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Monday, February 15, 2021

STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now ~ Book Review

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 Could the way you are exercising be the cause of why you are not losing weight? 

 If you have been following me for some time, then you know that I am passionate about exercise. Some people, like my husband, may call me crazy when it comes to my love of fitness. I simply love working out as it makes me feel so good. Sure, there are many times that I don't want to get on my NordicTrack elliptical or head outside to run, but once I get my body in motion I have fun. I know that the music that I listen to has a big part in why I find exercise fun. 

 So when I saw the title of this book ~ STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now, I just had to read it. Since I am a fitness influencer, I want to give you the best fitness advice and I just had to discover if maybe I was approaching this exercise thing the wrong way. There is so much fitness advice out there and I knew that I could always learn from another person's view on fitness. Especially when a fitness book is published by one of the top 5 personal trainers in Toronto. 

 Before I dive into my review of this book about exercise, I want to introduce you to the author of the book. So below I include some information about the author of STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now.

 Igor Klibanov is a fitness professional, author of numerous books, and speaker with extensive experience helping busy professionals lose weight, improve their energy, and stay injury-free. His main focus is on promoting exercise, targeted nutrition, and therapeutic supplementation.

A fitness book that is worth reading!

 You may have noticed that I don't do many book reviews on Mom Knows Best. I am not a book reader and prefer to spend my time doing anything else but not reading a book. The only books that I tend to read are kids' books to my granddaughter. So when I started reading this book about exercise I thought I would just read a little bit a night. 

 Once I started reading STOP EXERCISING, I just could not put the book down as it was filled with plenty of useful information about health and fitness. The first part of the book had a question that I just had to know the answer to.

How is it possible to gain fat when you are exercising & eating right?

 Igor gave me part of the answer ~ Fat loss is not just about exercise and nutrition I had to continue to read the book to find out more as I promote that exercise and eating healthy food will help you lose weight. So I just need to know more so I could share this information with the people that I am encouraging to get healthy. I too wanted to discover more as I struggle with excess fat in my middle section.

"You don’t just need to lose weight to be healthy. You need to first be healthy to lose weight.”

Diana Schwarzbein, M.D., from Santa Barbara, California

Eight Chapters of Fitness and Health Advice

The STOP EXERCISING book had eight chapters and each chapter was filled with information that made perfect sense to the why so many people struggle with losing weight and gaining fat loss. All chapters of this book had information that I myself needed to put into practice. Some chapters like chapter 4, were ones that I really needed to work on. Since I want you to read this book, I will only discuss the information that I learned from chapter 4. Later on in this article, I will share with you how you can get a free copy of this book.

STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now

CHAPTER 1 ~ Is Stress Making Your Pants Tight?

CHAPTER 2 ~ Is Weight Gain Giving You a Belly Ache?

CHAPTER 3 ~ Hormones More Important than Calories

CHAPTER 4 ~ Sleep-Eat-Supplement

CHAPTER 5 ~ Plan to Progress

CHAPTER 6 ~ Stand up Straight!


CHAPTER 8 ~ Motivation: Basically, Shut Up and Get it Done!

 My worse unhealthy habit is sleep. I am not a fan of sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep most nights despite following these 12 Tips To Get A Better Night Of Sleep. So I have to force myself to go to bed every night. I am a night owl and tend to stay up past midnight which according to Igor could be the very thing that is to blame for the excess fat in my stomach. I already knew that I needed to get better at sleep but I learned from this book that I should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

 So my restless 6 hours or less of sleep were only part of the picture when it came to improving my sleep habits to improve my health. I learned that other things that I did in my bedroom were affecting my production of melatonin. My lack of melatonin affects my hormones in my body that in return affects my health.

A dark room is best for sleep

Chapter four informed me that if I wanted to increase my melatonin production it meant that I needed to sleep in a dark room. That meant turning off that alarm clock with the bright red light and closing the curtains. I already leave my cellphone and other devices downstairs so I was doing something right. I could also increase my melatonin production with a snack of turkey and tomatoes!

  A high melatonin level would help my cortisol level be lower. Which helps with losing that fat. Cortisol is a hormone that is discussed in chapter one and it has to do with stress. Chapter one Is Stress Making Your Pants Tight? really opened my eyes to how stress can really mess with your plan to lose weight. 

 I really enjoyed reading this book and I will be implementing much of it into my life and sharing the info in my fitness articles. This book gives you practical advice and the motivation to succeed in the war of the battle of the bulge.

  Click HERE for a FREE digital copy of the book STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now


The Super Mom Life said...

I definitely need to read this one. I'm sure that when I do exercise, I'm doing it wrong.

Kathy said...

This book sounds like a good one. I may need to look in to it. I think exercising is so important.

Monica Simpson said...

I'm such a night owl too! Some days I'm up till 2am just wiiiiide awake. I hate it.

Kita Bryant said...

There are a lot of great ways to exercise. It is important to find out what works for you.

Ryan Escat said...

Knowing that you loved this book makes it so interesting. I'm not so fond of exercise but I would love to know what's right and wrong when it comes to it.

Gust si Aroma said...

wow! I am so curious to know more about this argument. I think it's important to do it right. I need to check it out!

Lyanna Soria said...

Sounds like a wonderful book to check out sometime. Thanks for the honest and informative review!

Wren LaPorte said...

This sounds like a very informational book. I had to change a lot, because working out did nothing. Wasn't until I reduced stress and started sleeping better, that I started to lose.

Wanda Lopez said...

Sounds like a great book. Sometimes I feel like I exercise and don't progress. Thanks for the recommendation.

Janeane M Davis said...

This book seems like a great idea. We all need to exercise, but we need to exercise smarter, not simply harder.

Wiki smith said...

Great work .. I appreciated your article .

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