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Friday, October 15, 2021

10 Healthy Travel Products That I Always Pack

 I am so happy to be able to travel again. It has been a busy month with several trips.

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 I am so happy that I am back to traveling by plane again. The last time I flew on a plane was two years ago, when I went to Atlanta for a conference. The past 18 months have been quite interesting and I have avoided traveling in general due to my asthma. I was hesitant to go anywhere as wearing a face mask with asthma was hard for me. Then at the height of the pandemic, people were using hand sanitizer and cleaning products like crazy. Those things cause an asthma attack for me, so I have been staying at home. There was that one time I traveled by car during the pandemic, to visit my mom but that took a lot of preparation on my part so I could feel safe.

When an opportunity came up to travel to a huge natural product expo, I could not pass it up. I was glad that my husband wanted to tag along as I was super hesitant to get on an airplane. I wasn't sure that I could wear a face mask for that length of time. I was worried that people would be using tons of hand sanitizer on the plane and I would have an asthma attack. 

 Thankfully, no one near me used hand sanitizer. I did experience some asthma problems during takeoff due to the change in air pressure but my natural essential oils inhaler help me through my breathing problems. I survived my trip to Philly and now I am ready to travel solo again. This time it is to visit my mom and help her with computer problems.

10 Healthy Travel Products That I Always Pack

 When I travel, I have many health products that I always pack in my travel bag. These are my standard products that I take with me to keep my body healthy. They are my essential must-have travel products that I always pack.

1. Prebiotic Fiber Blend

 Traveling can mess with your digestion and affect your bathroom habits. That can lead to constipation and other stomach issues. So I always pack a prebiotic fiber supplement in my suitcase. I discovered this amazing fiber supplement many years ago and love it. When you use it daily, it helps you stay regular in the bathroom department. I just mix Regular Girl into any liquid and I don't experience any bathroom problems. This tasteless powder helps me to go #2 daily. 

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2. Multivitamin

When I travel, I want my body to stay healthy. So I make sure to pack my multivitamin. There are so many different multivitamins out there and it can be confusing on which one is right for you. So I like that Vous Vitamin automatically matches the right multivitamin blend to my needs. I simply take their online survey and I don't have to guess about what my body needs. This simple vitamin blend also contains vitamins to help my immunity system, which is so needed for traveling.

This multivitamin is made for my body's needs and is so easy to take. I like that I get the vitamins and supplements that I need and not something that I don't need. Now that I am older my body does not need as much iron, so my vitamin formulation contained less iron. The label on the bottle shows exactly what is in my vitamins.

3. Vitamin C

 Traveling on a plane exposes your body to lots of germs. So I always pack some sort of vitamin C supplement. One that I am enjoying is an easy to take capsule that provides 1000 mg vitamin C and 20 mg of zinc. The zinc in this supplement is from zinc sulfate, a more bioavailable source of zinc than zinc oxide. I like that this supplement is a powerful antioxidant and helps support immune function.

 Viva Naturals Vitamin C capsules are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian friendly, and free from artificial dyes, salt, soy, or dairy. Since they are in capsule form, I don't have to have a spare bottle of water with me to mix up those messy vitamin C powder supplements. I love the large-sized bottle as it has 250 servings!

4.  Homeopathic Nasal Remedy

 The nose is where most germs latch on and begin to replicate, making you sick. So I like to pack this unique Homeopathic Nasal Remedy. Cold Bee Gone is a homeopathic remedy that you swab in your nose to fight colds and flu. The nose is where most germs latch on and begin to replicate, making you sick. This super honey blend, which includes raw Manuka Honey, is antimicrobial, soothing, probiotic, prebiotic and helps you retain moisture. It’s also infused with known cold-fighting homeopathic ingredients to alleviate active symptoms. All of these things combined are what make Cold Bee Gone so effective at fighting cold, flu, and allergies.

This honey-based remedy did not irritate my nose and I did not even notice that it was inside my nose. There also was not any scent to the nasal remedy. The product also is available in an allergy formula and ones for kids.

5. Plant-Based Protein Bars

 I get hungry when traveling and since I have a severe dairy allergy, that limits my options of buying food at the airport. I simply can not chance that the food does not contain and milk products. So I need to always have safe food options on me. Nuzest plant-based protein bars are the perfect size to toss into my backpack and they are allergy-friendly. These delicious protein bars contain plenty of protein and fiber, so they take care of my hunger for hours.

 These bars are free of dairy, soy, gluten, and nuts. They are the perfect snack for those with food allergies. They come in many delicious flavors. Use my code MOMKNOWSBEST15 to save 15% at ~ Nuzest

6. Migraine Relief

 It seems like traveling always brings on a migraine headache for me. I am not sure if it is the pressure in the plane, the jet lag, or something else. So I always pack a Migrastil Migraine Travel Kit with me. I like that these products are made with safe natural vegan ingredients and are so easy to use. The Migraine Stick® & Nausea Inhaler have a pleasant scent made from essential oils that helps my head and body feel better. While the capsules contain herbs that support normal neurological functioning. I love using the cream, even when I don't have a headache as it helps me relax. 

These natural migraine relief products were developed by migraine sufferers, for migraine sufferers and the travel kit is perfect for traveling and to keep in your purse for day-to-day life. All the migraine products are vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty-free, all-natural, and made in the U.S.A.

7. Natural Inhaler

 I have many triggers that can bring on an asthma attack, from food to fragrances. So having a natural inhaler on me, at all times, is important. I simply never know when I might have trouble with my breathing. On my last trip, the pressure in the airplane caused me to struggle with my asthma. So by taking some deep breaths with Redd Remedies Lung Care™ Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser, I was able to breathe freely again. I am glad that this essential oil blend diffuser is small enough to keep in my pocket, so I can always carry it with me.

8. Lung Support

 Traveling with asthma can be tough at times, so I also pack a lung support supplement in my travel bag. ClearLungs helps me to manage my asthma naturally without having to rely on prescription medicine. This amazing herbal formula supports my breathing and helps my airways to stay open. This breathing supplement also helps maintain balanced mucus levels in my body. I take this herbal lung supplement daily and if I have an asthma attack, I will take it again as it helps my body cough up all that mucus that I have from my asthma attack.

9. Hair Tyes

 This next product is not really a health product but it helps me stay cool when traveling. That helps me not get stressed out. I always pack a couple of hair scrunchies in my suitcase and my carry-on bag. One never knows when they might need to put their hair back. When I feel hot, having my hair tied back seems to help. When the plane is on the ground, waiting to take off, the air always seems to be hot. So I grab my favorite adjustable athletic scrunchie and put my hair back. Having my hair out of my face always makes me feel better.

 I also love Hair Strong adjustable scrunchie for getting my daily exercise in. I always pack my running shoes when I travel so I can exercise. Exercise not only helps my body stay healthy but it also helps keep me in a great mood. These unique hair scrunchies can be customized every time I wear them. Some days my hair is thicker when there is more moisture in the air and I like that I have a hair tie that stays in place.

10. Beauty Treatment

 I am not going to let travel get in the way of maintaining my healthy skin. So I love that my facial laser device is small enough to pack in my suitcase. This facial device is my secret to young-looking skin. It is so easy to use and it really works to reduce those fine lines! Thanks to this amazing laser facial device, I look years younger than my actual age.

 I love that the Nira laser facial device charges by a USB cord so I can charge it on my computer. The Nira is also super quiet so I could even use it on the airplane. 

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11. The perfect footwear for your travel adventures

 It does not matter the season, cold or hot, I always toss a pair of flip-flops into my suitcase. Flip-flops are the perfect shoe for your travel adventures. Flip-flops can be worn in many ways while you are on your trip. They are so easy to slip on and they are so comfortable. I usually pack several pairs. That way I can wear my flip-flops to the hotel pool or to the beach. I also wear my flip-flops while I am walking around my hotel room, especially the bathroom. While they may clean the bathroom floor, the carpet probably does not get cleaned that often.

 SlipsAfrica flip-flops are so easy to pack in my suitcase and they don't take up that much space. I just love all the mix of amazing unique designs that these sandals come in. The colorful designs on the flip-flops capture the culture, beauty, and soul of Africa as a continent. I love that they are durable & recyclable materials. These flip-flops are so comfortable and pretty. They look so cute with my summer dresses so I love wearing them when I got out to eat. Once I am back at the hotel, I keep them on so my feet stay clean and comfortable. When I go to bed the flip-flops stay near my bed so I can put them on if I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. You must head to Slips Africa to see all the cute sandals and flip-flops.

What's in your travel bag?

Those are my favorite travel products that I always pack when I am traveling. There are so many more things that I pack in my travel bag, when flying, to stay healthy. I discovered that disposable gloves are great for keeping the germs off your hands when using the bathroom. I simply put on a pair and then I toss them after I leave the restroom. I also make sure that I drink plenty of water to keep my body hydrated. I am not a huge fan of hand sanitizer but I will pack a bottle of natural hand sanitizer, so I can use it when I can not wash my hands. I also pack disposable hand wipes which are great for keeping my hands clean. 

Do you have any favorite items that you always pack?


AiringMyLaundry said...

I will have to keep some of these in mind the next time I travel. I do always pack vitamins!

Melanie Edjourian said...

I always pack loads of hair ties and also hand sanatiser even from before the pandemic.

Tammy said...

I always have my probiotics and vitamins with me when I travel.

Simply Tasheena said...

This post is really informative, thanks for creating this list.

alita said...

I always pack protein bars and vitamins. I will have to keep the others on the list for my next travels

Richelle Escat said...

I always pack hair ties with me, thanks for sharing your travel essentials.

melissa cushing said...

I am so loving this and I love all of these items. I always take tons of hand sanitizer with me everywhere...especially for traveling ;)

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