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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What Is CBD And Why I Use It For Pain Relief

Medical Disclaimer
Before I begin, The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require that I inform you that the efficacy of CBD oil products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research as a treatment for any medical condition. The information in this document is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  CBD oil(Cannabidiol oil) is still so new that I lot of people do not know what it is or they form assumptions about it that are untrue. I have been using CBD Oil for about a year and my own family still does not fully understand what it is or they just want to give me a hard time. Every time that I talk about CBD products, I have to re-explain to my family what it is and what it is not. The main thing that people get confused about when it comes to CBD is thinking that it can cause you to get high. So when my family thinks that I am getting stoned from CBD, I will start explaining to them again that is no true. CBD comes from the hemp plant and it has negligible amounts of THC, unlike marijuana which has THC. It is the psychoactive compound THC that makes one high. So before I tell you about my experience with CBD, I want to share this information that I found HERE so you can be informed of what CBD oil is.

Joy Organics - Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil


What is CBD Oil? +

CBD oil is a natural essential oil that is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant.
It is used by people all over the world as a dietary supplement and for a variety of therapeutic purposes.
CBD oil contains a variety of active compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes, which we will discuss in greater detail in Chapter 2. It has been shown in research studies to be well-tolerated and non-toxic to humans.

About the Cannabis Plant

Cannabis is one of a genus of plants known as Cannabaceae. There are two main species of cannabis that are cultivated for human consumption, namely Cannabis indica, and Cannabis sativa.
Sativa plants are taller and produce more fiber and are therefore the species from which hemp cultivation arose. Indica plants are shorter and bushier and less suitable for farming for either industrial purposes or for production of food, but well-suited for producing medical marijuana.

The Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

Marijuana is high in the psychoactive compound THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound in marijuana that causes a high.
Marijuana is rightly considered to be a “drug.” It is cultivated mainly for medicinal and “recreational” purposes. Both indica and sativa strains, as well as hybrids of the two, are used to produce marijuana.
The United States federal government considers marijuana to be a Class I controlled substance. However, many U.S. states have instituted legislation to regulate its cultivation and allow its use as medicine. Some states have also legalized marijuana for recreational use.
Hemp is not marijuana. Although hemp does contain some cannabinoids, it has negligible amounts of THC. In fact, in order to be legally cultivated, the industrial hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC. Industrial hemp is grown for food and fibers. 

 Now that I got the information about what CBD Oil is, I can tell you about why I felt comfortable using it. I use this supplement for many reasons but the main reason that I use it is for natural pain relief and helping my body to heal from injuries. I had a trigger thumb sprain last year and I tried wearing a brace on it all day to help with the pain but it did not help with the pain. I then remembered I had a sample of CBD Salve that I had received from a conference. I decided to try it to see if it could help with my pain and stiffness from the trigger thumb. I applied the CBD oil salve and my thumb felt better the next day. I then explored using CBD Oil tinctures and salves for other things like muscle pain and relaxation. I found that I received some pain relief on my muscles after a gym workout when I applied the CBD Oils Salve on my body. I really like that I can get some pain relief without having to reach for things like aspirin that can upset my stomach. I decided to try the CBD Oil for sleep and I tried the tincture before bed. I was able to fall asleep faster and I slept better that night so I will now use the CBD oil when I am having trouble falling asleep. 

I have never felt weird or in la-la land when I use CBD oil, unlike when I have used strong pain medicines.

 I did plenty of research on CBD Oil and found it to be safe so I felt comfortable using it when my own kids. My 11-year-old son had some muscle pain from running and it was keeping him from falling asleep. I applied the CBD Salve to his legs and it helped calm the pain down so he was able to sleep. When my son got his braces on, he had some mild pain, so I had him try the CBD Oil. He liked the lemon flavor and it gave him the pain relief that he needed without having to take any over the counter pain medicines. When this same son had oral surgery, I used the CBD oil again and he was able to take half the amount of pain pills that the doctor prescribed. I like that I can use a natural supplement for pain relief on my son. I view CBD Oil as a natural medicine and only give it to my kids when they have pain.

  I also tried a soda with CBD Oil last summer and it helped me when I was super stressed. My family likes to think that I am getting stoned when I use CBD Oil but again it does not contain THC. It instead increases my serotonin in my brain to make me feel good. I have never felt weird or in la la land when I use CBD oil, unlike when I have used strong pain medicines. I use CBD Oil only on occasion for pain relief and for the times that I am super stressed or need help falling asleep. The CBD Oil that I am using right now is from Joy Organics and I like that it is certified organic. I also like that Joy Organics uses Third Party Testing on their products. I am still exploring what CBD Oil can be used for. There is so much to learn about the uses of CBD.
Does CBD Oil Get You High? +
No. Properly produced CBD oil from hemp does not contain THC in high enough concentrations to cause a high.THC acts upon particular receptors in the brain, which changes brain chemistry and therefore alters consciousness. CBD does not trigger these receptors. 
Research Into CBD’s Effects On Mood Disorders+
Research shows that CBD has an effect on levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide, which we mentioned earlier. Anandamide is produced by the nervous system to stimulate the uptake of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is often referred to as the “happy molecule” because of its ability to improve mood.

Should I try CBD Oil?

  CBD Oil is safe and legal. Non-THC CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. THC oils are legal in 44 states.  CBD Oil has many different uses including pain relief and relaxation. I again want to state you cannot get high from CBD Oil, as the removal of the THC eliminates the mind-altering side effects. I suggest that you do your research first as there is much misinformation about CBD Oil. A great place to start is the Ultimate CBD oil guide. as this article answered a lot of questions for me. Then simply try CBD Oil.

CBD Oil has helped some people with:
Anxiety Disorders
Pain Relief
Reduce symptoms for quitting smoking
Muscle pain relief with balm/salve
Nausea including nausea related to chemotherapy

Wondering if CBD will work for you? Try Joy’s risk-free offer. Use any of her products for 30 days. If you’re not pleased with your results, we will happily give you a full refund.

Still, need more information about CBD Oil? Then check out the below link for information on CBD and general uses.


Why do I like Joy Organics

  • Certified Organic Hemp – No pesticides
  • The United States Only – Grown and made in the USA for quality control
  • Third party lab testing – Certificate of Analysis and a Certificate of Quality Assurance confirmed by third-party labs
  • Absorption Rate –  Soft gel capsules have 4 times the absorption rate requiring less intake for full effectiveness
  • Full spectrum – cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Consistency – hemp comes from the same strain and goes through the same extraction process for consistent results with every bottle, salve or gel
  • Pharmaceutical grade – Tight quality controls and consistent manufacturing. All our products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility that conforms to FDA guidelines.
  • Great customer service – Free shipping and 30-day money back guarantee

+ all information was found HERE so you can be informed of what CBD oil is. 


KonstantinaAntoniadou said...

I couldn't agree more. CBD products are amazing for pain release and anxiety

Annie said...

I have tried CBD drinks but not CBD oil. It seems very popular these days. I'd like to try it sometime!

Kristen Rumley said...

Amazing post!! I discovered CBD oil about 6 months ago after being tired of being in pain. It helped my pain AND my mood! I hope that more research is done on the positive effects of CBD oil, and that the taboo and misunderstandings go away. I really believe that this can save lives. Thank you for posting about this!

Chaney Atelier said...

I've wondered about it's benefits. I suffer from foot paint and neck aches, but I've worried the smell and taste might make me feel sick, even if it doesn't stink like pot.

Brittany Vantrease said...

This is very interesting! My mother-in-law has had several back surgeries and has been on morphine for her pain ever since. I wonder if this could help because she's been wanting to stop taking all of her medications for a long time.

Mom Knows Best said...

The taste is very mild, kind of like a lemon oil. The salve also has a light natural scent and it does not bother me. I too feel sick and cough around chemical scents.

Mom Knows Best said...

I would say give it a try as it is safe.

Unknown said...

I actually had someone telling me about this the other day! Sounds so interesting - I would've never thought of it on my own!

berlin said...

An ointment or balm Made from natural ingredients is always a welcome addition in our household.

Reika Misaki said...

I’ve never heard of this product before, but it looks promising! Might as well check them out. Thank you for sharing!

StrongIslandSocial said...

I would love to try CBD oil. I regularly use other oils and if it helps in any way it would be beneficial. Keshia Richmond

Jessica Martin said...

I have a few friends that use CBD oil and they share all the time about it and the benefits. I have a health condition and I have been strongly considering if I should try CBD oil to help.

sparky said...

I love CBD oil. I had a miscarriage back in September and they gave me vicodin for the pain. Obviously that was not ideal since it made me really groggy and sick. CBD oil was a lifesaver.

Jesusa Gilliam said...

I've heard a lot of good things about CBD oils. I have friends that say it helps them with their joint pains, but I've never tried it myself.

MadLibMom said...

My husband and I love CBD! I use it for anxiety, he uses it for pain and it's wonderful!

Unknown said...

CBD Oil works in many wonderful ways! I too use it for anxiety as I suffer from GAD. It really helps. xo, Suzanne

Bindu Thomas said...

I never tried CBD oil before. But I have heard of its amazing benefits for mind and body. I want to try it.

Kiwi said...

Good informative article for people into CBD oil. I havent tried it and I dont need it but if it helps people this is good.

Emma Jasmine said...

yes, CBD oil is a natural essential oil which is extracted from hemp plants. Hemp plants is used for making a lot of CBD products such as vape juice, CBD capsules, skincare creams and lotion etc. I would like share an article related to same topic "What is CBD?" and it will increase the knowledge of CBD products.

markthomson said...

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Faiza Jee said...

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