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Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Day In The Life Of A Blogger

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  When I tell people that I work from home, they always ask what I do. I try to creatively explain my job title as when I tell people that I am a blogger, they think that is not a real job. When I tell them that I make money writing and promoting for companies, I then hear "oh, I can do this!" People just assume that my work is easy and that they can make big bucks working for less than an hour a day. That is so not true for us bloggers. When I tell them hour many hours I work a day and that for four years I work for almost nothing, people kind of understand that my job is real but still don't quite understand what I do or why. So today I am going to give you a glimpse into what my workday looks like.

 I wake up in the morning and grab some breakfast, usually a smoothie and a handful of supplements. My teen calls me a junkie as I take a lot of supplements. Now all my supplements are all-natural and have benefits that help with my joints/running, heart, digestion, and well-being. Since I love blogging about healthy living, I get to learn about supplements that help my health. I think probiotics was the very first one that I discovered and after using them, it is one that I continue to use as a healthy gut equals a healthy body. My teen also says I am made of steel as I never seem to get sick. I think my quirk of not sharing my drinks and food helps along with my probiotics. The other day my adult son took a drink from my water bottle and I chose to be thirsty rather than using it again until I washed it. I hate being sick so I don't take any chances and that is why I am currently using a Live bacteria probiotic/not freeze-dried from Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic. I just love how easy it is to swallow them. Did you know that it is best to take your probiotic on an empty stomach? My younger boys also take probiotics and so far they have not been sick this year. See more about this Live Probiotic and other goodies that I received from Essential Formulas further down in this post.

 After my breakfast, I check my email while the younger boys get ready for school. My email is how I communicate with brands that want to work with me. Checking my email also means applying for campaigns that can lead to work.  That can take an hour. The boys leave for school and then it is time to promote things that I have written on my website as well as touts that companies may need. That usually takes an hour or so.

  I then have a coffee break/ grab my coffee/ and get back to my office/ chair in the living room. I then see what I need to write about from my list or I look on my dining room table to see what products I need to promote. My neighbors think that I love shopping as UPS/Fed-Ex visit me a lot. My writing takes 1-2 hours depending on what the client wants. Then it is picture time.

 Some days I devote several hours to pictures as I will take pictures for several posts and other days I concentrate on food pictures. Food pictures also involve time making the recipe. When I have products that require my kids to be in the picture, that means more time as they like to goof off. I usually take my pictures in the front room where the sun is. I have a special table and screen that I use along with many backgrounds. I also have plenty of props. I would like to invest in lights so I can take pictures at night.

  Blogging also means conference calls, Twitter parties, and webinars. Then there are the pictures that need to be taken at stores and attending events/places to promote. My boys love when I promote local events like the Balloon Fiesta and my husband likes when I work for restaurants. 

  I often work about 5-7 hours a day. I love blogging as I can work when the kids are in school and I can re-arrange my schedule if needed to attend school functions. Sure I could work outside the home and make more money but my job is fun and where else can you write in your jammies and do laundry at the same time. Blogging also means that I can try new products and talk about my experience. I may get some great products but a lot of work goes into letting others know about them. 

  The best part of my job is trying new productsMy recent healthy living products that I enjoyed using were products from Dr. Ohhira's. These products had ingredients in them that I was already including in my daily handful of supplements but they also had some unique ingredients that I wanted to try. I had never had a probiotic that was live nor have I used a beauty bar with probiotics in it. So I wanted to try these. When I received these products, I was happy to see that the Propolis Plus contained Astaxanthin as that is a supplement that I learned about at my last conference and I am using it to help me run better. I also love that they gave me a Vegan alternative to fish oils. I really love that there are whole foods like mushrooms and seaweed in the Probiotics. A couple of years ago when everyone in the house, except me, had the flu, I made a soup with mushroom and seaweed. I ate this soup as I had a tickle in my throat and I did not get sick. 

  I loved that these formulas came in easy to swallow vegetarian liquid caps. I was reading the side of the green Probiotic box and I love that it says temporary reactions such as minor bloating or a mild laxative or constipating effect are signs the beneficial bacteria are remodeling, detoxifying, and improving the gut environment. That is good info to know as I remember when my husband first started taking probiotics and he complained about having loose bowels. He wanted to stop taking the probiotics because of this but I told him to give it a couple more days. Thankfully he did and the stomach issues did stop. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics did not give me any stomach issues. I took one every morning before breakfast. I liked knowing that this product with live cultures was keeping my gut healthy and happy.

The beauty bar was a treat to use in my new shower and it kept my skin feeling soft. The dry winter air tends to make my skin dry and itchy after bathing. I loved that it was unscented, as I hate those perfumy soaps.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing what my day looks like. To learn more about these products that I received, visit the below links.


  1. I think the thing that is hardest is pictures, especially with food. There is always a lot of time involved. Great article!!

  2. I started taking probiotics a couple of years ago and I am so glad I did. I agree. Setting up for pictures and making sure you have enough light can be challenging.

  3. I am reading this, as a blogger, nodding my head over and over. To be honest, I think you are being far too nice about how much work goes into it lol. I am glad you got to a point of making a living and not having to do the 16 hour days. I bet at some point you were! When asked what I do, I am starting to think of making up elaborate stories of leaping tall buildings in a single bound instead of saying "blogger and social media influencer" or "brand ambassador" or whatever other many things I have come up with.

  4. I've never tried probiotics before but I might try them out. I really like that beauty bar as well!

    You're right, being a blogger means you are busy!

  5. It is true that blogging is not that easy. It will take much of your time every day- seminars, out of town, interviews -but it is a sure fun. If you love what you are doing then it is not a job, it is a life. "Do what you love and the business will follow".

  6. It is a great job and I am glad you can do it with children that are little. It is hard work at times but I guess we all manage.

  7. I totally agree with you.It is not an easy job. You need dedication and commitment.

  8. It is really not easy but if you love what you do, you can enjoy it as well. New products are just bonus for hard work.

  9. Spending hours on the computer, taking lots of pictures, editing, writing. It's not easy, right? We are busy people too. Lol.

  10. A wonderful insight into your life, Tara! I have to divide my time betweehn homeschooling, chef-ing, teaching and blogging!

  11. Life can get crazy. Kids take up a lot of my time, and work takes up a lot too. It is great to have products like this to help keep me healthy.

  12. Before injuring my back and having (failed) back surgery, I worked as a nurse for 15 years. Blogging is way harder work, lol.

  13. A lot of people underestimate the work that bloggers do because they think it's "all simple" until they finally get the chance to try it. It's never easy, but it has its advantages.

  14. It's funny how some think blogging is so easy. They really have no idea. I love that you have your schedule down. I really need to get more organized with a daily blogging routine.

  15. This is so true! I have tons and tons of products everywhere!

  16. I love blogging, but it ca be hard work! Lovely post :)



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