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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Teach Kids Nutrition Kids With Ecologic Memory Eating In Season Game

 Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not only delicious but make a healthy diet. Check out this game that teaches kids that fresh food is good for them.

 Teaching nutrition to kids at an early age is important as it can help develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Kids are like sponges when it comes to learning at an early age. This learning that kids do at a young age can also apply to healthy eating. The best way to teach young kids about nutrition and healthy eating are through the food that they eat.

 Teaching nutrition to kids through a healthy diet can start with the first bite of food that parents serve to their babies. When you serve food to your kids, you can not only talk about what they are eating but also what nutrition is in the food. So as you give your young child a bite of carrots, tell them that carrots are loaded with vitamin A. Then talk about how vitamin A is good for the skin and eyes. When you give your child a slice of whole wheat bread, talk about how bread has whole grains. Then discuss about whole grains are a good source of fiber and vitamins. Kids need to learn nutrition at a young age to make good choices in food when they become adults.

Teach kids about fruit and veggies with a fun memory game

 Fruits and vegetables are part of a nutritious diet. Most kids don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. The reason for kids not eating plenty of fruits and veggies may simply be that they are not served with their meals. So little children can not learn how delicious fruits and veggies are if they do not eat them. The reason kids are not served fruits and vegetables may be as simple as their parents don't eat them. It may also be the fact that most adults don't have a clue about nutrition.

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 The Ecologic Memory Eating In Season Game may help teach kids about how delicious fruits and veggies are. This fun memory game can also encourage kids to eat fruits and veggies. Both kids and grownups can play this fun game about fruits and veggies to learn about their importance of them in a healthy diet. The game, Ecologic Memory Eating In Season also teaches kids about seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

 " Players try to match a pair of veggies or fruits while learning about which season is best for eating each food."

Did you know that eating fruits and veggies when they are season is good for the planet? 

 What’s a July picnic without corn on the cob or a Thanksgiving meal without pumpkin pie? Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not only delicious but make a healthy diet and, more importantly, help the environment. These big concepts are tucked into Ecologic Memory Eating In Season, an innovative ecologic memory game for preschoolers. 

 This fun memory game for preschoolers teaches kids that fresh food is good for them and for the planet. The colorful cards in the children's game show cute pictures of the fruits and vegetables. The game pieces show the fruits and veggies as characters having fun doing things like swimming or skiing. So kids can learn the season that these fruits and veggies grow in.

 So preschooler will spot a cheerful eggplant swimming in the summer and a grinning broccoli skiing in the winter. Kids as young as two years old can turn the cards over and match up the fun produce characters. The fun memory game that features fruits and veggies, will help kids make the connection between produce and the seasons.

Parents can learn from the included guide

Even parents can learn from this memory game. The enclosed guide for parents helps parents learn about the right season for thr fruits and vegetables. This information then helps parents explain to their young children that food eaten in the right season was probably grown nearby. This can open up a conversation about what sustainability is. Sustainability means that fruit and veggies did not travel far from the farm to your plate.

 This game can also encourage parents to grow a garden with their kids to further teach kids about sustainability. A backyard garden is another great way to help kids develop a love for fruits and veggies. Once kids and their parents figure out how delicious fruits and vegetables are they will be looking for recipes that use garden produce.

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The Ecologic Memory Eating in Season is available at Amazon or at the company's website, www.adventerragamesUSA.com.

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