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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Planner Is a Must Have Tool For Smart Bloggers

Want to succeed at blogging?

I bought the above planner and then decided to become an affiliate for the company as I loved the planner.

I knew I was successful at blogging when I needed some way to keep track of all my work assignments and money that I was earning. So I knew that I needed a Planner so I could be organized and make the best of my time. Taking care of a family and working on my website is more than a full-time job. So it made perfect sense to me to invest in a planner that was going to help me organized and keep track of all that I needed to do every day. Having a planner has also helped me to make more money.  

A planner helps me to make more money!

  I just bought my 4th monthly planner and this one is the best yet. I have learned over the years what works and what does not work in blogging and I have realized that a calendar from the drugstore is way too basic for a blogger. I learned that I needed more than just a monthly calendar to look at. The planner that I use now has weekly and daily calendars with plenty of spaces for me to write things down. I also learned that to make money from blogging, I needed to spend money. This year I transformed my old office into a photo studio/workspace and it has helped me manage my time better. I love all the storage that this room has. I can quickly grab what I need to take photos. The doors are my favorite part of the room so when my job gets crazy, I can close the doors.

Making a list and checking things off

   I am a list maker and I tend to get more done when I can write it down. I also love it when I can check off the boxes when I complete the task. My new planner has 17 months and goes through the end of 2019. I am kind of bummed that I did not see the 18th-month planner that starts in January 2019  and ends June 2020. I will make sure to order that one next year as I like that I can look way ahead with planning. I already have several conferences scheduled for next October.

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Easy to see tabs are always good

 I like that my new planner has colorful tabs so I can easily get to the month that I need. In fact, the whole planner makes me smile when I use it as it is so bold with color. There is even a space to write down all the contacts for people that I work with. I love that it even has a line for emails.

Way too much to remember in a year

  Do you ever forget a doctor's appointment? The one that I always forget is the dentist. They schedule the cleanings 6 months in advance and I have to always reschedule them when they call me a week before. Now I can write the appointments down as well as other important days like birthdays in my new planner.

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Stickers are always fun

  Do you love stickers? I sure do and they are so fun to stick on my calendar. They sure do brighten my day when I see them. My new planner has way much more and I am still discovering things like pockets in both front and back. Then there are different colors for things as well as spaces for me to keep track of expenses and money. I love that I can check off when I get paid for an assignment. This planner is not only great for bloggers as it is so useful for moms, students, and more. It reminds me of what I need to do every day with my website and family life. This binder planner is always right next to me when I am working on my laptop. I am glad that it is so durable as I seem to open it and close it every day.

The time to order your monthly planner for next year is now!

  Have you ordered your planner for next year? You want to have your planner ready by January so you can start keeping track of all those things that you need to do. The holidays are always super busy so you don't want to forget to buy one. The planner that I bought is on sale right now and with my coupon code momknowsbest you can save an additional 30% off. Get it now and after Christmas, you can spend some me time filling it all in with those important dates. I need to get some colorful markers for my planner as color just brightens my day. GO to denisealbright.com and use my momknowsbest at checkout to get 30% off of your order. I would hurry as this code is only good through December 15th, 2018.

 Use code momknowsbest at checkout for 30% off your order! 

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