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Sunday, December 16, 2018

LG W7 Wear OS by Google Helps Me Win With My Fitness

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This Smartwatch makes fitness fun!

       Have you ever said, "why did I not think of this sooner?" That was me the other day when I was working out with my new LG - Watch W7 Smartwatch. I used to be the one who disliked technology and fitness but not anymore. This Wear OS watch is my new life hack and I am so glad that I discovered it. I just love the fitness tracking features on this smartwatch and what I love most is it looks like a regular watch. The fitness tracker helps me to step up my fitness during the cold winter and holidays, a time that I want to not work out as much. My husband likes the watch design too and keeps trying to borrow my watch for work as he says it looks so nice for the office. Sorry honey but I think I am going to keep this LG W7 smartwatch

Great for music and more!

I just love how this watch has plenty of storage for my favorite exercise music and it is Bluetooth enabled so I can pair my favorite wireless earbuds to it. That way I have plenty of awesome tunes to listen to while working out at the gym or running. It was also super easy for me to add my music to the watch after the teen showed me how. This lightweight watch make look fancy but its premium stainless steel design resists corrosion and scratches. It also is water resistant so all my sweat is not going to damage it. Did you know that sweating is healthy

A health coach that motivates me

 I love how I can get smart health coaching from Google Fit and that motivates me to workout more often. This watch keeps track of my activity so I don't have to. It also offers coaching based on guidelines from the American Heart Association & World Health Organization. The touchscreen and knobs on the watch make it super simple to access my steps, time, miles, and other fitness info all at a glance so I can keep on working out. I love the timer feature so I can track my times for the miles that I run. That side knob on the smartwatch is super useful.  

Make every minute matter with smart help and health coaching, from the convenience of your wrist.

A smartwatch that looks like a regular watch

This Swiss-made gearbox features mechanical hands and I love it for keeping track of time. When I need to check my text messages from the kids or calls that I received, the fully functional touchscreen makes that so easy to do. The fact that it is not bulky is a plus for me. I love that I have a watch with style and amazing functions from Google Assistant that helps me with managing my day so I can keep track of my families activities.

Maximizes Your Time: Get more done and maximize your time with more glanceable, easy to manage notifications, with smart replies to respond quickly on the go.

For the tech aficionado that is ahead of the curve
Compatible with iPhone/iOS and Android.

    The LG Watch W7 smartwatch was so easy to connect to my Android phone and I love how easy it is to charge. I simply place my smartwatch on the charging cradle before I go to bed, no need to fumble with charging cords, and it is ready to use the next day. If I wanted to use this stylish watch in watch only mode it can last up to 100 days between charges. For now, this LG Watch W7 smartwatch is my fitness and family assistant. I think my favorite part of this smartwatch is having access to all my favorite tunes while I work out as I love how it pairs with my Bluetooth Earbuds.

This cool fitness/tech watch also has many different faceplates that I can choose from. So when I press the side button, I get a screen that has a design on it that makes me smile. Check out all of the amazing features of the OS by Google: LG - Watch W7 Smartwatch 44.5mm Stainless Steel and learn more HERE

Do you know a fitness buff who would enjoy this watch?


Nabanita said...

I think this would be a perfect gift to my sister.
She's really into fitness and I think this product will suit her just fine.
Thank you so much.

Scott Gombar said...

I have a Samsung S3 that I love. It does all the same things. I am looking for a new watch though. I will check it out.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I'll have to get a watch like this. I am trying to exercise more often, so this will help me with that. It sounds cool!

Farrah Less said...

I've been researching for smartwatch for months now. I really like your watch very stylish and I love the features too.

Summer Mitch Ryan said...

It's not only useful but it looks great too. I might gift this to myself.^_^

Alvern said...

I was not even aware that Google did a smart watch. I am thinking of getting a device to help me monitor my heart rate which is important to stay healthy.

Blair Villanueva said...

I agree with you, this doesn't look like those of smartwatches, and definitely looks posh! The design suits you well.

Unknown said...

This is a such a fun post! Nice review btw. This smart watch is nice. Will surely read more about this :)

The Super Mom Life said...

We have a similar smart watch. I love all of the features that it has!

StrongIslandSocial said...

I have not hear of the LG W7 Wear OS by Google until now. If it helped you with your fitness, I’m sure it can help me. Keshia Richmond

Becca Wilson said...

This totally looks like it would be amazing to help with fitness. I have never heard of it before!

Devyani said...

I have it and I LOVE IT!

kaypittmanknits said...

I've been considering a smart watch but I'm a person who buys a gadget and will use it a week and never touch again. This seems like a nice buy though.

ohmummymia said...

Aw this smartwatch looks great! I would love to have one

galatealily said...

What a great watch! Really perf as a gift for a loved one or for one's self! Happy Holidays. xo, Suzanne

Adit said...

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