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Friday, February 16, 2018

What To Wear To A Blogger Conference

 I received a pair of Slimsation pants to facilitate this post.



  Packing for a blogging conference can be stressful for some. You want to make a great first impression with the brands that you meet. You also want to look good for meeting other bloggers. So what do you wear to a blogging conference? This is always a hot topic on the conference discussion boards. A lot of people say dress in clothes that are your style. Well for most of us bloggers we live in our yoga clothes or PJs as we work from home. So that does not work for me as most days you will find me in my comfy bathrobe. So when I attend conferences, I like to dress up and I get excited about choosing my clothes. When I say dress up, that means business casual clothes that make you look good but are also comfortable. Got to remember that you will be on your feet all day, so dress comfortably.  Skip the tight clothes and instead wear comfortable pants with cute tops! Make sure you also wear comfortable shoes!

Bring pants that be worn twice
 When I attend conferences, I light to pack light as I want room for my swag! So I bring pants that can be worn more than once and easily match all the tops that I bring. Tops take up less space than pants do. I like wearing my skinny jeans with cute tops! My new Slimsation ankle pants look so awesome but are so comfortable. The best part is you don't have to be skinny to wear them! These are pants that are made for us moms! They have a flexible tummy control panel that hides my tummy bulge that I earned from having five kids. When I wear these fabulous and comfortable pants I look ten pounds lighter! These pants come in so many different styles, patterns, and colors! The pair that I like to bring to my conferences is reversible so I get two different looks from them. One side is a cute animal print and the other is a solid color.

Dress in Layers
 Since most conferences are inside, I like to wear an outfit that has a cute jacket that I can remove if I get warm. The jacket is also good for those cold air-conditioned conference rooms. Layers are also great if the conference is in February like Shiftcon is this year, and it is in a warmer place like Califonia. The days might be warm and the nights will be cold.

Bring comfortable shoes
 You will be walking a lot at conferences so comfy shoes are a must. I like to bring comfortable boots in the winter and sandals in the summer. These cute Oofos were recommended to me by another blogger several years ago and they are ultra comfortable! Fashional ankle boots are also great as they are easy to take off for airport screening.

Bring a dress or two
There are always parties at blogging conferences so make sure to bring a cute dress. This is a time to dress up and have fun as the kids will not be there. This is my me time!

Bring jewelry
 Wearing jewelry with your outfits always makes them look great. I always bring several necklaces and bracelets. My favorite piece of jewelry is my aroma bracelet! This cute piece not only looks great but it allows me to travel with my essential oils. The cute beads on it absorb my favorite essential oil so I can smell it when I need a recharge of energy or a stress reliever.

Bring a swimsuit
If your hotel has a pool, bring a swimsuit. I like to unwind in the hot tub after a long day at the conference. Again, I am without kids for the weekend so I get to relax!

Bring a tote purse or a cute backpack
You will need to carry items and stash some swag so a cute large tote purse is great. I sometimes bring my backpack with me, especially if the conference is not in the hotel that I am staying at. That way I can bring my smaller laptop with me to take notes on. This bag is also great for holding a bottle of water, snacks, phone, and your business cards along with other items you might need. Make sure the bag is comfortable to carry, over the shoulder is best. Leave the small purse at home or the hotel as you might set it down somewhere and misplace it.

                                           This is my conference backpack!

 I just recently attended Shiftcon in California and I was rocking those cute animal print ankle pants that I received from Slimsation. They looked so cute with the new boots that I just had to have for this conference. I love using a conference as an excuse for new clothes! I am glad my husband agrees with me. These pants were so comfortable and they did a great job of hiding my tummy. They felt like leggings but looked like a cute pair of jeans. I think I need a couple more pairs! The hard part is deciding which cute print.



                            I love how these pants hide my tummy bulge! No spare tire for me!

 While I was in California, I also went to the beach and I wore my cute Slimsation pants. I loved how easy they were to roll up so I could dip my feet into the ocean.


Scott said...

It really depends on where you're going and what type of presentations you'll be hearing. Business casual is always the best bet!

Unknown said...

I guess it depends on the blogger conference. When I go to an event, I always want to be super fashionable but end up being just comfy ahah

Hannah Marie said...

I think it is cool to have this kind of pants. I always want to pack light to and be minimal as much as possible.

Ruth I said...

The pants is pretty and looks comfy. If you are to attend a non formal event, this is great to have.

Annreeba said...

You looks stunning. The black coat and those pants are awesome looking.

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