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Monday, February 13, 2017

Serious Stress: Tackling It When You're a Carer

Being a carer can be a very stressful job. Although you might want to be there for your loved one, it can still be an extremely difficult thing to do. It can take its toll on your health, both physically and mentally. If you're not careful, you can burn out from the stress of everything you have to do. If you're not at your best health-wise, you can't be there for the person you care for. So it's essential that you find ways to deal with stress and perhaps take a break when you need one. Use the methods below to help you manage stress so you can be there for the one you love.

Get Help with Caring

Being a carer all on your own is the hardest thing of all. You need to be there for someone 24/7, and you don't get a break. It's a full-time job, much like being a parent. If you're someone's primary carer, you should think about whether you can get help from anyone else. Your first thought might be other family, who might be able to give some of their time. Even a neighbor popping in for an hour a day can be helpful. Another option is professional senior care or home care. You can have a carer or nurse come and look after your loved one to enable you to get out of the house.

Organize Respite

You don't necessarily have to have someone helping you with caring all the time. Another useful thing to do is to arrange respite care. It gives you a break, and it gives the person you care for a break too. Respite care can involve a number of situations. You could have someone come and provide home care so that you can go away or just have a few days to yourself. The person you care for could also go and stay somewhere else for a while. Even if you're not a full-time carer, respite care can help to reduce stress for both of you.


Get Emotional Support

Emotional support is essential if you're a carer. You can have a lot of feelings and lots of things affecting you. If you keep them bottled up, it could result in a lot of stress. There are several ways you can get the support you need. Some people speak to family and friends, although you might feel that they aren't able to understand as well you would like. Another option is to find a support group for carers so you can share your experiences with people who have been through similar things. You can also consider a therapist.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Don't forget to look after your physical health too. If you're not at your best physically, it can be even more difficult to handle stress. You should get adequate amounts of sleep and a healthy diet so that you can stay well. If you get ill, it's important to allow yourself time to recover.

Caring for someone you love is a lot of work, so don't try to do it alone. Make sure you have support and take care of yourself to reduce stress.

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