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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Be Snug and Stylish at Home This Winter

 Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter is here, and so is the cooler weather. When there’s winter weather outside your walls, you might be tempted to crank up the heater and snuggle up by the fireplace in cozy clothing.
 Your standard winter wardrobe might include sweatpants, slippers, and the always-trendy ugly Christmas sweater. Maybe you’ll even slip into a onesie!
 All of those clothing articles make for great winter loungewear. But what if you have houseguests? Or what if you’re one of those people who can’t truly feel comfortable unless you’re all dressed up? If you want to be stylish and comfortable this winter season, here are a few tips that’ll give you the best of both worlds.

Neutral Colors

 If you’re going to be shopping for new winter loungewear, try to get clothes that are mostly in neutral colors—colors that aren’t so bright, but which have lovely undertones.
But why choose neutral colors? Aren’t the holidays supposed to be full of bright, primary colors?
 Yes, but your wardrobe of winter casual clothes probably won’t be as large as your collection of business clothes and year-round clothing. If you stick with neutral colors, you’ll be able to mix and match more of your clothing articles without having to buy excessive amounts of outfits.

Holiday Accents

 Wearing neutral colors doesn’t mean that you have to go completely without color! You should have a shirt here or pants there that can be a cheery accent color to any outfit. This is where you can break out those lovely holiday tones! Reds, greens, blues, and yellows are all perfect for all the holiday season.


 Sweaters may be the simplest piece of winter casual clothing. Sweaters are comfortable and come in a variety of different styles! What’s great about sweaters is that you can wear them indoors or outdoors, by yourself or in the company of your family and friends. They range from festive styles with Christmas designs to neutral styles that can be worn year-round.
 If sweaters are going to be part of your winter loungewear, then the rest of your family can also get in on the action! You can find sweaters with a variety of different pop-culture designs (from your favorite movies or video games) that your kids will love. And you can take a fun Christmas photo with the whole family wearing them!
 Consider getting a cardigan sweater if you need to be a bit more dressy, like if you’re going out for Christmas dinner.


 UGG boots are a popular winter footwear but they might be a bit hefty if you’re only going to be lounging around the house and not going outside. Try sporting some stylish slip-ons instead!
 Winter slippers will keep your toes warm, and they come in a variety of styles so you can pick the one that best fits yours! Some slippers are even stylish enough to wear when you have guests over!
  But what if slippers aren’t your style? Or if you need to step outside into the cold? Why not get some grey slip on sneakers that match the wintry skies? Slip-on sneakers are flexible, comfortable, and better suited for brief outdoor forays.

Wool Socks

 Make sure you get some warm, wool socks to wear around the house and when you go outdoors! Wool socks may come in some beautifully knitted designs that are perfect for the holidays.


 A caftan is a type of tunic that originated in the Middle East, and it has recently grown in popularity in western countries. A caftan fits over you like a light blanket. It’s perfect for lounging by the fireplace or when you’re hanging around the house. There’s a simple elegance to it that makes it a bit more classy than your average robe.

Slouchy Tee

 Did you know that loose-fitting shirts have become trendy? Slouchy tees are shirts that are made to hang a bit loose over your body. For the record, these are not shirts that are one size too large. They’re constructed to be comfortable and casual, but also to fit harmoniously with your body. Some slouchy tees have adjustable drawstrings so you can tighten or loosen the hem.

Shift Dress

 If you’re looking for a stylish dress to wear while you’re lounging by the fireplace and sipping on hot cocoa, a shift dress just might be for you. Get a shift dress that’s well-fitted, but loose. Some of them come with cowl necks or turtlenecks to keep your neck extra warm.

With any of this winter casual clothing, you’re sure to look your best and feel your best while you’re home for the holidays!

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