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Friday, December 21, 2018

Clean The Bathroom Mess The Non Toxic Way

Bathrooms don't stand a chance against this non-toxic bathroom disinfectant. 

I received samples of Cleanwell products to facilitate this post.

The bathroom is my least favorite room to clean, especially the one upstairs that the boys use. Bathrooms are a place to get clean and take care of bodily functions. Sometimes the bodily functions of boys can be quite messy. No matter how much you teach boys how to aim, pee always ends up around the potty. In a perfect world, boys would sit while they pee but I don't see that happening. I tried to keep my boys in the dark about standing while potty training but all too soon they see an older brother or friend in the bathroom and it is over. So as a mom of four boys, five if you include the husband, your best defense is non-toxic cleaners that kill over 99.9% of the bathroom germs, including cold & flu viruses.

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A safer way to clean

  I am glad that the boys have learned how to lift the seat when using the bathroom and they always put it back down afterward. So, for the most part, I never see the mess until cleaning day. My husband is also good at playing pee police and will make the boys clean the toilet seat if he sees a mess. So I like to keep a container of Botanical Disinfecting Wipes in the bathroom so they can wipe up after their messes. Messes will happen. I like that there are non-toxic wipes that my boys can use to wipe down the toilet seat. So what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom.

Most household cleaning products are a cocktail of chemicals that can be dangerous to your health. Common ingredients include:

·       Quaternary ammonium – used as an antimicrobial and disinfectant – but toxic to aquatic animals and linked to asthma, skin irritation, birth defects and fertility problems in mice

·       2-butoxyethanol – a solvent linked to sore throats and, at high levels, pulmonary edema, and liver and kidney damage- now listed as a hazardous substance in California

·       Formaldehyde – a known human carcinogen that masquerades under different names such as formalin, methanol, and oxymethylene on product labels

·       Synthetic coloring – linked to skin irritations and ADHD in children

Fight those germs with CleanWell 

What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom.

I try to deep clean the bathroom one a week. It is my least favorite place to clean but it has to be done. Since my boys are older, they help out with the chores around the house. They help make the messes so they help clean them up. So by using safe non-toxic cleaners, my boys can help with the bathroom chores. I spray and they wipe. Since my favorite cleaner requires no rinsing, we can get the bathroom cleaned in no time. The citrus scent leaves the bathroom smelling nice and clean.

Clean Well is a powerhouse citrus botanical formula that is a kick-butt germ and odor-causing bacteria spray that's perfect for every bathroom surface. 

Kills 99.9% of germs botanically
Cleans, disinfects, deodorizes
Effectively controls odors
Package is recyclable, including the all-plastic trigger spray
Botanically based formula
No rinsing or wiping required even on food contact surfaces and children's toys

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Next room up, the kitchen

     My boys know that helping with cleaning chores means more time for fun. My youngest loves to help me in the kitchen and when we cook, we can be quite messy. When we are done baking cookies, I let him drive the 3 in 1 Stick Vacuum and I tackle the counter messes. My son gets the crumbs and I kiss the germs goodbye from all our baking fun. Yes, there can be germs from baking cookies as raw eggs can contain germs. That is why I tell my boys no sampling until the cookies are baked.

Are you a mom to boys?

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Cristina Petrini said...

I'm not mum, but it does not mean I do not steal this recipe for me! hihihi;)

jessi joachim said...

This reminds me that I really need to clean my bathroom! I love being able to use more natural products, especially having small kids

Sarah Bailey said...

I love finding new no-toxic ideas to keep the home clean. I hate putting things down the loo like bleach or spray I 100% need to give some of these ideas a go thank you.

Unknown said...

I love this! I’ve been working on switching us over to more natural products and these look like a good fit!

StrongIslandSocial said...

I would love to try the botanic cleaning wipes and spray especially if they smell citrusy. Your boys are super cute and while they both resemble you, the one one the left is twinning with you. Nice to have them help you with cleaning the bathroom to form a lifelong habit of cleanliness. Keshia Richmond

Kim Glad said...

I will have to check these out. Love that they use botanicals to kill germs. I agree, with them being chemical-free, it's safe for the kids to take part in the cleaning as well.

Sudipta said...

From your post I can understand that Clean Well is an excellent product. Not too sure it is available in India though

hellolittlepeepers said...

I have never heard of this product before. I will check it out.

The Super Mom Life said...

It's amazing how many toxins we are using daily. I have been more aware over the last few years.

Kacie said...

It is shocking really when you think about all the chemicals in our cleaning products so it probably is a wise idea to start using a poduct like Clean Well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I’m don’t recall ever hearing about this brand. It’s always good when I can use the more natural stuff. I typically try and stick w vinegar.

Hannah Marie said...

I think this is a very informative post to read. We should all be cautious about this. This product is amazing.

Dalene Ekirapa said...

We use chemical products to clean our bathroom. But I'm glad I'm also learning about botanical products too...they seem even safer.

Unknown said...

Very informative post. One of my good friends has me using lots of vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting. Thanks, I’ll have to look into this product line!

Nicole said...

I haven't used CleanWell products before but they sound like great products! i love that they are nontoxic. I'll have to look into getting some, thanks for sharing!

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