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Saturday, January 30, 2021

The 16 Best Valentines Gifts For The Family

 This year focus on Valentine's Day gifts for the family 

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This year Valentine's Day may look different with not being able to go out to eat or being able to hire someone to watch the kids but this can be a day of celebration for the whole family. The viral pandemic may make it hard for couples with kids to celebrate the day of love but with some fun simple gifts, Valentine's Day can be a day for a family celebration. The Valentine holiday may have been created as a way for people to show affection for the one that they love but this can be a day for your family to spend time with each other. 

Get the recipe for the Easy Chocolate Strawberry Pita Dessert that is pictured above

 It can be a wonderful day to exchange gifts or just a day for doing something special as a family. Since Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, you can forget about work and online school and make it a fun family day. Start the day with some healthy chocolate pancakes and then, later on, make a heart-shaped pizza. Some other fun ideas for this fun family day is baking cookies or making doughnuts in the air fryer. If the weather is nice, you can get outdoors and enjoy a day at the park. Maybe your idea of a fun day is staying in and watching tons of movies. This stay home holiday can a time for the family to turn off those electric devices and show love to one another with some fun gifts. I created a list of Valentine's gifts for the whole family. This list has a wide variety of gifts and most of them are affordable gifts that won't break the bank. So have fun checking out my favorite gifts for Valentine's day.

Gifts for the whole family

1. The Cutest Tablet Cushion Stand For Kids

 Milo the Turtle Tablet Cushion Stand is the perfect gift for kids. With all the virtual school learning, this tablet holder will hold kid's tablets in a fun and comfortable way. This kid-friendly tablet cushion may make homeschool a bit more fun.

 Kids can view their screen in comfort with the Planet Buddies tablet bean bag cushion stand which helps to improve your child’s posture, reducing neck and upper back strain. The cushion stand allows your child to adjust their tablet from landscape to portrait modes without the need to detach and reattach to a rigid stand. The tablet cushion stand offers comfort and keeps your device within touching distance so they can click and scroll with ease.

 Designed to be ultra-lightweight, the tablet stand is the perfect travel accessory for optimum viewing everywhere you go. The cushion stand also features two discreet and convenient pockets for storing small items such as your smartphone or charger. I love that this tablet device is easy to wipe clean and comes in 4 adorable prints. 

 Milo the Turtle Tablet Cushion Stand can be purchase at Amazon


2. Stick-O Cooking Set

 Little kids can have fun cooking and learning STEM at the same time with the STICK O Cooking 16 Piece Magnetic Building Set. These educational building sets are a favorite with my 2-year-old grandbaby. She loves connecting the magnetic pieces together and now she can cook up some delicious pretend food for her grandma.

 This themed magnetic kit inspires kids to assemble and cook delicious foods. The cooking set includes an egg, lollipop, candy, carrot, and more. The 16 Piece Cooking Set also includes 2 Spheres, 2 Sticks, 1 Curve Stick, 1 Oval Stick, and 1 Half Sphere. These pieces are safe for toddlers and perfect for brain development, critical thinking, and STEM education. The rainbow-colored pieces also develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, and problem-solving ability.

 STICK O Cooking 16 Piece Magnetic Building Set can be purchased on Amazon 


3. A Groove Belt

 Give dad a super simple belt so he can take quicker break times and get back to his online meetings. The Groove Belt makes holding up your pants the easiest thing to do for the day. The unique belt snaps together with magnets and allows dad to unlatch with one hand. The magnet snaps the buckle in perfect place so dad can quickly get dressed in the morning to avoid the traffic on the stairs.

 The Groove Belt comes in many colors and designs. The belt is made from strong quality strong webbing material and the buckle is made from neodymium magnets that are super strong. I promise your significant other would get MAJOR brownie points with this belt!!! 

The Groove Belt can be purchased HERE 


4. Silicone Rings

 Score major points with the teens with the breathable Groove Ring. My teen son was excited to wear this stylish ring as he loves how they look and feel. This silicone ring comes in so many colors and patterns that my teen can mix and match them to his daily outfit. The rings are soft and comfortable too.

 Groove's Original Solid Colored ring is the ring that started it all. By offering many unique and vivid colors, we allow you to pick what suits you the best. Our Midnight Black exterior paired with the Raspberry Red interior color, allows you to stay looking great while taking on your adventure. Our unique and innovative Groove Technology allows your ring to breathe while maintaining comfortability. The medical-grade silicone ensures that your ring will remain flexible and comfortable no matter what it goes through. Our silicone rings are the perfect choice for your active lifestyle!

The Groove Ring can be purchased HERE 


4. 100% Natural Grooming Products That Support Veterans

 Treat your significant other or yourself to some natural grooming products that smell awesome. From deodorant to coffee body scrubs, I am sure that you will find something from Doc Spartan that will entice his or her daily grooming. These natural products are made for men & women of action. The Alpha Brew Coffee Scrub smells like a cup of freshly brewed coffee and will energize you as you clean your body. My teen quickly grabbed the Panther Armpit Armor while his younger tween brother chose the Original scented Armpit Armor. These natural deodorants had light manly scents that will keep them smelling nice. I was glad that they left me the Lemongrass Armpit Armor as I loved the lemon scent.

 Doc Spartan, a veteran-owned company makes 100% natural grooming & first-aid products out of their home base of Portsmouth, Ohio. All the stuff is made with 100% natural ingredients by hand. These grooming products have No harmful chemicals or harsh smells. I love that their staff is entirely composed of people who've kicked addiction's ass to come back stronger than ever. Right now Doc Spartan has a Valentine's Day gift collection up online, including limited edition Heartbreaker products and gift bundles.

Doc Spartan grooming products can be purchased HERE 


5. Skinnytees Silk Tanks

 Red or pink is the color of the season for Valentine's Day. So wear a pretty pink top while you enjoy the day of love. Skinnytees™ offers chic and sexy tops, camis, and tanks for layering to make sure you are in style on this special night of romance! These cute tops are perfect for a romantic night at home or for lounging around the house. These are soft cute tops that will make any lady feel special. I love that these tops can be worn by themself or layered under a jacket. My favorite way to wear these pink or red tank tops is with a pair of cute leggings. So many styles to choose from. Like my pink hair? I used a safe temporary hair color and I love how easy it was to use. This hair color depositing shampoo and conditioner is made with natural ingredients and washes out after 7 shampoos. So there is no commitment and it comes in so many fun colors. Check out the hair color product HERE.

Skinnytees Silk Tanks can be purchase HERE


6. Baketivity Subscription Box 

  A great gift for the whole family is a baking box from Baketivity. This subscription baking box has everything that you need to bake up some delicious treats with the kids. The baking kits come with easy to follow instructions with step-by-steps so older kids can make desserts like cupcakes and cake pops with little help from mom or dad. My teens had a blast making cake pops and since they were dairy-free, I was able to enjoy them.

 Baketivity is a baking subscription box brand that ships tasty recipes, pre-measured ingredients, and activity booklets right to your door for hassle-free fun. Perfect for roommates, friends, families, couples, and dessert lovers hoping to skip the kitchen mess and get creative in the kitchen. 

 Some popular past baking kits include Bug Cupcakes, Whoopie Pies, Swirling Cinnamon Buns, Bagels, and Emoji Cookies. Kits are available for purchase on a one-time basis, or as a subscription service shipped right to your door for 3 months, 6 months, or a full year.

Baketivity Subscription Box can be purchase HERE 


7. Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Care Package

 I love receiving pre-made care packages and food gifts but most of them are not allergy-friendly. Then there is the problem of not knowing if the ingredients are safe for me to eat with my dairy-allergy. So when I discovered that Care Crate offers a Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Care Package, that made me very happy. 

 Unlike inferior snack variety packs, our premium healthy snacks and are made from the highest grade ingredients. They researched common complaints about other gluten-free snack boxes and lovingly assembled the Care Crate, one of the best healthy snack packs on the market with 40 assorted dairy-free, nut-free and vegan snacks. With meticulous attention to quality and a commitment to health, Care Crate snack boxes are second to none.

Just look at all the awesome snacks in the package!

Motts Gummies ~ Snyder Gluten-Free Pretzels ~ Corn Nuts ~ Fig Bars ~ Skinny Pop Popcorn

~ KaPop Cheddar Puffs ~ Veggie Straws ~ Stretch Island Fruit Leather ~ 

Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit Tropical Variety Pack ~ Act 2 Popcorn ~ Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars

Use code LOVE to receive 10% off your first Care Crate Co. box

Care Crate Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Care Package is available HERE 


8. Envirosax Designer Reusable Bags

 I just love this cute Envirosax bag for shopping and more. Since they are so small when not in use, I can toss one in my purse or glove box so I have a reusable bag with me at all times. You can purchase one bag or a pouch of 5 bags with complementary designs.

 Since 2004 Envirosax designer reusable bags have become synonymous with quality and style. Printed with eco-friendly dyes and using sustainable production methods, Envirosax was one of the first reusable bag brands to bring about the idea of sustainability + style. 

 A perfect reusable grocery bag, Envirosax also has so many uses, from gym bags, beach bags, and even overnight bags! And what's great is that the wide variety of gorgeous prints ensure there's a design to suit everyone!  

 Envirosax Bags are exceptionally high quality and come in a range of stylish designs. They were one of the first designer reusable bags to roll up into a small size - we say "the size of a sushi roll!". Tested to carry loads above 44lb's and weigh only 4oz, Envirosax indeed are as Light as a Lipstick and as Strong as a Suitcase!

 Envirosax Bags are available to purchase HERE


9. Organic Revitalizing Night Cream

 An organic night cream product can make women feel better about their skin. Block Island Organic Revitalizing Night Cream is the perfect gift for any woman or man. This vegan cream is made with natural ingredients and contains No Parabens, Gluten, PABA, Sulfates, Phthalates, Dyes, Silicone, or Fragrance. Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates this night cream a low hazard which is the best rating achievable.

 The perfect natural and organic pampering gift. It's packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and E, this organic cream helps nourish and replenish skin.  Vitamin C is known for its anti-aging properties and a recent study by Yale University dermatologists suggests vitamin E protects against the effects of sun exposure long after sundown. Featuring gentle botanicals such as cocoa butter, calendula, rosehip, avocado, aloe vera, jojoba, blueberry, and more; it revitalizes all skin types.

Block Island Organic Revitalizing Night Cream is available HERE


10. SHASHI Cool Feet Socks 

 I hate tight bulky socks and when the weather is warmer, I prefer to go barefoot inside my house. So when I do have to wear socks, I want them to be ultra-comfortable and feel like I am not wearing socks. My favorite style of socks is no-show socks as I hate tight socks around my ankles. So when I discovered SHASHI socks, I just had to try a pair.

 Designed by women for women, SHASHI Cool Feet Socks are a fashion-forward and functional patented mesh grip sock designed as an alternative to the unimaginative, bulky socks on the market. Wherever you wear your SHASHIs, someone is sure to ask, Where did you get those socks? These socks are perfect for everyday use - from at-home workouts, lounging around the house,  at work, or even at the gym. These unique socks have a patented mesh top panel with COOLMAX® moisture-wicking fabric for comfort. I love the left and right foot design for a custom fit and the large grips for stability. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, there is a pair of SHASHI socks for every member of the family.

SHASHI Cool Feet Socks is available HERE


11. Wonderful Halos Mandarins 

 Wonderful Halos are a favorite snack here at my house and my boys just love their sweet taste. I love Halos for Valentine's Day as they are the perfect healthy snack for school parties. In the past, I would send a bag of sweet Halo fruit to my kid's school but this year, I discovered an awesome way to decorate the orange fruits so they make a cute Valentine's Day gift. Of course, with online school, we will be making this DIY Valentine’s Day craft to share with family and friends.

Halos Love Bugs

 Nothing says love quite like a sweet afternoon treat on Valentine’s Day! Craft a little mandarin munchkin to show your significant other or your kids that you were thinking about them. These little Halos love bugs take just minutes to assemble, but the joy on your recipients’ faces when they see them will be more than worth it. You only need a few craft supplies and a bag of delicious Wonderful Halos to make these adorable Halos Love Bugs. These Bugs are so easy to make and so yummy to eat!

Get the instructions for the Halos Love Bugs HERE


12. Mountain Mel's Lung Lovin'! Immune Boostin'!

 I love drinking a cup of warm tea in the winter as it is so soothing on a cold winter day. So I love it when my cup of tea contains powerful immune Boosting herbs that can keep my immune system healthy, especially during cold & flu season.  

 Mountain Mel's has the perfect gift set that combines their favorite products to help you combat Cold & Flu season so you can take your Immune Health into your own hands. This gift set has two delicious herbal teas and an elderberry syrup kit so you can show love to your family by keeping them healthy.

 These are herbal Products You Can Feel GoodAbout Putting In & On Your Body

+ Immuni-Tea - This Powerhouse combines Echinacea, Astragalus, Elder Flower, Ginger, and other Immune-boosting herbs so your body can fight off what may be coming at you.  

+ Respiratory Rescue - This tea is a soothing blend for your dry, irritated throat, and hacking cough. It's packed with cooling, moistening, throat coating, and immune-boosting herbs so you can give your Lungs some Much need LOVE!

+ Elderberry Syrup Kit -The perfect gateway DYI project to get you Comfortable and Excited about making Herbal Remedies for your Family, in the comfort of your own Kitchen. 

Lung Lovin'! Immune Boostin'! is available HERE


13. Liposomal Vitamin C Antioxidant & Immune Support

 During cold & flu season, I like to have a good supply of vitamin C in my medicine cabinet. So at the first sign of a cold, I can take a high dose of vitamin C to boost my body to fight those cold germs.

 Liposomal Vitamin C Antioxidant & Immune Support has 1,000 mg Liposomal Vitamin C per serving so I am getting my C without upsetting my stomach. Liposomal Vitamin C comes in a great-tasting pineapple-orange flavor. Liposomal vitamin C is packaged like a bodily cell so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers the nutrient directly to the bloodstream. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and supports the immune system. Liquid Vitamin C also supports the body’s production of collagen and the formation of blood vessels, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and skin. It is great for wound healing and repairing tissues throughout the body.

 Liposomal Vitamin C Antioxidant & Immune Support is available HERE


14. Sweet Chaos Popcorn

 Popcorn is a great holiday snack that can be enjoyed while watching your favorite Valentine's Day movie. When these popcorn snacks arrived at my house, my boys wanted to indulge in them right away as the flavors all sounded amazing. I had to hide the bags of popcorn until I was able to take pictures. Once the bags of Sweet Chaos were opened, my family could not stop snacking on the delicious popcorn. 

Sweet Chaos Popcorn is available in so many sweet and savory flavors. My favorite flavors of this delicious popcorn are Honey Chipotle, Kettle Corn, and Sea Salt. These three flavors are dairy-free so I can enjoy the yummy popcorn. My family said all the flavors of Sweet Chaos Popcorn were bursting with flavor. I really love how much popcorn is packed into the bags so there is plenty to share.

Sweet Chaos Popcorn is available HERE


15. Lehi Mills Certified Vegan Line

 Having a dairy-allergy or following a vegan diet does not mean that can't enjoy delicious treats this Valentine's Day. My family loves these plant-based baking mixes and they are so easy to make. The best part is how delicious the vegan treats are.

 Lehi Mills is a premium baking mix company that recently launched its Certified Vegan Line. With over 100 years of milling experience, quality has always been their first ingredient.  Included in the Lehi Mills Certified Vegan Line is the delicious Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix, Vegan Raspberry Muffin Mix, and Vegan Double Fudge Brownie. All of which are plant-based and perfect for when you want a wholesome, vegan treat. 

Lehi Mills is available HERE 


 16. BRITE bites  

 Celebrate Valentine's Day with a guilt-free snack that actually tastes great! These delicious bars make a great snack or a tasty dessert. The Dark Cocoa bar is loaded with chocolate flavor and I love that they are loaded with plenty of protein.

 BRITE bites are probiotic snack bites packed with superfoods to fuel busy, on-the-go individuals. They are free of gluten, dairy, and soy, making them ideal for those with food allergies.  There’s a favorite flavor for everyone; they offer 3 delicious flavors to check out: PB & Oats, Dark Cocoa, and Coconut Cran.

Brite bites are available HERE 


So I hope that I include plenty of great Valentine's gift ideas for celebrating this special day with the family. So don't let the stay at home orders put a damper on this holiday and instead have a wonderful time celebrating with the people that you love the most! Looking for some healthy products for the New Year? You need to check out these 11 Healthy Products That You Need To Add To Your Shopping List.

Easy Chocolate Strawberry Pita Dessert 


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Valentine's Day is one of our favorite family holidays! We make homemade cards and share sweet treats. I love the idea of a baking box for a gift!

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