps you control your cravings so you can stop to think about your food choices. The key ingredients in Bio-X4 and Nighttime Slimming Complex may help you stop the mindless eating and late-night snacking. So you can start making better food choices and start giving your body the food it needs to run properly. 

 Let me start by saying that there is not a product that will help you lose weight without you making changes to your diet and exercise. If you want to lose weight or have a healthy body, you have to put the effort in. Just like receiving a paycheck, you have to do the work. Losing weight is not an easy thing to do and will not happen overnight. Having a body that is healthy requires changing habits gradually so they stay with you.  The Nucific formulas are to help your body as you make lifestyle changes. My motto is to focus on healthy habits and not weight loss. If your body needs to lose weight, healthy food and exercise changes will help. Also, stay off the scale and don't let a number define who you are.

 Nucific created the Nighttime Slimming Complex to help create a solution to late-night snacking issues. The product contains 5 potent probiotic strains (to help with smoother, more comfortable digestion), butyrate (to help soothe gut lining and strengthen healthy gut bacteria), ashwagandha (supports a healthy thyroid, and promotes better sleep), and their unique fat-fighting blend to ensure 24/7 calorie burn.

 Nucific created Bio-X4 to help with daytime snacking issues. The product combines 4 formulas into one capsule. An advanced probiotic blend, a powerful "junk food" craving helper, potent digestive enzymes, and a metabolic-boosting blend. 

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

 So I decided to try the Nucific products to help me with my bad eating habits of mindless snacking. I was not focused on losing weight as I don't step on my scale as I know that that number on the scale can fluctuate. I rather focus on getting daily exercise and feeding my body the nourishing food that it needs to be healthy. I also focus on keeping my muscles strong. Did you know that as we age our muscles lose strength? So weightlifting is beneficial to older ladies. So I wanted help from Nucific to change my eating habits. So I would be able to say no to my unhealthy food cravings.

How Nucific Bio-X4 and Nighttime Slimming Complex work

Manages “Junk” Cravings* ~ Bio X4 contains Caralluma Fimbriata, which has been shown to help ease unhealthy food cravings — a major step toward achieving the body you want. This cravings-control compound helps you say “no” to those snacks and unhealthy foods that can wreck your diet — and your waistline. 

 Promotes Weight Management~ Nucific Bio X4 also contains EGCG — a natural compound found in green tea, which has been shown in numerous studies to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat. This potent metabolism booster can help you achieve a slimmer, lighter body — while giving you the energy to enjoy every minute of every day. Nucific Bio X4 also contains EGCG — a natural compound found in green tea, which has been shown in numerous studies to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat. This potent metabolism booster can help you achieve a slimmer, lighter body — while giving you the energy to enjoy every minute of every day. Nucific Bio X4 also contains EGCG — a natural compound found in green tea, which has been shown in numerous studies to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat. This potent metabolism booster can help you achieve a slimmer, lighter body — while giving you the energy to enjoy every minute of every day. Nucific Bio X4 also contains EGCG — a natural compound found in green tea, which has been shown in numerous studies to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat. This potent metabolism booster can help you achieve a slimmer, lighter body — while giving you the energy to enjoy every minute of every day.

Supports Smoother Digestion* ~ Bio X4 contains 12 billion CFUs, from 5 powerful Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotic strains, to help ensure smoother, more comfortable digestion. This specially-designed probiotic blend helps soothe your digestion, providing relief from gas, bloating, and other gastric issues.

The product also has 3 key digestive enzymes — amylase, lipase, and bromelain — to help break down the foods you eat, unlocking the nutrients and easing digestive issues. These potent enzymes help you break down food more efficiently, so you get more of the nutritional benefits from the foods you eat — and can enjoy better head-to-toe health.

Boosts Metabolism* ~ The unique probiotic formula in Nucific Bio X4 helps balance your gut bacteria, which can affect your metabolism and energy levels. EGCG — the potent compound in green tea — has also been found to boost metabolism, supercharge your digestive system, and help you enjoy more energy.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Check out Nucific Bio-X4 and Nighttime Slimming Complex https://nucific.com/

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Change your focus to eating mindfully  

Instead of following a fad diet that restricts your food and sets you up to fail, change your focus to mindful eating. Think about the food that you are selecting, what will it do for your body? How will it make you feel? Before you eat take a deep breath and think. First, ~ am I hungry or bored. Then reach for a glass of water as you may just be thirsty. Below are some other ways to eat mindfully, to make eating beneficial to your body.

+ Become aware of the nutritional value of the foods that you eat.

+ Focus on where you eat. Avoid eating in front of the TV or a device.

+ Portion out your food on a plate instead of eating directly from a bag or box.

+ Carve out an actual mealtime and eat slowly and deliberately.

+ Determine whether you are hungry or just practicing emotional eating.

+ If you are on the go, use your smartphone to map out healthy places to eat rather than showing up to the first place you find.

+ Avoid multitasking while eating and do not eat at your desk.

+ Maintain smaller portions by using smaller plates and bowls (and drinking from tall, skinny glasses) 

Shift your focus from body weight to well-being

Your body did not get the way it is overnight. Changes take time. Every day is a new day to focus on a healthy body. Give yourself grace when you fail. Changing the way you eat will take time. Your taste buds are not used to the new foods that you are eating. So keep trying the healthy food. Keep trying the new habits. Be active every day as exercise helps your body and mind. Don't give up, focus on the end goal of a new you.

Check out some other products that Nucific carries for healthy digestion and energy.

Start your day with a delicious glass of Morning Boost — our first digestion-enhancer to combine premium superfoods with potent antioxidants and probiotics. This formula was designed to give you powerful slimming results, youthful energy, and the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Enjoy youthful, long-lasting energy — without the jitters or crashes of caffeine. Daily Energy Boost combines 4 renowned energy optimizers with natural fat-burning ingredients — to help elevate your natural energy, and help you feel more vibrant every da


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So many benefits from these! I need to try them. I also appreciate the reminder that changing the way I eat will take time. I can't rush the process!

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