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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

CanvasDiscount Helps Me Preserve Memories

 Behind every memory are stories and photos are one of the best ways to preserve memories

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 Many years ago I had the privilege to stay at a fancy beach resort in Florida. In 2016, I won an all-expense trip to West Palm Beach. I won this awesome beach vacation from a company that I did freelance work for and it was a trip that I will never forget. I was able to stay at a hotel that was right on the beach and just relax for 5 days. I have such fond memories of this beach experience and I have been planning my next beach vacation ever since this awesome trip that I took to the beach in 2016.

Memories from my beach vacation

 I fondly remember this beach vacation as the hotel that I stayed at was a fancy resort hotel. This beach hotel had 5 swimming pools and 5 hot tubs. My days were filled with waking up to a fancy breakfast buffet, then walking down to the beach. In the afternoon, I relaxed by the pool and could hear the sound of the ocean. I think the best memory of my trip was falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves. My hotel room faced the beach and I would open my window up before I went to sleep.

 Since my beach trip five years ago, I have been saving money, so my husband and I could take a beach vacation. The year 2020 was going to be the year that we were going to take a trip to a beach. In March, I was looking at airfares and hotels. Then the dumb Covid-19 pandemic took away my dreams of making a beach vacation a reality. I am waiting for the day that I can travel to Florida to relax on the beach.

Dreaming of the beach with an Acrylic Print

 While I wait for the day for it to be safe to travel to the beach, I am gazing at an Acrylic Photo Print from CanvasDiscount. This Acrylic Print is so much more than just a photo of a beach. The photo of the beach that I used to create my work of art is one that my middle son took while he was stationed on a ship near the island of Diego Garcia.

  My son is currently living on a cargo ship that is docked near Diego Garcia. Diego Garcia is an island of the British Indian Ocean Territory, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. My son attends the Merchant Marine Academy and a part of his education is to spend time on a cargo ship to learn the trade. Last year for four months, my son experienced the ocean on a cargo ship that went from Los Angeles to Hawaii. This year his school experience is 4 months on a ship that serves the Island of Diego Garcia. 

 For the most part, the cargo ship, that my son is on, stays docked and only travels a couple times a month to take away trash from the island and bring back supplies. So when my son has time off from his ship duties, he is able to take a boat from the cargo ship to explore the island. So my son has been sharing with me some incredible photos of this beautiful island. The beach photos have been making me long even more for my future beach vacation.

From memories to a wall hanging

 So I decided to take one of the many beach photos that my son photographed and transform it into a work of art. CanvasDiscount made it easy and affordable to make a reproduction of my son's photo into an acrylic photo prints. So my son could have an awesome memory of his time he spent on the island of Diego Garcia and I could gaze at the print until I am able to make my own memories.

 It was super easy to download one of my son's images on the CanvaDiscount website. Once I download the image to the website, I was able to select the size of the print that I wanted. I was able to see the different prices and formats for the prints. CanvasDiscount has many options for the size of your photo project, from 8"x 12" to 30"x 40". The size that I selected was 20"x 24" as that size best represented my image.

Use code MOMKNOWSBEST90 and get a further discount of up to 90% off the already discounted product!

Fast delivery

 I ordered my acrylic print on a Monday and it arrived at my house the following Thursday. I was amazed that it only took 3 days to get my wall hanging from CanvasDiscount. The wall print arrived in a big sturdy box. The acrylic print for my wall was packaged in an excellent manner and it was simply gorgeous!

 Our Acrylic Prints are exceptionally fine print reproductions of your photos, enhanced and protected by flawless acrylic glass. The hand-polished acrylic glass pane produces a mesmeric depth effect – the shimmering reflections will make your acrylic photo print seem to come alive.

Premium Acrylic Photo Prints for a Deluxe Finish

+ Sleek and glossy acrylic photos

+ True-to-life photo reproduction

+ Beautiful shimmering depth effect

+ Resistant to UV and moisture damage

+ Meticulously cut with polished edges

So easy to hang

 Once I unpacked the beach print, I took it upstairs to my son's bedroom. Since my son supplied the beautiful beach photo, it only seemed right that it should hang on his bedroom wall. For now, while my son is at sea, I am using his bedroom for my office. So I will be able to gaze at a beach while I work and dream about the day that I can visit a beach.

 I highly recommend that you select a hanger set with your acrylic print as it makes it so easy to hang the print on the wall. These hanger sets are included for free with the largest prints but for a small fee, you can add them on to your print purchase. With the aluminum back frame hanger, I was able to hang my print in any direction.

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When my son comes home, in a couple of months, he will be excited to see his photo that he took while stationed on a cargo ship at the island of Diego Garcia. This acrylic photo print will bring back good memories of the time he spent exploring a beautiful tropical island. So if you want to preserve memories from a special trip or any other special occasion, you need to check out CanvasDiscount.com. They have so many ways to preserve memories from canvas prints to photos on a pillow. Their prices are affordable and the quality is awesome. Make sure to use my special code to save even more money off your photo print order.


AiringMyLaundry said...

What a pretty print. I'll check them out--I just love canvas prints and have several around the house.

S. Graham said...

My canvas print pictures are my favorite! I loooove getting photos printed this way!

Heather @ US Japan Fam said...

How special that your son took that! Stunning photo too, love it! I have several canvas prints around our house, most of our kids as newborns, one from our wedding. Need more travel shots!

Jaredamy said...

That is such a beautiful capture! We could all use some reminders that better times are ahead!!

Kathy said...

I love getting canvases. This one is really beautiful too. It turned out great!

Celebrate Woman said...

Beautiful print, Tara. You can sit down and look at it and remember the times when you were experiencing the scene. Ahh, so good.

Mom Knows Best said...

I just can't wait until I can visit a beach once again

Ryan Escat said...

Such a great way to preserve memories. I love sitting at my sofa and staring at an artwork like this

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

lovely idea! and thank you for discount code. it looks perfect to me

Gervin Khan said...

Wow, this is so beautiful and such a beautiful gift to give to my mom's birthday. I love it!

Chad said...

I love to hang prints on the wall, i feel it is so personalized...So cool.

how to be a positive parent said...

Canvas Discount sounds fantastic. I would love to get some photos printed. I will be using the discount code.

Lavanda Michelle said...

That's seems like a fantastic site. I actually need a few photos printed. I'll be coming back to this post!

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