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Monday, February 5, 2018

After Gym Skin Care Tips

Does working out at the gym affect your skin?

  It is cold here and I have been working out at the gym more. While I love not having to run in the cold, I have not been liking what the gym workout has been doing to my skin. My once clear, blemish-free face now has some acne on it and my hands have a more than usual amount of eczema on them. It is a trade-off that I am willing to endure as my lungs do not like the cold air that comes with winter running. I have discovered some products and tips that have been helping me with my gym workout skin problems and would love to share them with you.

Hands off
My gym likes to keep the temperature on the warm side so I sweat when I am at the gym, something that I never did when running outdoors. My face and body don't like sweat one bit so I have had to learn ways to deal with it. So I keep my hands away from my face as gym equipment is loaded with germs. I also wear biking gloves to keep some of the germs off my hands. The gym does provide sanitizing wipes but those make my eczema worse so I only use them after I sweat all over the machine and then I wash my hands right away. I also keep my hair back in a ponytail and use a clean towel to wipe my sweat off my face.

 I always wash my hands after working out and face after working out as that helps get the sweat and germs off my body. I love using Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub on my face after working out at the gym. This natural chemical free exfoliating scrub smells so good and the peppermint scent is so uplifting. My skin loves the natural ingredients and this product is not one bit harsh. It does a great job of cleaning off the gunk from the gym and leaves my skin soft without any dryness. I love that Belli makes their products to be safe for expectant and new mothers. So I know they are free of parabens, BPA, phthalates, and artificial dyes. This scrub is also great to use on the rest of my body so I often use it in the shower.

Drink up
 I always force myself to drink a big bottle of water after I work out as I know that the water will help my skin recover from the gym workout. Sweating leaves my body dry and the water will help moisturize it and also help my body get rid of toxins from the germy gym equipment.

After I get cleaned up, I like to apply plenty of body oil and cream to my hands and body. I discovered some products that have hemp oil in them and I am loving the added benefits that come from hemp. Hemp oil contains CBD and I am discovering its amazing effects on the body. I discovered that CBD is a great source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for the prevention of acne and other skin diseases. To me, my discovery of CBD products is like my discovery of Matcha many years ago. I still get excited when I see Matcha products in the store.

Cannabliss makes organic, vegan skincare products that have CBD oil in them along with other amazing natural ingredients. The Hemp Salve has helped my eczema on my hand. In the winter, I get these red sore bumps on my hands. Things like sweat and the sanitizer wipes at the gym make them worse but I have been applying the Hemp Salve to my hands and the red bumps are getting better. That one little red bump on my little finger near the nail was twice the size and painful before I started using the salve.

 Even my teen has used the products! The teen has acne on his face, along with a patch of eczema on his hands and has seen improvement in his skin after a couple of uses of the Bliss Body Oil and Hemp Salve. I am glad the company sent me generous samples so I can share my beauty products with my son.

 Avoid a hot shower
   I do love hot showers in the winter but they tend to dry my skin out. So I turn the temperature down and save my skin from being itchy all night.

Take a probiotic
  A daily probiotic can help your skin stay healthy. Probiotics keep my gut healthy/happy and this little pill can also help with skin issues. Research has shown that our gut health can affect our skin. It makes perfect sense to me as I know that our gut health affects our whole body.

I can't wait until it warms up so I can get back outside for my exercise. Until then I will make sure to take care of my skin.


  1. I've just started working out, at home, no gym for me. I've never really thought about any extra skin care tips for after working out, so thanks!

  2. Water is so important after a workout. You can get really bad cramps if you don't hydrate appropriately.

  3. All the skin care tips are really useful. A good amount of water is drained out during gym workout. So it is always advised to consume enough water for a glowing skin.

  4. For me water is definitely the most important. Critical really. So often people underestimate the importance of the basics.

  5. These are great tips! I have to be mindful of this especially during winter when my skin dries out quicker than usual.

  6. These are great tips! I never actually thought about this, even if I go to the gym a lot.

  7. So glad you shared this! Some great tips here, your skin shouldn't suffer just because you are working out!

  8. This is perfect timing! I am signing up for a yoga class this week and could use these post-workout skincare tips!

  9. Right! There are lots of germs in the gym and we really need to be aware and always wash our hands. I love cold showers after workout, but it's difficult in winter season.

  10. These are great tips! I like the idea of taking probiotic and moisturize. I haven't tried this brand but going to look into it.

  11. These are some brilliant post gym workout tips. I will surely add your suggestions to my routine :)

  12. These are great tips. Fortunately, I do my workout at home. But with the frigid cold winter up north, definitely need to take extra care of my skin.

  13. Love these tips! I need to drink more after my workouts!!

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  15. The water and the moisturiser are so important, it is vital to get the moisture back into the skin.

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