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Monday, October 11, 2021

iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds Are Affordable & Sweatproof

 Looking for a way to listen to music while exercising without having to deal with messy cords?

I received a pair of earbuds to facilitate this post

 When I work out, I have to have music. I don't what type of exercise I am doing for the day, I need my favorite tunes. Exercise without music is quite boring. I don't know about you but it is music that makes my workout exciting. It is my favorite song that helps me run faster. It is that song that makes me dance that helps me work out longer on my elliptical. Listening to music is what puts me in a good mood and helps me to have an amazing workout.

 My favorite outdoor fitness activity is running and lately, my wired headphones have been annoying me. The cords get tangled up and that has been affecting my pace as I have to slow down to pull the headphone wires up out of my shirt. The worse part of my headphones that are wired is the static that makes my favorite song sound like crap. So I knew that it was time to ditch my iPod shuffle and transfer my music to my phone so I could use wire-free earbuds. 

 I needed a pair of earbuds that did not cost an arm and a leg. I also needed a pair of earbuds that could get wet as I did not want my sweat to damage my earbuds. I was ready for a way to listen to my music without static or headphone wires that get in the way of my fun.

Wire-Free Earbuds That Are Affordable & Sweatproof 

 My teen boys already knew the advantages of using earbuds instead of wired headphones and they have been trying to convince me for quite some time to make the switch to earbud headphones. The problem was I liked my clip-on mp3 music device and it was not compatible with headphones like earbuds. That meant that I would have to transfer all my music to my phone. I decided to enlist the help of my teens to transfer my music from my iPod to my smartphone. Then I could have a better music experience with my workouts. 

 I decided to try iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds for my new fitness tech music device. I liked that these were affordable wire-free earbuds for fitness. I also loved that the wire-free earbuds from iLive Truly were sweatproof. I sure do sweat when I workout inside in my home gym and that way my earbuds would be safe. The sweatproof wireless earbuds would be perfect for when I run through the sprinklers in the summer and for running in the snow in the winter.

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Wireless Earbuds That Fit My Ears

I have tried earbuds in the past and the never seemed to fit my small ears. The earbuds that I have tried in the past would feel loose in my ears and I was worried that they would fall out when I was running. So I was happy to see that the iLive earbuds came with different eartip pieces in small, medium and large. That would give the earbuds a secure fit in my ears. The earbuds were easy to place in my ears and they felt secure. When I ran with my iLive earbuds, they stayed in. These earbuds also were comfortable and I did not feel the need to adjust them while running.

The 'buds are paired together right out of the box 

While I can figure out tech things, I don't like wasting my time. So I was glad that these earbuds were already paired together when I took them out of the box. I also liked the earbuds came with a convenient charging case so I could always have a full battery on my earbuds. The small case would make these earbuds great for traveling.

 I like using the hotel gym when I travel, so I have to have music when I exercise. The earbuds would allow me to listen to my music without disturbing the other people in the gym. So I can blast my music while I get my cardio in while traveling. Daily exercise helps me manage my asthma so I tried to get some form of exercise in when traveling. Exercise is just one of my 7 effective ways to clear mucus from my lungs.

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Perfect for a fitness junkie's gym bag 

 Health and fitness tech products are popular right now, from devices that count your steps to ones that monitor your heart rate, the most popular fitness tech item in any fitness junkie’s gym bag is usually a set of earbuds. You got to have a good pair of headphones to listen to your tunes and drown out the noise in the gym. So I don't experience the frustration of tangled headphones and a ruined workout. These earbuds will help me get my cardio in with music that gets me moving.

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Perfect for exercise and more

While these earbuds are my must-have-fitness tech device for running and going to the gym, they are perfect for so many other things. You can wear the earbuds while practicing yoga, participating in a Zoom meet, or for listening to music while commuting to work on public transportation. My boys love using their earbuds at home for playing video games on their phones. The affordable price is what caught my attention and they have great sound quality. I love how easy it is to turn them on and off. 

Check out all the great features of the the iLive Truly Wire-free Earbuds:

+ Sweatproof design - safe to wear during heavy exercising

+ Supports Bluetooth v5.1

+ TWS - True Wireless Stereo

+ On-ear controls: volume up, volume down,pairing/play/pause/phone answering/power

+ Built-in microphone

+ Voice prompts

+ Charge time: 120 minutes

+ Charging case capacity supports 1 full charge of the earbuds

+ Battery life: ~2.5 hours at 50% volume

+ Battery life: ~1.5 hours at 100% volume

+ USB-C port for battery recharge

 Enhancing your next workout without breaking the bank with iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds

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