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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cosmic Cubs Teach Kids About The Solar System And Ecology

“This post has been sponsored by Cosmic Cubs.  All thoughts and opinions are my own"

 My family recently took an overnight train trip and it was a great trip. Traveling by train was way better than a long car ride. My husband liked that he could relax instead of driving and I liked that we could move around on the train. My boys liked that they could spend their time playing games and watching movies. Since they brought with their tablets, I loaded them with some fun educational apps so they could learn while playing games. I made sure that I selected kid-safe apps that taught my boys yet were fun to play. My boys have been into space and the solar system lately as they had recently learned them at school. So when I looked into some apps for kids, I came across Cosmic Cubs and I loved that this safe app for kids made learning about space with fun puzzles. As I was downloading the Cosmic Cubs Space Puzzles app on my Android device, (also available for iPhone), I notice that Cosmic Cubs also had an Eco Puzzler app that could teach my kids about the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. I am all about saving the earth so I also downloaded that app onto my boy's tablet. Cosmic Cubs also has a cute Cosmic Cubs Dress Up app that kids could play dress-up with the space cubs and I added that one to my list of apps for my granddaughter when she gets older.

Learning Apps For Ages 3 and Up
 I really loved that these fun educational apps could make device time learning time. I am the mom who wants to help children succeed in school and I know that learning apps can enhance their knowledge. The learning games on the educational apps were great for kids as early as three years old but since they have different levels that ranged from easy to hard, I knew that they would keep my boys entertained. The kid-safe apps had my boys learning about the solar system and ecology through different fun puzzles. My boys had to solve the puzzles to reveal pictures and facts about the planets and tips about the 3Rs. The best part was some of the games were free to play so you can check it out before you purchase the app.

Color your favorite Cosmic Cub while learning more about our universe.
Download and print educational coloring pages HERE

The Games Lead To Great Discussions
 Since we were on the train, I had fun helping my boys solve the puzzles. The boys and I had fun seeing who could solve the puzzles the quickest and with the least moves. Once we solved the puzzle, we took turns reading the facts. I loved that the Cosmic Cubs Space solar system games taught my boys about the different planets and stars. My boys learned that the surface of Venus has no water or oxygen and many volcanos. The games even rewarded us with beautiful images from NASA. The Eco Puzzler games lead to the boys and I discussing of ways we could do better on reducing and recycling around the house, like using bringing our reusable cloth bags to the store so we would not need a plastic bag for our groceries.

Great Fun For Younger Kids
 My boys even had fun passing the time on the train playing with the Cosmic Cubs Dress Up app. This fun app is geared more towards the younger preschool age kids but my boys had fun dressing up the space cubs and selecting different items for the cubs to play with. Once my boys were done creating the Cosmic Cubs danced for them. If we were at home, we could even print some Cosmic Cubs coloring pages. My boys still enjoy coloring and I wished I had thought about bringing with crayons and coloring pages.

Check Out The Three Cosmic Cubs Apps

Cosmic Cubs Eco Puzzler • Ages 3+ • Free or $1.99
Join the Cosmic Cubs to learn about the 3 R's-Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle -- while playing a slide puzzle. Kids quickly figure out which puzzle pieces move in position to recreate an image. This app helps raise awareness and offers suggestions for children to save the earth resources. 

Cosmic Cubs Dress Up • Ages 3+ • Free or $1.99
Clothes make the man and the cub! Choose from hundreds of different items to dress the various Cosmic Cubs as they step out into space. Look for enchanting themes from Princess to Spy.
Outerwear, helmets, scenery and more make this a delightful way to spend downtime with family or as solo play in the backseat of the car.

Cosmic Cubs Space Puzzles • Ages 3+ • Free or $1.99
The Cosmic Cubs are exploring the Solar System and you can travel along. Learn about the solar system, with NASA images and fun facts about the universe. Download the free version that
provides access to 17 images of the inner solar system, from the
Earth and the Moon inward to the Sun. You can also purchase all
54 of the puzzles of the outer planets and entire the Universe.
Children will be exposed to beautiful images from NASA and
can learn about Planets, stars and other fun facts about space.

Cosmic Cubs apps are fun and engaging while teaching children 3 and older about the solar system and the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Each small step can become a giant leap in learning! Blast off to a Cosmic Cubs galaxy of learning fun! Explore the universe with the Cosmic Cubs! Cosmic Cubs is KIDSAFE certified.

  Download Cosmic Cubs apps at the iTunes App store and Google Play. 

To learn more about these educational apps click HERE


Scrapbook Adventures said...

Looks like a fun resource - both fun and educational.

Sarah Bailey said...

This sounds like an absolutely awesome club to help teach kids about the universe around it. It is after all such a fun thing to be able to learn about!

Delhifundos said...

Thanks for sharing this I will definitely going to download this app. Look like amazing app

Anonymous said...

My stepdaughter is really into planets and learning about them at the moment. So, thank you for bringing this to my attention as its definitely something she would enjoy.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

This is really cool! I'll definitely have to show this to my brother to show to my nephew. Thanks for letting me know!

Hannah Marie said...

This is one helpful, educational and interactive way to learn. I think kids are going to love this. Something pretty interesting to try.

Mommy Peach said...

This looks like an awesome app for kids because they will learn a lot about the solar syatem. I will definitely download it

MadLynx said...

Cosmic Cubs sounds absolutely adorable and educational to boot. I will have to get this for my Nephew! ~The Virginia Nymph

Holly Hood said...

I love a train ride, it is so much fun for kids. This sounds like a great app for kids. It is always great when you are having fun and educating at the same time.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great game for kids. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future.

robot unicorn said...

I think this is the best way to teach kids about the solar system.. Everyone needs to take into consideration it.

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