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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

6 Tips to Travel While Working Remote

 While remote work has become commonplace, the best methods for digital nomads to balance work and travel are still in development. With this shift in work being new, finding the most effective ways to juggle traveling and working remotely are still being brainstormed. In the interim, here are six tips for traveling while working on the go. 

1. Rely on Storage Solutions

As a traveling employee, you won't always be able to bring everything you own where you stay. It is essential to feel light on your feet while traveling, so having a place to store most of your belongings can be an effective way to make work more effective and traveling safer

 Getting in touch with storage providers that offer portable storage units can make it easier to keep your belongings with you without needing to keep track of everything all of the time. You can even find storage pods that can be shipped out to your location. 

2. Use Hotel Officing 

 Hotel officing services were developed in response to the need for effective temporary workspaces after COVID-19 restrictions reduced office accessibility. 

These services are exactly what they sound like: They provide temporary offices that can be reserved for employees on the go. 

Using mobile apps, these services make it possible for traveling workers to book rooms to work while traveling. You can also book conference and meeting rooms if you need to host an event for multiple employees. 

3. Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

 If you plan to travel and work remotely, having your hands free to go from place to place will make it easier to travel and stay productive while working. By adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you can avoid taking excessive belongings with you and pay less on the essentials you need to get by. 

 The extra money you save can go back into traveling and, over time, will create an affordable system for your digital nomadic lifestyle

4. Get an Alarm Clock

 Since you plan to travel often, adjusting to changing time zones can easily influence your sleeping and waking times. Prioritizing your sleep will make you more effective at work and give you the energy to enjoy your traveling without jet lag. 

 Get an alarm clock that senses circadian rhythms and mimics the rise and fall of the sun so that you can more easily adjust to the areas you are in.

5. Use a Communication Platform

 If you are working remotely, you need an easy way to contact your colleagues and superiors. Advocate for your company to introduce a communication workplace platform so that everyone can communicate and stay on top of objectives no matter where they are in the world. 

 You can talk, video chat, complete tasks, and receive instant notifications in real-time, as if you were working directly in the office. Don't let traveling slow your workflow down. 

6. Find Cheap Flights

 To make traveling an affordable lifestyle change, you need to find strategic ways to manage your finances for traveling. Rely on third-party services that can find you cheap flights to the destinations you're interested in.

 You should also download airline apps to stay on track of changes that can save you money. Get to know the most affordable times to book flights, the high and low tourist seasons, and the days of the week when flights are the cheapest. 

The Bottom Line 

 To balance traveling and remote work, it is important to utilize the resources that are available to you. Hotel officing, smart alarm clocks, digital tools, and financial planning can all help you achieve the digital nomadic lifestyle you're after.

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