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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Prevent Neck Pain With The Levo Tablet Stand

Do you need a hands free way to relax with your tablet?

 This unique tablet stand allows you to relax in comfort while you watch your favorite movie or catch up on work. This stand has wheels so you can use it anywhere you like and you will be able to have your hands-free and no longer strain your neck while trying to watch the screen on your tablet. The tablet stand accommodates many sizes of tablets and holds them tight with its locking feature. The flexible arm moves in many positions so you can sit, recline, or lie in bed with the LEVO. This stand has so many uses around the house. You can use it while on the treadmill or it can help you in the kitchen to hold the recipe on your tablet in the perfect height. It extends from 30 inches to 56 inches high. I am thinking it will help me to get that perfect selfie or video for my website.

LEVO G2 Tablet Floor Stand features:
quick-lock height adjustments
heavy-duty structure
lustrous anodized aluminum finish
read tablets and books (book platform sold separately)
available with the power to charge your devices

 This tablet stand is already loved by my boys. They love to watch their favorite videos while relaxing on the sofa. I like that the Levo Tablet Stand holds my tablet in tight so my tablet is safe when they are using it. The movable stand makes it easy for my boys to move it from as it has wheels on it. The adjustable stand makes it easy for my boys to recline or sit up whether they are watching videos or surfing the web.

Great for selfies and more!

  I really love the Levo Tablet Stand for my work. I can place my tablet in it and use the "cheese" setting to take pictures of myself. That is awesome as it gives my son a break from being my photographer. I can also use this unique tablet stand for my product review videos. I love how I can get the right angle when taking videos with my tablet as the arm and tablet holder move in so many directions. This stand even has optional power so I can charge my devices while using it. This durable tablet stand is so useful.

Great for making cookies

  I even use this versatile table stand in the kitchen. I lock my tablet into the stand and then I can see my cookie recipe while I mix up the ingredients. My messy hands never touch my tablet so it stays clean. This movable tablet stand gets so much use. How did I ever live without it?

Check out the LEVO G2 Tablet Floor Stand HERE

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Thank you for such a sweet tutorial - all this time later, I've found it and love the end result. I appreciate the time you spent sharing your skills.

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