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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Healthy Drinks That You Need To Try

 While your main choice of daily liquid intake should be water, including these healthy liquids can have some awesome benefits to your body.

 When it comes to getting your daily liquids, one should focus on drinking plenty of water. Our body, on average, is 60% water. Through things like sweating, breathing, and excretion, we need to make sure to replenish the water in our bodies. So drinking plenty of water throughout the day is always a good thing.

 While water is an amazing liquid, there are plenty of other liquid choices that can be also good for your body. I have a couple of different liquids that are always in my daily liquid intake routine. Of course, my main liquid consumption comes from water but I drink other liquids for things like nutrition benefits and because water can get boring. So check out my favorite liquid choices that I enjoy for a healthy body. Some of the drinks are ones that I have been drinking for a while and others are new to me liquids.

Excuse me while I go get a glass of water 

 All this thinking about liquids and drinks made me thirsty. I usually am a good water drinker and I try to drink water throughout the day. I usually drink about 12-15 glasses of water a day as I am active. My day starts out with a big glass of water. To encourage myself to drink water, I try to keep a large bottle of water in my office space. Just seeing the bottle of water reminds me to drink water while I work.

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Here is a rough draft of my liquid intake for the day.

+ Wake up and drink a big glass of water ~ I add a hydration tablet with caffeine to my water if I am going to exercise in the morning

+ Drink another glass of water with my vitamins

+ Breakfast is a protein smoothie ~ made with water, Nuzest plant-based protein powder, Regular Girl, and frozen fruit

+ 2 cups of coffee ~ my favorite way to drink water

+ Several more glasses of water throughout the day

+ A hot cup of herbal tea before bed

+ A hydration drink if I sweated a lot

+ A ready-made vegan smoothie when I am too busy to stop for lunch ~ or need something to eat on the go.

Liquid Einstein Health Focus Blend

 I always start my day with a glass of water as soon as I get out of bed. Your body has gone at least 8 hours without water so it needs to be rehydrated. For me, that glass of water also helps me wake up and gives me more energy than a cup of coffee. I usually add some type of energy to my glass of water since I exercise in the morning. My favorite energy supplement is Liquid Einstein. This orange-flavored powder mixes well in a glass of water and tastes like orange juice. Liquid Einstein has plenty of caffeine to help power me through my workout and it also has natural brain fuel supplements in the energy stick package. So the caffeine gives me the energy to exercise in the morning and the brain fuel supplement helps my brain wake up. This brain energy lasts long after my workout and helps me be productive with my work.

Water with my supplements

 After I finish my exercise routine on my elliptical machine with ifit, I drink another glass of water. This glass of water helps me to take all my daily supplements. My supplement stash usually includes a multivitamin, turmeric, Resveratrol, Astaxanthin, and zinc. I just started taking the Resveratrol as I love the benefits of healthy aging, balanced metabolism & blood sugar, heart health, radiant skin, and more. It’s like red wine for your skin. Astaxanthin is full of natural antioxidants while zinc is great for my skin.

Nuzest Plant-Based Protein

My daily breakfast is always a plant-based smoothie that contains frozen fruit, a fiber supplement, and 20 grams of protein from my favorite allergy-friendly protein powder.  Nuzest protein is dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb, and mixes up the best in water. Since Nuzest comes in so many flavors I can make a different flavored smoothie every day. My favorite smoothie combination is blueberries and Rich Chocolate Nuzest.

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Regular Girl Fiber Supplement

I also add a fiber supplement to my daily smoothie to help my body stay regular in the bathroom department. My favorite fiber supplement is Regular Girl. I know that Regular Girl fiber is not a liquid but it mixes so well into any liquid. Regular Girl prebiotic fiber is also tasteless so you can even add it to your coffee. This unique fiber supplement is designed for women and is what keeps me regular. So I don't have to experience digestive problems or constipation. Regular Girl fiber also has no nasty side effects like gas or bloating.

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Coffee ~ the best brown liquid

 A couple hours after I have breakfast, I reach for my favorite liquid of the day ~ coffee! Coffee is a healthy drink and can be used towards your daily liquid intake as it is mostly water. To my cup of coffee, I add plant-based milk and some time of sweetener like monk fruit. For me, coffee is a way to get healthy antioxidants into my body and coffee also has other benefits like brain health. My daily coffee helps my brain think better.

¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water

On days that I work up a sweat from exercising or from being outside in the heat, I always drink an electrolyte hydration drink. I just discover a drink made from organic nopal cactus leaves. Since I love harvesting and eating prickly pears, I just had to try this drink. I just love the colorful ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water, cans! This delicious drink contains antioxidants, electrolytes, and amino acids. ¡CACTUS!, known as the Desert Hydrator, is available in lime, papaya, and watermelon flavors and is low in sugar and calories.

Whole Plant Fruit Juice Wellness Drinks

 I love sipping on drinks that have wellness benefits and you need to check out Karuna Whole Plant Drinks. These gluten-free immunity booster drinks are specially blended with naturally sourced ingredients. The drinks each have different health benefits and are loaded with fiber and antioxidants. They are made with fruits and veggies for awesome nutrition. There is also a drink that has the benefits of wine without the alcohol. So you can enjoy the taste of wine without the hangover.

Ready-Made Plant-Based Smoothies

 If you are looking for delicious ready-made plant-based smoothies, you need to check out Splendid Spoon. I always keep a stash of these vegan smoothies in my freezer, so I can grab one when I am busy or on the go. These are my go-to allergy-friendly meals that I grab when I am traveling or heading to a church potluck. Having multiple food allergies makes it tough to grab food from restaurants so having a delicious Smoothie from Splendid Spoon makes it easier to eat on the go. 

These smoothies and their meal bowls make meal planning so easy for anyone who is trying to eat healthier meals. I love that they list the ingredients in large print on their containers, so I don't have to worry about eating something that I am allergic to. When you have a severe food allergy, you have to make sure that your food is safe to eat. Splendid Spoon has a wide variety of yummy smoothies to select from. My favorite is the Mint Chip smoothie. This minty chocolate smoothie has the power of kale but you can't taste the kale.

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Tammy said...

My fav drink is water. And you are so correct that you should drink water when you wake up in the morning. And then my second fav is a protein drink.

Forever My Little Moon said...

I tried the Splendid Spoon brand and really wanted to liked it, but was not impressed. Out of everything we got, I only liked one of the smoothies.

Beth said...

Thanks so much for sharing these. I'm always looking to improve my health, and I love trying new things.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I would give these drinks a try. They sound like they'd be delicious. I'd be excited about those ready made smoothies.

Celebrate Woman said...

I really enjoy reading your posts on your lifestyle hacks, tips and quality products. Amazing, Tara!

Anne Marie said...

Herbal tea and decaf coffee are two of the ways I up my water intake. Enjoy things you love!

Kathy said...

These all sound great. Normally I just drink water, but once in awhile I like to try something new.

Gervin Khan said...

One of my fave drinks is water and sometimes I drink herbal juices and tea to up my water intake.

alita said...

I need to try these healthy drinks. I always put drinking healthy in my goal's list but I lack motivation to do so

Claudia said...

I definitely need these healthy drinks, for a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for sharing

Elizabeth Neas said...

I enjoy your posts on anything having to do with health. If they have them in our local store I will definitely try them. I try to do what I can to help my health. Thank you!

Beth said...

I need to drink more water. I will have to try some of these suggestions, I love herbal tea in the evenings.

Marysa said...

I have tried Nuzest before, but not the other products. I do enjoy coffee and water! I'll have to check out some of these and work them into my daily routine.

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