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Saturday, January 30, 2021

12 Healthy Products That You Need To Add To Your List

 Check out these products that I discovered this month!

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 I love discovering new healthy products. I admit that I get excited when the package person delivers a box of healthy products to my house or when I discover new allergy-friendly food that is dairy-free. I am like a kid in the candy store when I get to try fitness equipment or the newest flavor of vegan ice cream. 

 This month has been a busy month for me with reviewing healthy products. Since so many folks are focused on New Year resolutions that include healthy goals, the brands are wanting to send me products that are related to health and fitness. This month brought me plenty of emails to read and then I had to decide which new healthy products that I wanted to try. I am very selective when it comes to promoting products on Mom Knows Best as I want to give you the best mom advice. So I only choose products that fit my guidelines and view on health. 

 I have food allergies and asthma so I select items that are made with natural fragrances and with non-toxic ingredients. I also have to be careful with items like food and supplements since I am allergic to dairy, soy protein, and mushrooms. One bite of any of my food allergens can cause a severe asthma attack. I also try to follow a plant-based diet that is mostly vegan. I will eat eggs and fish once in a while so I am not 100% plant-based. I just like to eat meatless meals for the health benefits.

11 Healthy Products That You Need For The New Year 

 Last month I was busy exploring my husband's new exercise equipment that we bought. I am glad that he selected an elliptical over the treadmill and I am loving the free iFit program that comes with  Nordictrack Elliptical fitness equipment. You can check out my full review of the Nordictrack Elliptical HERE. This month I got the opportunity to check out some awesome products that are good for you and some of the items were even eco-friendly. So sit back and grab a cup of coffee, then enjoy my list of healthy products that I discovered. I even discovered a safe way to color my hair pink!

1. Natural Sleep Supplement

 I used to have trouble falling asleep and all those sleep tips never seemed to help me. So when I discover at a health conference that CBD gummies could help me fall asleep faster, I have been using this natural sleep supplement almost every night. Then I discovered JustCBD's vegan gummies and these cute bears have been my bedtime treat. These delicious hemp-infused gummies bears help my body relax so I can fall asleep. CBD oil is good for anxiety and has also been helping me cope with my occasional anxiety. I love all the different flavors of the vegan CBD gummies.

 There is no question that JustCBD’s Mixed Berry Gummies are a delectable treat for vegans everywhere. On top of their wonderful flavor, the edible CBD treats offer the human body a handful of benefits. For instance, a user can enjoy complete relaxation. Safely managing stress allows people to enjoy a positive state of mind. They sleep better, which has tremendous effects on the mind and body the following day. Energy levels remain high. Even precious memory skills improve with high-quality rest. While the CBD found in the vegan gummies does stem from the cannabis plant, it will not give a user the euphoric high commonly associated with marijuana. In fact, the top CBD products can be used to bring individuals down from a bad trip, allowing them to feel stable. Just remember that our colorful CBD Gummy Bears look and taste like fun candy, so keep them away from kids.

JustCBD vegan gummies are available HERE


2. All-Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

 I know this may not be your traditional "wellness" product, but when you think of health, especially during this pandemic, you think of cleanliness and germ-free living spaces. But it can be hard to keep your home clean in an affordable way considering all the different types of cleaners you need. Imagine having only one cleaning product for your entire house inside and out. Then discover an all-purpose cleaner that is made with natural ingredients.

 Powerizer Complete Pods are the first pods ever that can be used for the entire home! These cleaning pods effectively replace all household cleaners and detergents so you can keep your home clean. Powerizer can be used as a laundry detergent, in the dishwasher, and to clean almost any surface in your home. I love that these cleaning pods are plant and mineral-based and wrapped in a biodegradable pod. These eco-friendly pods do a great job of cleaning and they can save you money too since you do not have to purchase all those different cleaners. I love how easy it is to grab a pod and toss one in my dishwasher or washing machine

Powerizer Complete Pods are available HERE and on Amazon


3. Heart-Healthy Fiber Supplement

 If you are looking for an easy way to love your heart and reduce your cholesterol, then you need to check out BranPure Oat Bran Powder for Cholesterol and Heart Health. High cholesterol runs in my family and I discovered many years ago that even a meatless diet could not help keep my numbers at a healthy level. So I added heart-healthy supplements like flax meal to my smoothie. That helped get my total cholesterol number from 200 to 190. So I decided to add the BranPure Oat Bran powder to my daily smoothie for a month to see if it could help get my total cholesterol number lower. 

 Each Serving of Bran Powder Contains 1.5g of Soluble Fiber Oat Beta Glucan. Soluble Oat Beta Glucan Fiber in Oat Bran was Approved by the FDA for Heart Health Claims. I like that oat bran helps to lower cholesterol without drugs. I just add a scoop of BranPure to my daily protein smoothie and I like that it does not change the taste of my smoothie. If you don't do the smoothie thing this bran powder is easy to add to oatmeal or you can try BranPure Oat Bran Capsules. Each serving of BranPure Oat Bran Capsules contains 1600 mg of oat bran. These capsules are easy to swallow and odorless. 

 Use code 20MOMKNOWS for 20% off either of those products 

BranPure Oat Bran Powder are available HERE and on Amazon


4. Tiger Nuts

 I love trying new healthy snacks and when I discovered Tiger Nuts, I just had to taste them. I had never heard of Tiger Nuts and was curious to see what they tasted like. These nuggets are not nuts but are tubers that have the texture of nuts. The health benefits of Tiger Nuts are what impressed me to check them out.

 Tiger Nuts are nut-free, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, non-GMO, and dairy-free. The tasty snacks are also organic, are high in prebiotic fiber, low calorie, low fat, and loaded with nutrition. The Tiger Nuts have a sweet coconut taste and are perfect for paleo and kosher meal plans. 

 I also received a pouch of Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix. This smoothie mix was so easy to mix into my fruit smoothie for added nutrition. The Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix is gluten-free, organic, nut-free, lactose-free, and dairy-free.    

Tiger Nut products are available HERE and on Amazon


5. Hydrating Vegan Hair Products

 I admit that I color my hair as I don't like my natural dirty blond color. Even though I use natural vegan hair color my hair still gets some damage. So I use vegan hair care products that hydrate my dry hair. Plus living in the desert also makes my hair dry. So this girl needs hair products with maximum hydration.

 MASAMI is clean premium haircare with a Japanese ocean botanical that's all about hydration. MASAMI is luxurious and high performing without sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. MASAMI is gender-neutral with a fresh clean scent so even my college son uses this shampoo and conditioner. 

 MASAMI shampoo and conditioner are safe for color-treated hair. I love how these products gave great moisture to my curls and left them frizz-free. My hair was so easy to manage after I got out of the shower.

MASAMI shampoo and conditioner are available HERE and on Amazon


6. Safe Pink Hair Color

 Are you looking for an easy healthy way to add some fun color to your hair?  Then you need to check out these color depositing shampoos and conditioners from Celeb Luxury. The products come in a variety of shades – from traditional browns, blondes, and reds to pastels and vibrant colors from pink to blue. All of the products contain a bond rebuilder to heal hair, and are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and can be applied in the shower in 2-5 minutes. They are semi-permanent dyes, so there is no long-term commitment.

 I have always wanted pink or purple hair but did not want to pay the high price at the hair salon or deal with the mess using a home dye kit. So when I discovered how easy the color depositing hair products were to use in the shower, I just had to add a touch of pink to my hair. 

 The Celeb Luxury products are available HERE and at Amazon


7. Vegan Frozen Dessert That You Can Eat For Breakfast

 I have a sweet tooth and like to enjoy a dish of vegan ice cream on occasion. So when I discovered a healthy delicious frozen dessert that can be enjoyed for breakfast, I had to share this one with you. Snow Monkey is creamy like ice cream but is made with healthy ingredients like superfoods, fruits, and seeds. So it is a guilt-free treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day, even a bedtime snack.

  Snow Monkey is packed with protein, antioxidants, and fiber plus this creamy dessert is free from major allergens. This incredible frozen treat is available in 8 delicious flavors like chocolate, strawberry, maple cinnamon, chocolate mint chip, and more. Snow Monkey, believes delicious food can also be nutritious food and is made with plant-based ingredients. 

Snow Monkey is available HERE and in many health stores like Sprouts


8. Professional Vegan Haircare Products

 Over a year ago I started using sulfate-free hair care products and my hair not only became healthier but my untamed waves started to curl. My mom has told me that as a baby, I had curly hair but it went away. To think that I could have saved money and the health of my hair when I was younger by avoiding all those perms. I was surprised that it was my use of harsh shampoos that were affecting my natural curls. So now I spend the extra money on sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. 

 Mayraki Ultra Repairing & Weightless Moisture Shampoo combines the power of the latest haircare technology with the nourishment of sustainably sourced natural ingredients such as Gingko Biloba, Aloe, and Canarium Album Leaf Extract to provide a cleansing and moisturizing shampoo that is free of sulfates and parabens. This vegan shampoo gives my hair weightless body without stripping it of its moisture. I love that it can also repair hair damage such as dryness and split ends.

 For even more hair repair, you will love Mayraki Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment. This all-natural solution can completely transform and heal your hair. After my first use, I noticed an improvement in my hair's appearance and it felt so silky. This 100% vegan product is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free. The fatty acids and vitamins helped to balance and strengthen my hair, making it healthy, strong, and bouncy. 

Mayraki Profesional haircare products are available HERE 


9. Energy IQ

 I am known to reach for some type of caffeine before I exercise in the morning as it helps give me the energy. In the afternoon when I want to do my weightlifting or just need some brainpower, I stay away from anything with caffeine. Caffeine will keep me awake at night and for some, it will leave them feeling tired several hours later. So I am glad that I discovered a delicious chocolate drink that gives me the energy that I need to get my work done. This drink tastes so good!

 Instead of reaching for a caffeinated beverage that can leave you feeling sluggish again hours later, it’s possible to get energy from blueberries, dark chocolate, and turmeric in a new chocolate drink, Energy IQ. Energy IQ uses an advanced blend of polyphenols and MCT oil to support higher energy levels, more mental and physical stamina.

Energy IQ is available HERE


10. Feetures Youth Socks

 Have you ever worn socks that feel so amazing that you don't want to ever take them off? I am in love with Feetures socks as these socks massage your feet. I discovered these amazing socks last year and wrote about my experience HERE. Since then, these are the only socks that I will run it. I am glad that I have several pairs so I am never without my favorite athletic socks. 

 So when Feetures released their Youth collection of  Elite No-Show Tab Socks, I just knew that I had to get some pairs for my boys. When the socks arrived at my house my boys were hesitant to try them as they don't like to wear no-show socks. I convinced my teen son to just put the pair of socks on for a couple minutes. Well, my son placed a pair of the Feetures on his feet and he has been wearing them all day. This is the kid who goes barefoot in the house in the winter and I have to tell him to put on socks. My son told me that these socks feel so good and he can't wait to try them out the next time he goes running. My boys love the colors of their Feetures socks and love how these no-show socks don't slip off their feet. I love how durable the athletic socks are. I have owned my Feetures for about a year and have worn them daily and they still look brand new.

Feetures Youth Socks are available HERE


11. Rata Honey

My family loves honey and we enjoy it in so many ways. From adding honey to our tea to baking delicious recipes, honey is not only tasty but also good for soothing sore throats and coughs. I discovered a delicious raw honey and it makes my nightly tea a special treat. 

 Rata raw honey is derived from bees gathering nectar specifically from the Rata tree native to New Zealand’s West Coast Southern Alps. This tree only flowers sporadically, making Rata Honey a delicacy. The taste is smooth, delicate, and floral. 100% Raw Superfood: Rata Honey goes through less processing than conventional honey, is not stirred for long periods of time, heated above normal beehive temperatures (approximately 95°F/35°C), and retains a higher content of healthy enzymes and micro-nutrients.

Rata Honey is available HERE


12. AUVON 4 Outputs TENS Unit

 As a fitness person who likes fast intense workouts, I do experience pain once in a while. I remember last year when I lifted weights the wrong way and my arm muscle suffered for quite some time. At first, I had a sore arm muscle and that went away several days later. The problem was that my arm was still stiff and sore when I tried to wash my other arm in the shower or put a shirt over my head. The only thing that finally gave my muscle in my arm some relief was a TENS Unit that I borrowed from a friend.

 So when I discovered an affordable TENS Unit, I knew that I had to get one for my own personal use. The AUVON 4 Outputs TENS Unit EMS Muscle Stimulator Machine for Pain Relief Therapy is pretty amazing for muscle aches and more. This device combines 2 therapies in 1 device. The TENS is a muscle stimulator for pain relief that provides safe, non-invasive, drug-free methods and has been used by doctors and physical therapists for years. The EMS brings elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses and activates the muscles to assist in the increase of strength and endurance. It is a great rehab and strength training tool.

This fitness must-have device is pretty easy to use and I love the compact size, about the size of a smartphone. This device even looks like a cell phone and has a big screen that is easy to read. I love that it has 4 ports to attach 8 different pads to my body for awesome pain relief. I then can control each electrode separately so I can individualize my therapy. The screen on the device has several presets for different muscles like the back or arms. My husband uses this TENS device on his back for an amazing back massage. You can control the time and intensity of the muscle stimulator from 10 to 90 minutes. 

AUVON 4 Outputs TENS Unit is available HERE


Easy Chocolate Strawberry Pita Dessert 

So check these healthy products out and add them to your shopping list. These really are amazing and useful healthy products that you need. How do you like my pink hair? Head on over HERE to check out my Valentine's Day Gift Guide to see my favorite gifts for the whole family ~ from the parents all the way to kids.


Rena said...

Wow! That's a lot of products. I'm always on the lookout for great "Earth-friendly, healthier" products to try. Pinning this to come back to.

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These are some great choices. Vegan desserts is my all time favorite.

Ben said...

There are some great picks here. I'm especially interested in frozen dessert for breakfast! Om nom nom.

Brianne said...

I think these are all really nice, but I'm most interested in those tiger nuts. They sound tasty!

Mama to 5 said...

Looks like you can up with a great selection. The tiger nuts sound like something I would try!

Candace Hampton said...

This is a great and detailed selection. I am definitely going to have to add some of these, if not all, to try out. You can never have too many products to help in your self-care regiment, that’s for sure. I am most excited about the socks. It’s just something about a new pair of socks that just hits the good spot.

Ryan Escat said...

I love coffee but like you,I want to avoid it sometimes,so thanks for sharing Energy IQ,I will definitely try it.

CA said...

I think that I already need the natural sleep supplements and the healthy fiber products as well. Glad that I came across your article today.

Celebrate Woman said...

I think all featured products are really of good quality from the companies that care. I adore the MASAMI hair care, as it has make a huge difference in my hair.

Wren LaPorte said...

So many amazing products you have featured here. I for one could totally use the sleep supplements, I have tried so many things to sleep. Nothing seems to work all that well.

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The products are awesome, thanks a lot! I would love to check out the sleep supplement especially that they're natural.

melissa cushing said...

Love this post and love all of these healthy products! I especially have been looking to healthier products and I too have tried tand love the AUVON 4 Outputs TENS Unit EMS Muscle Stimulator Machine for Pain Relief Therapy! Very cool and will be back to check out more on your list and love your hair! Super fun :)

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