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Monday, August 30, 2021

Your Ultimate Checklist for A Smooth Cross-Country Move

 So, you’re moving. You’re making a huge, life-altering change and you’re nervous. I’d be worried if you weren’t. You’re sure you’re going to forget something or leave something undone. Well fret not, below is your checklist for all the little bits you may have forgotten before moving day. 

 Make a to-do list and stick to it. In the weeks leading up to the big move, keep a notepad handy or a checklist in your phone, but make sure you’re jotting down all the tasks you may be currently pushing aside, so you know for sure you’ve got them all in one place. 

 Get an early start. You may not be a morning person, but you only have to be this one day. It’s going to be long and hard, so get to bed early the night before, and try to get any heavy lifting finished early to avoid that midday heatwave that slows or stops everything. 

 Wear something comfortable. Hopefully, you’ll have hired a cross-country moving company to do the really hard work, but you’ll still want to be wearing something comfy for all the running around. Wear something breathable like cotton, and close-toed shoes in case you end up bashing into something (the chances are high). You can also check the weather forecast to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. 

 Lose the kids and the pets.  It’s pretty obvious you want the kids and pets somewhere safe where they don’t run the risk of getting accidentally packed in a box and loaded up (I kid) or hurt themselves on objects lying around, or just get in the way! Drop them off with their grandparents or a sitter so you can focus all your energy on getting the house cleared out. 

 Meet the movers. You got your online moving quotes, you picked your favorite company, did all the hard work and now it’s time to direct the play. Be ready with all the information like amounts, weights, and what’s packed and isn’t. You should be presented with a bill of landing and possibly a high-value inventory form. Read carefully and sign only when you’re comfortable. Anything you don’t want to be packed in the truck should be kept far away to avoid it getting mixed up and added to the bulk. 

 Finish up all the last bits. There’ll always be some last-minute stuff to take care of, so give yourself some extra time to deal with it. Pack a bag or box for the first night in your new home with all your essentials like toiletries, chargers, electronics, etc. Once you’re all packed up, take out the rubbish and try to leave your old home as clean as you can. ​

 Walkthrough one more time. Always go through the house one final time to make sure you haven’t left anything plugged in or valuables in cracks and corners. Turn off the lights and gas, and lock everything up. Saying goodbye is hard, but change is good, and always worth it. 

Lastly, get excited about your new home! You’ve done all the grunt work, put in the time and research, so all you have left to do is enjoy the journey and getting settled into your new place. I won’t mention the unpacking on the other side because I don’t want to bring you to tears. 

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