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Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Black And Decker 3 in 1 Stick Vacuum Is Awesome

                          Take care of messes quickly

  It seems that my kitchen is always messy. I have two boys and a husband who never stop eating. Just when I think I have cleaned up the kitchen, it is messy again. There are always dishes in the sink even though everyone knows how to load the dishwasher. Then there are the never-ending crumbs all over the floor. Sure some of the crumbs may be mine after I do some baking but they are always there. I try to keep on top of cleaning up the crumbs all over the floor but it can be a pain to find the broom and sweep as I hate having to use the dustpan to scoop up the crumbs especially when there is no one to hold the dustpan. So I usually just get the vacuum out and vacuum up the crumbs. That too is a pain in the butt and my vacuum is heavy and I have to unwind and rewind the long cord. So my kitchen floor has crumbs on it most of the time. Having a dog to eat all the crumbs would be nice but then they shed hair all over the place.

Having a dog to eat all the crumbs would be nice 

  I am not a dog person so I decided to instead to get a 3 in 1 Stick Vacuum for my crumb problem. I like the cordless vacuum option better than a dog as it does not smell. The Black + Decker cordless vacuum is amazing for all those crumbs and is ready to use when I need it. The best part is it needs no plugging in and runs for 33 minutes before I have to charge it. I store it in my laundry room so my boys can grab it and vacuum up their crumbs. This vacuum can be used on many surfaces like tile, rug, and hardwood floors.

Three vacuums in one

 I really like that I can use this vacuum as a stick vacuum and the floor brush has a rotating piece to scoop up all the crumbs on the floor. When I need to tackle all the crumbs on the table, I just detach the top vacuum piece and I know have a handheld vacuum. This handheld vacuum is also great for the stairs and the car. Then I just add the extension tube back onto the vacuum and now I can get all those crumbs in the hard to reach places in my kitchen. I really like the small brush piece that I can attach to the extension tube as that helps me get those crumbs that seem to get stuck under the cabinets.

180° swivel steering 

  My boys love to "drive" this vacuum around the house. The 180° swivel steering and compact head provide easy maneuverability in tight spaces so they can vacuum under the table. The boys can even empty the dust canister without making a mess. The dust canister removes so easily and holds quite a bit of crumbs.


Features + Benefits Of the 3in1cordless stick vacuum

  • Powerful cleaning for everyday messes
  • Ideal for hardwood floors, rugs, and tile
  • Maneuverable in and around tight spaces
  • Washable bowl and filter for thorough cleaning
  • Indicates state of charge
  • Easy to empty dust bin
  • Low profile design for cleaning under furniture
  • Hook for self-standing and compact storage
Compact storage so it fits in my laundry room

 I have a tiny laundry room that fits only my washer and dryer in addition to a trash can. This same room is also the way to get to the garage so when one is doing laundry no one can get to the garage. I guess it could be worse as older homes in Albuquerque have their laundry hook-ups in the garage. I would sure hate having to do laundry in the winter. I am glad that I can tuck the 3 in 1 Stick Vacuum behind my trash can in the corner of my laundry room. Having this compact vacuum near the kitchen means that the boys vacuum up the crumbs daily. 

Powerful Cleaning for everyday messes

  My new Black + Decker cordless vacuum is powerful enough to use around the house. I hate dragging out the big bulky vacuum out to clean up small messes like those colorful paper shreds that come in many of my packages. So after my boys have fun opening up packages they just grab the stick vacuum and clean up the paper shreds. Since they already are having so much fun with the vacuum, I make them carry the lightweight vacuum upstairs to vacuum up all my hair in my bathroom. My husband says that I shed like a dog so that is another reason we have no dog as I don't need more hair all over the floors.

Check out the Black + Decker 3 in 1 Stick Vacuum HERE


  1. how practical is this! I think this is a must in every household!

  2. I believe next year it will be time to purchase a new vacuum for our home(even though we have a dog 😄). The 3 in 1 vacuum seems to have alot of benefits and I especially like that you can charge it so you do not have to have it plugged in (with a dog in the home it can be bothersome)

  3. Looks kind of like a swifer,but in a vacuum form. I would live one of these for my new apartment. This would be great since it's light and portable.

  4. See, this is the type of gift I like for Xmas. I like useful things that I won't throw away or shove in a closet and forget.

  5. This looks absolutely awesome! I have been wanting a new vaccuum and this black and decker 3 in one looks perfect for everything I need.

  6. This sounds like something I need! With two cats, there is always a lot to clean up - this looks fabulous!

  7. This certainly sounds like something that will make life easy for anyone who looks after cleaning. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I was thinking of getting a hand held vacuum. Because of my back pain I can't use a normal one where I would need to bend. This sounds like a great one!

  9. Oh I have this. It works great for everyday use on my hardwood floors and picking up pet hair.

  10. Oh I like this! I have a small space for our home that I barely have storage. The smaller the stuff the better. And this will reach small spaces, too.

  11. This is just what I need we have one rug and the rest tile so we don't need a big vacuum just something small and light.

  12. We've been trying to find a new vacuum. This one is absolutely perfect for our limited space.

  13. This looks perfect! Thanks for sharing. Definitely a great essential for around the house :)

  14. Awesome vacuum. I really need this on my house. This is look perfect for clean my room nice one!

  15. Great review! I exactly got the same model over the last weekend because my old one retired. He's been with us for almost 10 years. This is a powerful hoover and def. money well spent. Thx!

  16. This one's awesome!! I wonder if this is avaialbale in our country though.. this would be a big help for me to keep my schedule tact and still be productive too!

  17. I've always associated Black and Decker with power and this vacuum is not exception. Thanks for sahring.

  18. I have a dog but he is not as good as I would like about cleaning up all the crumbs! My daughters have a new apartment and this looks like it would be perfect for them.

  19. This looks like it would be such an awesome vacuum. I have always loved B&D stuff when it comes to household items.

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  22. What’s the model number for this one? Thanks

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