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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Best Supplements For Women Over 50

 Age is just a number when it comes to getting older. Getting older does not have to mean being tired and having aches and pains. I am proof that you can still enjoy life and have fun after you turn 50. I am proof that you can still look and feel great after the big 50. I am 54 and I am still in great shape. Sure you might have to make some changes like a healthy diet and include exercise into your day but to me, those things are so worth it as I want to look and feel good. Over the past couple of years, I have discovered some supplements that have helped me with many things as I age. I have discovered the best supplements for pain and the best supplements for keeping the wrinkles away. I have also discovered supplements that can give me healthy energy and supplements that can help me fall asleep. So I want to share with you the supplements that I take regularly so you too can experience the benefits and not experience the bad things of getting older. Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor and I am just sharing my experience with these supplements.

 One of the first supplements that I discovered a great for us older folks over 50 was turmeric. I discovered this amazing supplement after I had a running injury. This supplement helps with pain and inflammation and is great for our joints. I had injured my ankle joint from running up hills too much and then my son accidentally crashed a shopping cart into my injured ankle. The doctor said it was not broken but my ankle was swollen and in pain. Through my research about running injuries, I discovered that turmeric could help with pain and inflammation. So, I decided to give it a try as I did not want to continue taking over-the-counter pain medicines. I was amazed that I was able to get some pain relief from the turmeric. I knew the turmeric was working as on the days I forgot to take my turmeric capsules, my ankle would hurt again. I also discovered that turmeric was a great supplement overall for health, so I continued to take this supplement even after my ankle joint healed. I take my daily turmeric in pill form and I add a couple teaspoons of turmeric powder to my daily smoothie.

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 I like taking collagen for many reasons that include my joints, skin, and hair. Collagen was another supplement that I started taking for my injured ankle. This supplement is great for older folks to keep their joints healthy. As we get older, our joints tend to wear out so collagen is a protein that helps heal them and keep them healthy. Collagen is also a great supplement for runners as running puts a lot of stress on those knee joints. Collagen is also great for the skin and the hair to keep them healthy. This protein-building supplement keeps my hair thick and healthy so it is a supplement that may prevent thinning of the hair. Collagen also helps with the skin’s elasticity so it may help with keeping the wrinkles away. I will add a powder collagen supplement to coffee daily to keep my joints healthy so I can keep running.

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 I learned about astaxanthin when I attended my favorite healthy conference in 2016. I was introduced to this heart-healthy supplement as one that could help my endurance when running. I had just started running again after my ankle injury and I was not running as fast as I wanted to. I was training for a 5K and I wanted to increase my speed so a brand at the conference informed me about astaxanthin being good for endurance. Us older folks know about the slowing down that happens when we get older so I decided to see if this red supplement could help me be able to run for longer distances and give me more speed. While I was not able to get back to the 7-minute miles of my younger days, I did notice that astaxanthin helped me to be able to push myself with running and I could run for longer times without being out of breath. I take 12 mg of astaxanthin daily.

Matcha Green Tea Powder
 A supplement that I like for energy and skin health is matcha green tea powder. This supplement is made from green tea leaves and is an ingredient in those delicious green tea lattes that the coffee places sell. I started using this supplement for some mind energy as it helps me be able to think better. This mild green tea powder is also great for the skin and may give your metabolism a boost. I add a ½ teaspoon of matcha to my daily smoothie to get all these health benefits.

Macro Greens
 Your mom always said eat your vegetables and she was right as those green veggies are great for your health. Eating those leafy green vegetables not only keeps your body healthy but they have many other benefits that can help as you age. Those green veggies are loaded with antioxidants and minerals. The problem is most people have problems eating enough green veggies to reap the benefits, so I recommend adding a green drink supplement to your day. I like that I can add a serving of a delicious green drink supplement to my daily smoothie or to a glass of juice and get 38 nutrient-rich superfoods that include green vegetables. This is like multivitamin capsules for womens bodies.

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Protein Powder
 When I turned 50, I noticed that my arms were starting to get flabby, so I added protein powder to my diet. I follow a vegetarian diet so drinking a protein smoothie every day has helped me to tone my arms and get my daily protein grams. I also love adding protein powder to many recipes like my homemade protein donuts. The average older person should consume 55 grams of protein a day and protein powder helps me reach that amount since I do not eat meat. I also get my protein from these other meatless protein options.

 Coffee may not be a supplement but it is a drink that has many health benefits. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and research has shown that it may be good for preventing diseases like Parkinsons or Alzheimers. Like most things, the key is moderation so two to three cups a day is best. I love my daily two cups of coffee for that way it stimulates my mind so I can get my writing done. I know some people enjoy coffee for energy but for me, it is a delicious drink that I enjoy relaxing within the morning and I can drink it guilt-free knowing that it has benefits for my mind. I may also consume on occasion a natural energy drink that has caffeine in it when I go running first thing in the morning for some energy. If you are like me and coffee keeps you awake at night, try to drink that last cup of coffee eight hours before bed.


 The supplement that I am still discovering is CBD oil and I am loving what this supplement has to offer. I mainly use CBD oil for topical pain relief and helping me to relax but CBD oil has so many more benefits beyond that for older people. Research has shown that CBD oil is great for arthritis and people are still discovering how this safe supplement works. CBD oil is made from the hemp plant and it still new to most. No, you will not get high from CBD, I use CBD ointments on my boys when they have muscle pains from sports and growing pains. I have also used the CBD oil drops with my boys after they have a visit to the orthodontist. CBD oil is legal to use and if want more information on this supplement, be sure to click HERE to read this article that has lots of great information about CBD oil.

Prebiotic Fiber
   Most people have heard about probiotics and how they can help with gut health but most people may not know that good bacteria(probiotics) need food to help them work better. Prebiotics are a special dietary fiber that functions as the food for probiotics. This fiber can prevent an unhealthy buildup of bad gut bacteria and lessen the chances of developing gut health-related issues, like weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, and irregularity. I like to include prebiotics into my day as it keeps my gut healthy and happy. I simply add a scoop of a prebiotic supplement to my morning smoothie or coffee and it feeds the probiotic supplement that I take daily. The prebiotic that I use contains Oligofructose-Enriched-Inulin, or OEI, which is proven to stimulate good bacteria growth throughout the entire colon, thus optimizing the prebiotic benefits. The benefit that I like best from my prebiotic supplement is how it keeps me regular with healthy fiber. Unlike other fiber supplements, Prebiotin  Prebiotic has a mild taste and dissolves into almost any liquid. I love mixing Prebiotin into my coffee as it is not thick and gritty. When I travel, I always bring with several travel packs of Prebiotin so I stay regular in the potty department. You can also learn more about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics in VitaLiving health blog

 Hair, Skin and Nails supplement
  As we age, our hair may start to thin and our skin may start to get saggy. You may even notice that your nails are breaking more easily. So now is a good time to take a supplement that can help strengthen your hair, skin, and nails. My favorite way to get this supplement is in a great-tasting gummy multivitamin that contains 12 key nutrients, including Biotin and Vitamins C and E to help nourish beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the inside out. This delicious hair, skin, and nail supplement keeps my hair healthy and I have noticed that less is falling out. The supplement has nutrients in it to help with the body’s production of collagen so that helps my skin look nice. The key ingredient Biotin is an essential B vitamin that supports healthy metabolism and gorgeous hair, skin, and nails.

 This is a list of the supplements that I have added to my daily routine in the past 4 years since I became 50 years old. I do believe that these supplements have helped me to continue to do things that I love like running. I do also contribute my young-looking skin and awesome energy to some of these supplements. I don’t have any of those old people's aches and pains yet, even after I work out. So, try some of these supplements to see if they help you. I am not a doctor, this is just my experience with these supplements so do some research if you have questions beyond the information that I supplied.

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Sarah Bailey said...

It is wonderful that there are supplements which are made to support different parts of peoples lives. These sound like some great ones for people who are over 50 to help support those changes.

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Yay! I am so bookmarking this. I'm getting close to my 50's, and I'm starting to feel it more and more.

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A blog post that I have to pass to my mom because it's informative and interesting!

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what a great blog about staying healthy over the age of 50. so much great advice and will be passing it along to those i know who can get help from.it.

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Some of these, like turmeric, are new to make. Thanks for this informative post, and all the detailed information!

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Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I take a lot of supplements--some for over 50 and some for RA. Turmeric, Vitamin D, Omega 3, Rhodiola, Calcium, Collagen, probiotics...I'm like one of those old ladies who needs a pill sorter...

Kathy said...

Always great to know more about supplements. I think taking them is very important too. Definitely something we should all be taking.

Mom Knows Best said...

My kids make fun of the amount of my pills. I also take the omega, vitamin d and probiotics

Mom Knows Best said...

These supplements help me to be able to run. I used to never stretch before running and now I have to or I get sore muscles.

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I found out a lot of interesting things from this post. I've never new this about turmeric. Thanks!

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I recently purchased Matcha to start adding to my morning shakes. I'm excited to see the benefits from it. I keep hearing such great things.

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These are all incredible tips to try and practice. Health is wealth in the end of the day I suppose. This is really helpful.

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I have recently picked up drinking coffee. I know, I know, I am late to the game! I am glad to hear that there are some health benefits to drinking it!

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Love, love your post! Yes to every single one of these power houses of daily supplementation.

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Yes turmeric and cinnamon has great health benefits I like to add it every thing matcha powder is also my favorite. great post.

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