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Thursday, February 24, 2022

My Fabulous Safe Beauty Finds For The Family

 This month I discovered some safe beauty products that you need to know about. These are products with ingredients that are safe for my sensitive skin and asthma.

 I have always had sensitive skin for as long as I can remember and asthma for over 10 years if not longer. The reason, I say that I have probably had asthma for more than 10 years, is simply because I did not know that the annoying cough that I would experience in the spring through fall months was asthma. Back when my daughter was having breathing problems, 20 years ago, the doctors said it was not asthma unless she had wheezing. It took an emergency room visit, with my daughter struggling to breathe, to finally be diagnosed with asthma.

 For me, the doctors just told me that I had seasonal allergies and prescribed allergy medicine. When my youngest son experienced that same annoying cough but much worse than mine, I took him to an asthma specialist and testing revealed that he too had asthma. I just put up with my cough and took allergy medicine until the allergy pills no longer worked. In 2018, my cough became worse and at times I struggled to breathe. It was my middle son, who said, while I was coughing, mom I hear wheezing. I later discovered, through a food allergy blood test, that I had a milk allergy and that was making my asthma symptoms severe.

Chemical Fragrances trigger my asthma

 I like to do things the natural way and I wanted to manage my asthma symptoms naturally. So I became aware of what triggered my asthma symptoms and eczema. I learned that beauty products with fragrances were causing me to have an asthmatic cough. So I switched all my beauty products like shampoo, soap, and lotion to beauty products made with natural ingredients. Once I started using a shampoo that was made without toxic ingredients, I noticed that my skin was no longer itchy. I no longer had to use lotion on my skin after a shower. I made sure to buy beauty products without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and chemical fragrances.

 Then a bathroom remodeling project had my boys taking showers in my bathroom and it was then that I realized, I had to switch out their traditional beauty products to ones that were made with safe ingredients for my asthma. Their fragrant manly body washes would linger in the air and I would have an asthma attack, hours after they took their showers, when I went to bed. 

My health is important and the whole family uses safe personal products

  I am creating a house that is free of asthma triggers and I only buy beauty care products that are made with safe ingredients. I even started my boys on aluminum-free deodorant so they never had to make the switch to natural deodorant. So I am always looking to try new beauty products that are free of toxic chemical ingredients and this month I discovered some safe beauty products for my teens and myself. Keep reading to learn more.

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Safe Acne Products For Teen Boys

 The teen years can be tough for boys when they have acne. Those hormones can do a number on their skin. Then add plenty of sweat from athletics and you have a face full of pimples. Boys can be picky about what products they use and they don't want to be using a face wash that was marketed towards girls. Then throw in having to find acne products that have safe ingredients that won't cause your mom to have an asthma attack. I am glad that I discovered Stryke Club skincare products that are made for boys.

 Stryke Club was founded by four women with 11 children and they noticed that most products are made for girls. So they thought boys have skin too and should have products that are made for them. So they created skincare products with safe ingredients in packaging that boys would like. My older teen son loves Stryke Club's Everywhere Wash and acne Stryke Stick. While the college son grabbed the Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes to use at the gym. So my boys were glad to receive the STRYKE CLUB's Fresh Start Kit for their skin. These locker room worthy products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and are proudly cruelty-free — because safety is non-negotiable. Check out what is included in this skincare set. 

STRYKE CLUB's Fresh Start Kit

+ Everywhere Wash: The all-in-one shower cleanser is perfect for everywhere, from head to toe. 

+ Stryke Stick: No one wants a zit. Fight back with this portable spot treatment.

+ Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes: The easy-clean option for when a sink isn’t within reach.

+ Stay Smooth Lip Balm: Give lips a hydrating refresh. 

+ Bamboo Toothbrush: Bad breath isn’t great for making friends – just add the toothpaste.

+ Toiletry Bag: Because all the essentials need to go somewhere!

Healing Virgin Hair Masque

 I have dry curly hair and at times it is unmanageable. While I love my natural curls, sometimes they can get quite tangled together. My hair needs moisture to look nice. Trust me there are days that I just put my hair back in a ponytail as I don't feel like trying to get a comb through my curls. So I am glad that I discovered Pura D’or HairClimax: Healing Virgin Hair Masque.

This amazing hair masque helps combat my dry hair. Pura D’or HairClimax contains a blend of virgin oils to give new life to my hair. It helps revitalize damaged hair and is a tangle tamer. I just love the coconut oil scent. This hair product is vegan and made with gluten-free ingredients. I love how it deep conditions my hair from the roots to the tips to combat dry, damaged, frizzy, and thinning hair. After I use this hair treatment in the shower, my curls look amazing and are frizz-free. I just love the wood and glass container!

Therapeutic Skin Whip

 The cold dry winter leaves my hands painfully dry. Having to run the heat in the house and washing my hands more also doesn't help my skin. Then there are the cracks in the skin around my fingers. So most days my hands are in pain and they need plenty of moisture. My hands need moisture and soothing from a thick cream. My hands also need pain relief.  I am glad that I discovered CBD-infused BESO Whip.

This thick skin cream is the best of both worlds. Now I don't have to use separate products on my hands. I used to have to use a greasy CBD ointment followed by a hand cream to give my hands relief from the painful dry skin conditions. Now I can use a non-greasy thick cream on my hands that is infused with full-spectrum CBD.  

 Beso, which means “kiss” in Spanish is an all-natural plant-based formula from the most therapeutic essential oils. This whip contains ingredients such as mustard, black seed, frankincense, myrrh, turmeric, shea, coconut; all whipped into a luxurious grape seed base. It is designed to moisturize, soothe, and heal your skin from head to toe.

Anti-dandruff Shampoo

 The same son who has acne also has a dry scalp problem. So in addition to dealing with pimples on his face, he has flakes from dandruff on his clothes. Those teenage years are hard enough so he does not need to feel embarrassed by his hair. My son is happy that I discovered an anti-dandruff shampoo with safe ingredients to keep his hair looking nice. That way his curls can also look nice too. Mayraki’s Purifying, Anti-dandruff & Volumizing Amino Acid Shampoo is made without sulfates and parabens.

This sulfate-free, anti-dandruff shampoo purifies the roots of the hair to prevent build-up that can weigh the hair down. Mayraki also nourishes the scalp and hair strands with the power of 15 amino acids. My son likes this shampoo cleanses the oil from his hair without stripping the moisture so his curls look nice. Made from 100% plant extract and other natural ingredients, this shampoo effectively treats and prevents hair and scalp problems. I have been using Mayraki products for quite some time and I love the Mayraki hair mask. This hair mask is made from natural ingredients and I use it in the shower to give my hair some intense moisture. This hair mask also has ingredients in it to strengthen the hair and promote hair growth

Safe beauty products that you need to try

Those are the fabulous safe beautiful finds that I discovered this month. I am glad that I discovered beauty items that my son enjoys and does not bother my asthma. Looking good is important to him but he knows that protecting mom's health is even more important. I like that my boys are being raised without harmful chemicals. So take a look at the beauty finds and maybe you will discover some that you need to try.

Looking for other natural beauty products with safe ingredients? 

You need to check out Natura.

 Natura carries innovative lines of personal care products designed for both the ageless beauty and contemporary male. From refreshing shower gels and soaps to lightweight lotions, oils, airy-whipped mousses, butters, and hand creams – our luxurious collection makes each person’s experience unique. Our Mamãe e Bebê line is made with the essentials for the baby’s sensitive skin, which is a gentle, safe, 100% vegan formula. For Natura, beauty all begins with care. I discovered Natura's Hand Cream last year and it is amazing. This is a thick hand cream that is made from brazil nuts and it does a great job of moisturizing the skin. I let my husband use the hand cream and he loved it so much that he must have brought it to work as I can't find it in the house.



AiringMyLaundry said...

Thank you for this list! I have been looking for more beauty finds to try out and I love that they are safe.

Melanie Edjourian said...

It's good to hear you found natural ways to manage your asthma. I prefer natural medicines too.

Forever My Little Moon said...

I will have to try that shampoo and hair masque!

Anne Marie said...

I'd like to try a more natural deodorant. Good for the skin and less potential side effects

Angela Ricardo Bethea said...

Those look like wonderful product to check out sometime. I'd like to try out that Therapeutic Skin Whip for sure.

Terri Steffes said...

Safety is my number one goal for my personal health. You just made that job a lot easier.

alita said...

I do have a sensitive skin plus asthma so this was really helpful to me. Thanks fro sharing

Beth Pierce said...

These are some really great safe beauty products. We need to invest more in these kinds of products

Marysa said...

We are always looking for healthy products that don't have chemicals, synthetic fragrances, etc. Thanks for sharing these!

Elizabeth Neas said...

These all sound like great products. I am so happy that they have these products to help people such as yourself. Battling asthma, and dry skin etc cannot be comfortable at all. I also love that they have a line of great products for your boys.

Sol said...

Aside from my skin is too sensitive with chemicals, which I believe almost all of us are, I'm so afraid to use unnatural products with its side effects.

Gust si Aroma said...

I am glad to hear that everyone uses safe personal products and try to protect you. It's such an wonderful thing that entire family use natural products.

Mamacita La Cuponera said...

This post is an eye opener. Sometimes we buy products and don't even read what chemicals it contains.

Wren LaPorte said...

I have an issue with chemical scents as well. Between perfume or household supplies can trigger my migraines. I aim for the most natural products I can.

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