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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Rigoglioso HEPA Carbon Filter Air Purifier Helps My Asthma

 Using a portable air purifier helps me manage my asthma 

 The past three years have been a learning experience for me after I was diagnosed with asthma. I have been for a long time wondering if my dry uncontrollable cough was asthma. Since I never had any wheezing symptoms I just told myself that it was just seasonal allergies. I remember many years ago on the fourth of July when my daughter was rushed to the emergency room because she was having trouble breathing and being diagnosed with asthma. Months before, the pediatrician said she did not have asthma when I told the doctor about her having trouble breathing while exercising as again she did not have the symptom of wheezing. So when I too started experiencing shortness of breath when exercising three years ago, I started to wonder, could it be asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease that causes the airways leading to the lungs to become inflamed.

 That was just the beginning of learning about asthma and the things that were triggering my asthma attacks. I learned that my many asthma triggers were smoke, fragrances, cleaning chemicals, dust, cold air, humidity, exercise, and food allergies. For the most part, allergy medicines were helping me control my asthmatic cough so it was only happening a couple times a week. Then three years ago, I became very sick with an uncontrollable cough that left me gasping for air. This cough was also affecting my sleep so I had to sleep sitting up. I knew that I had to see a doctor about getting an asthma diagnosis but I put it off as I did not want to take prescription asthma medications. I wanted to manage asthma naturally. So I did some research on asthma and discovered that a milk allergy could be the cause of my severe asthma symptoms. I eliminated dairy from my diet and the asthmatic cough started to improve. Through a food allergy blood test, I got my confirmation that my dairy lactose issue was instead a dairy allergy. One of the main symptoms of my dairy allergy is asthma flare-ups.

 As with other chronic conditions, a person’s asthma will flare from time to time, usually as a result of exposure to a trigger. Triggers can vary between people but could include exercise, smoke, or particular allergens

A HEPA Carbon Filter Air Purifier helps me manage my asthma naturally

 Since so many of my asthma triggers are airborne, I knew that using an Air Purifier could help with my breathing issues. Using a high-quality air purifier in the home would clean the air of the allergens that were causing my asthma attacks. So a couple of years ago, I purchased a device to clean the air and placed it in my bedroom. Once I regularly started using the air purifier, I noticed that I slept better especially since I was not waking up several times a night coughing. This air purifier was awesome to have in my bedroom last summer when the smoke from the wildfires was making the air quality bad. The only complaint that I had about my air purification system was it was big and bulky. So it was a pain to move around the house. I wanted to clean the air in the room that I was in and this air purificator was heavy to lug up and down the stairs.

 So I needed a portable air purifier system to clean the air throughout the house. Sure I would love a whole-house air purifier or an air cleaning system in each room of the house but that could get quite expensive. So I decided instead to purchase an air purifier machine that was lightweight so I could easily move it around the house. The Rigoglioso SY908 Ture HEPA Carbon Filter Air Purifier is a lightweight but powerful air purifying device that I can move around the house. That way I can keep the air clean of my asthma triggers in whatever room I was in.

 When my Rigoglioso arrived, I was skeptical that such a small air device could be effective in cleaning the air. I was excited to try the Rigoglioso SY908 Ture HEPA Carbon Filter Air Purifier in my new home office. My day workspace was not a big space so a compact air purifier was perfect for keeping the air clean. 

  I selected the Rigoglioso as it had some awesome features like a touch screen and three speeds. It was the three different timers that I was really excited about. That meant that I could save money on energy costs since the air purifier could have the capability to shut off after 2,4, or 8 hours of use. Just look at the other amazing features of this small air purification device.

Rigoglioso SY908 Ture HEPA Carbon Filter Air Purifier 

+ Touch screen, 100% Ozone Free, 360°Purification Performance

+ 3 Fan speeds, Nightlight, Timer 2H 4H 8H

+ H13 TRUE HEPA Filter, Captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air

+ Save Energy Costs, Clean air up to 167 ft², consumes as little as 7W

+ Buy it HERE

Does it clean the air?

 There are many ways to tell if your air is getting cleaned from an air purifier system. From noticing that your allergy symptoms are improving to not coughing. Maybe your headaches are decreasing or you are sleeping better or having fewer asthma flare-ups. The question is how could I test this air cleaner device when I was not having any asthma problems or the air quality was not bad outside? 

 My husband helped me solve that question the first day that I used the Rigoglioso Carbon Filter Air Purifier. I was in the living room and my husband decided to use this stinky lotion that makes me cough. One smell of this lotion makes me gagged and cough. So I placed the Rigoglioso Air Purifier next to me and turned it on high. Within minutes the lotion smell was gone and I did not experience that annoying asthmatic cough. I was amazed that this small air purifier could clean the air quickly.

Chemical fragrances are an asthma trigger

  For as long as I can remember, fragrances and perfumes have bothered me. When I was younger certain fragrances like my husband's after-shave would make me sick to my stomach, so he had to switch to fragrance-free personal care products. Then as I got older chemical fragrances would make me cough, which I later learned was an asthma symptom so I tried to eliminate all chemical fragrances from my home. Eliminating asthma triggers is not easy when there is a virus pandemic as one needs to use hand sanitizer. The alcohol in hand sanitizer is a trigger for my asthma. So my family uses it only when they can't wash their hands. 

 Why I Choose To Ban Toxic Chemicals In My Life

 We had a plumbing issue in our house and had to shut off the water for two days since we could not get a plumber in right away. Thankfully we had big camping water containers for our water needs but since the water was not warm, we had to use hand sanitizer if we left the house. Having the Rigoglioso near me eliminated the chemical smell quickly when my boys used the hand sanitizer. This amazing purifier device also kept the air clean while the plumbers did the welding work on the pipes. That way the chemicals that the plumbers were using did not trigger an asthma attack.

Other features that made the Rigoglioso HEPA Air Purifier a joy to use 

 Having asthma means I have to be proactive in my daily health care. Since so many of my asthma triggers are airborne, I am not always able to avoid them. So I have to check the air quality outside before I go running, especially in the summer when forest fires are common. While exercise is beneficial to managing my asthma, poor air quality can make it hard for me to breathe. So I like using air purifiers to clean the air inside the home. An air purifier that is easy to use is always a good choice.

Ten Tips For Exercising With Asthma


 The Rigoglioso HEPA Carbon Filter Air Purifier is simple to use and I love that it has a touch-screen display. This air purifier is also quiet so running it does not bother my sleep. It also has a timer option that I can choose to let it run from 2 - 8 hours. With a touch of a button, I can turn the soft blue LED light into a dim sleep mode light. The filters are also super easy to replace and last for 6 months. The air filters are high-efficiency carbon filters. 

 For now, I am using this compact air purifier in my office but when the weather gets warmer, I will use it throughout the house. That way I can open up windows and not have to worry about spring allergies. I love my fresh air! I am a person who prefers to sleep with the window open even in the winter. So if you are looking for a compact yet powerful air purifier, you need to take a look at the Rigoglioso HEPA Carbon Filter Air Purifier system. Clean air is a beautiful thing.


The Super Mom Life said...

The air quality in our house is horrible. I definitely need to look into getting something like this for our home.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I need one of these. My husband is obsessed with air quality, so he'd love this.

Lavanda Michelle said...

I must definitely am going to get one of these. My asthma has been acting up since its been getting colder and this could help. Thanks for posting!

Kathy said...

I may need to look at getting one of these. My youngest may have asthma, so I'm sure this could help her. The doctor said she's getting signs of asthma, so she has an inhaler now. I'll definitely look in to getting one of these, especially for her.

Ryan Escat said...

I had mine long time ago. Till now we're using it.. It's really great to use it everyday.

Monica Simpson said...

I have been curious about air purifiers. The thought of something cleansing the air in our home sounds very appealing lately. Anything to keep germs away.

Monidipa said...

I have an air purifier but not portable. This really looks good. I can use a portable one!

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