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Thursday, February 11, 2021

9 Healthy Allergy Friendly Treats For Valentines Day

  Looking for some delicious treats for Valentine's Day that are allergy-friendly? Check out these healthy recipes.

 Show the ones you love this Valentine's Day with some delicious treats. I have made a list of my favorite dairy-free recipes so those with food allergies can indulge in some yummy treats. These recipes are loaded with flavor. Some of the recipes are made with vegan chocolate as chocolate is a must for this holiday. So say I love you with these delicious recipes.

Easy Chocolate Strawberry Pita Dessert

 Nothing says 'I love you' like chocolate and strawberries! For Valentine's Day, make this adorable dessert in minutes using pita bread.


Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Delicious chocolate pancakes for breakfast that are loaded with protein and fiber. Healthy and so yummy!


The Best No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bars

These tasty granola bars are a perfect way to sneak fiber into your diet.  These delicious No-Bake High Fiber Breakfast Granola Bars taste better than the store-bought fiber bars.


Dairy-Free Homemade Doughnuts Made In The Air Fryer

Air Fryer Doughnuts are way healthier and these are made without any dairy products. So now those with a dairy allergy can enjoy doughnuts.


Gluten-Free Chocolate Mocha Protein Brownies

Brownies that are delicious and good for you. Unbelievable!



Sugar-Free Vegan Cinnamon Rolls With a Pretzel Topping

A sweet cinnamon roll recipe with a crunchy pretzel topping. Sugar-free and delicious.



Vegan Sugar-Free Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

The perfect holiday treat for someone who has dietary restrictions. Loaded with creamy peanut butter and chocolate.


No Peel Summer Apple Crisp Recipe

An easy healthy way to enjoy the taste of apple pie without all the work. Full of flavor and healthy ingredients.


Whipped Dalgona Coffee Made With Instant Coffee

 Dalgona coffee is a whipped, frothy iced coffee drink made with instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk. This recipe is made with dairy-free ingredients.


So go ahead and indulge in a yummy treat for Valentine's Day! 


Brianne said...

These all look so good, and I love that they're safe for anyone to eat. That's important, especially if you're hosting something with kids.

Kathy said...

I love that you made a list of allergy friendly recipes. I'm going to have to give some of them a try. They all look amazing.

Heather @ US Japan Fam said...

Oooooh now how can I cram every single one of these into the next 3 days?? HA! Seriously though, definitely making the Chocolate Protein Pancakes tomorrow AM!! Kids are gonna FLIP!!!

Ryan Escat said...

What I love about all these is that they don't just look good, they're also keto or dairy free. Yummy. I'm craving.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Nice options and so many! it's great that you took common allergies into consideration and made list long enough so people can find something suitable

Gervin Khan said...

Everything looks really good and tasty. A perfect treats for a family with allergies like mine.

melissa cushing said...

Love all of these yummy Day treat ideas and I especially love the donuts! I am checking that one out for sure as I love love love good donuts :) and homemade is always best!

Monidipa said...

I have classes tomorrow, but these treats look so yummy and great. It will be perfect for me!

Wanda Lopez said...

They all look amazing. I love healthier meal options. One of the things have been loving lately are gluten free pancakes. So good!

Wren LaPorte said...

Sometimes it is so hard to find things gluten free that taste amazing. My daughter and I have celiac and it makes delicious treats sometimes difficult to find or make! This is a fantastic list great for those with dietary needs.

Blair Villanueva said...

Wow these treats looks so delicious! I'm pure Asian and allergies food allergies never exists, lol. It is a joke that we say coz many Asians loves to eat :)

Chad said...

I am literally drooling!!! I want everything...Everything looks so good, so so good!

Candace Hampton said...

I want all of these treats right now! All of these treats sound absolutely delectable. I like that they are safe and friendly for absolutely anyone to indulge in. thank you for sharing these great ideas with us.

Jocelyn said...

These all look so great! One of my goals for the year is to eat healthier and I love that these can be eaten by anyone. Thanks for sharing!

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