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Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Passion Of The Christ Movie Is About The True Meaning Of Easter ~ Giveaway

 Looking for a movie to watch before Easter? The Passion Of Christ is a movie that shows the true meaning of Easter from the perspective of Jesus - what He endured on Good Friday 

Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own. 

 Easter is a time for rejoicing that Christ paid the price for our sins. This Christian holiday is also a time for remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for all humankind. For many Christians, Easter is a sacred holiday that is just as special as Chrismas. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ dying for our sins. This is the holiday that celebrates the significance of Easter of Jesus Christ's triumph over death. His resurrection means the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him.

 As you prepare for this Easter season, I want to recommend my favorite movie that I like watching before Easter Sunday. My favorite Easter movie is The Passion Of The Christ and this awesome movie is available to watch on Pure Flix along with many other best Christian Easter Movies

Pure Flix has the best selection of Christian movies

 Pure Flix has the best selection of faith-based movies that are perfect for Easter movie night. Pure Flix has Easter movies for the whole family. From Easter movies for kids all the way to adult movies that have a realistic depiction of the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ's sacrificial crucifixion in Jerusalem. Check out the selection of movies for Easter on Pure Flix. These movies will help prepare the whole family for Easter Sunday.

Easter is a time for rejoicing and remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of humankind. This selection of Easter movies will guide you as you prepare for the Easter season. These entertainment choices are sure to leave you feeling encouraged and inspired!

The Passion Of The Christ tells Jesus Christ's sacrificial story

 I love watching faith-based movies online at Pure Flix and in movie theaters. The last faith-based movie that I enjoyed watching was Tysons Run. Now that Easter will be here soon, I am preparing my heart for Easter with The Passion of Christ movie. This is a movie that gives a realistic depiction of the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ's sacrificial crucifixion in Jerusalem. This is a movie that will move you to grow deeper in your faith.  This movie shows the viewer what Christ went through to save us from our sins. As this rated R movie shows how Christ was beaten and tortured, it is one that is made for those over the age of 17.

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The Passion of The Christ is Available only from 20 March to 19 April 2022 on Pure Flix. This Christian movie stars Jim Caviezel and is directed by Mel Gibson. The Passion Of The Christ is a story of the trial, beating, and crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. This movie is intense and eye-opening as it has helped me realize the price that Christ paid for me. 

 As a believer, I have read the Easter story many times in the bible and thought that I truly understood what Christ went through on Good Friday and the days leading up to his death. I knew that Jesus was killed on the cross and resurrected 3 days later. I knew that Jesus loved me so much that he was willing to die for my sins but The Passion of The Christ film put this bible story in a film and showed me the reality of what Jesus went through. It is a movie that you must watch before Easter.

WARNING: This is the same version that debuted in theaters and is unedited. It is a graphic depiction of the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life and is intended for mature audiences only. 

The Passion of The Christ is Easter from the perspective of Jesus. This movie makes you feel like you are there in Jerusalem, watching what Jesus endured the Friday before Easter ~ Good Friday. The intense movie shows the love that Jesus has for us and has many teaching moments beyond Jesus saving us from our sins.

Some of the teachable moments that I gained from this Easter Sunday movie were

• Easter from the perspective of Jesus - what He endured on Good Friday 

• Love others as Jesus loved us 

• Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light 

• Serve others as Jesus served us 

• The magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice for us

 I love the many bible verses that are in the Christian movie that deepen my understanding of this movie that was made for Easter. This was a bible verse that really stood out.

“Those who passed by hurled insults at him, shaking their heads and saying, “So! You who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days, come down from the cross and save yourself!” In the same way, the chief priests and the teachers of the law mocked him among themselves. “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! Let this Messiah, this king of Israel, come down now from the cross, that we may see and believe.” Those crucified with him also heaped insults on him. – Mark 15:29-32 (NIV)

 I could go on talking about The Passion Of The Christ but I don't want to spoil the movie for you. So, SIGN UP for Pure Flix now to prepare for Easter! Pure Flix so you can watch this movie and many other movies that were made for Easter. Pure Flix is the best online movie streaming website for Easter movies. 

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