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Thursday, May 23, 2019

What To Pack For A Fitness Conference

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  I am heading to California next month for a wonderful fitness conference and I am so excited. This conference is all about fitness and nutrition, some of my passions. SHINE is the newest Influencer event by IDEA Heath + Fitness Association. This event replaces Blogfest and will be held in Anaheim this year. I attended Blogfest in 2017 when it was held in Las Vegas and it was an amazing conference for bloggers who write about fitness, wellness, and nutrition. The Shine blogger conference is a great way for us influencers to light up our purpose and passions. It is also a great event to network with other influencers and brands who have the same passions of helping people take control of their health.

What do I pack?

 Shine is different than any other blogging conference, even those designed for healthy living bloggers so you will be packing things like workout clothes. This is the conference that you get to live in your fitness attire as you will be attending exercise classes and trying out all the newest fitness equipment. It is the one time that wearing yoga pants will make a great first impression. So pack your best workout clothes. This fitness conference is the perfect excuse to buy some new fitness clothes and some cute fitness socks.  It is also the best time to splurge on a new pair of running shoes. Of course, there are many other items that you will need to bring to this event and I have a great list of things that came in handy for me at my last fitness conference.

Fitness Clothes
 Since you will be attending a fitness conference for 4 days, make sure to pack enough exercise clothes for four days. I like to mix things up and I pack a couple pairs of yoga pants, some running skirts and a couple pairs of running shorts. I also pack things like tank tops, running bras, and cute matching knee-high socks. I also pack a pair of running shoes. I discovered this wonderful website that sells fun knee-high socks. Chrissy's Knee High Socks has a wide selection of custom socks that offer endless possibilities when it comes to putting together outfits with knee-high socks. There are so many ways to match socks to any outfits and Chrissy's Knee High Socks even has 185+ photos to show how to achieve the perfect look with knee-high socks. It seems that knee-high socks are the current trend for runners so I need to grab me some cute socks. I really love the pink socks with ice cream cones and the watermelon socks. These socks will look so cute with my running skirts. These knee-high socks are the perfect sports socks. I love that these socks are made in the USA! Chrissy's Knee High Socks has so many cute socks that I will have a hard time selecting which pairs of knee-high socks to purchase.

Other Clothes
 I like to also pack a couple other outfits beyond fitness clothes. The conference has a fun party on the first night so I will be packing a cute dress and sandals for this party. I will also pack the standards like pajamas, swimsuit, undies, and outfits to wear while traveling. Since I will be arriving a day early, I will be packing some shorts and a top so I can explore the area. This will be a perfect excuse to buy some cute knee-high socks that will match my shorts as I will make sure to wear my gym shoes when walking around town. These knee-high socks are the best casual socks for any day. I traveled to Anaheim last fall and I made the mistake of walking from the hotel to downtown Disney. That long walk gave me some blisters on my feet. So I will be wearing my running shoes and my cute knee-high socks when I go exploring the area.

Backpack or Bag
I like to bring a small bag or backpack when I attend conferences so I have something to carry my items like a water bottle, snacks, and phone. Since I am staying in a hotel that is a mile away from the conference, a backpack will come in handy for the walk to carry all the things that I will need for the day. I recently bought this cute tropical backpack and I used it on a train trip that my family took to visit my mom. This smaller bag has plenty of pockets so I can easily find my phone and business cards.

Phone and Charger

 Make sure to bring your phone and charger along with charging cords to the fitness retreat as you will want to take lots of pictures. Since you will on social media part of the time showing new products to your followers, make sure to bring a phone charger so your battery does not fail you. That way you don't have to be a wall hugger. I really like the lightweight phone charger that I featured on my fitness gift guide last year as it charges my phone up to 6 times.

Water Bottle
Since you will be exercising at a fitness conference, a water bottle is a must. You will be participating in exercise classes so you will need to drink plenty of water to replenish all that healthy sweating that you will be doing. Did you know that sweating is good for you? That way you can refill it often from the water stations. I received the best reusable water bottle in my swag bag from Blogfest and that is my favorite water bottle to bring to conferences. This metal water bottle keeps my water cold all day and is so easy to refill.

 Since you will be more active at a fitness conference, it is a must to pack healthy snacks. I like to pack snacks with protein and carbs so I have plenty of energy to participate in the workout sessions. Some of my favorite snacks to pack are dried fruit, nuts, and vegan protein powder. I always pack a shaker bottle so I can easily mix up my protein drink for lunch or after a workout. My favorite protein powder is dairy-free and tastes great when mixed in water. I love packing the Nuzest Real Coffee protein powder in my bag for traveling so I get my caffeine and 20 grams of protein in one delicious creamy drink. When you buy Nuzest through my link, you can save 15% off your order

The one product that I always pack when traveling

 Traveling always seems to mess with my potty habits as my eating is not always the same. That can lead to constipation and who has time for that? So I always pack my favorite prebiotic fiber supplement in my travel bag.  I just sprinkle the tasteless powder over my food or mix into a drink once a day and my gut is happy. The packets are so easy to pack!

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Business Cards
  Since I will be attending a blogger conference, I will be networking with brands so business cards are a must. Make sure that your name and contact info is on your cards so the brands can reach out to you later. 

Pen and Note Pad
 I always get some get information from the sessions that I attend at blogger conferences so I like to bring a small note pad to write it all down. Sure a computer would come in handy for note taking but I like to pack light for fitness conferences as you tend to move around to different rooms throughout the day.

Running Belt
 My favorite accessory to wear to a fitness event is a running belt so I have somewhere to stash my phone, money, and hotel key. When I participate in the exercise classes, I don't have to worry about these items when I park my backpack in the room. The running belt also makes it so easy to grab my phone for taking pictures as it is right there on my waist.

Small Towel
 Since you will be working out and sweating, a small towel is good to have in your backpack. Other items that would come in handy are moist wipes, natural deodorant, and a hair tye. If your feet tend to sweat, an extra pair of socks is always a good thing to pack in your bag for the fitness conference. That gives you another reason to buy several pairs of these chic comfortable sporty knee-high socks from Chrissy's Knee High Socks.  I have so many favorites of these socks that I am having a hard time deciding which pairs to buy for this fitness conference. I really love that knee-high socks can be worn with almost any outfit. These cute socks would look great with shorts, skirts, and pants. I really love the pairs of knee-high socks with the ice cream cones and the ones that look like watermelons would go great with my watermelon leggings. So many awesome choices of socks!

Which pair of knee-high socks would you purchase?

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  1. I am a terrible packer, so this is helpful. I'm not sure if I'd go to a fitness conference though. I tend to be allergic to exercise and I love to eat things that are bad for me.

    1. You sound like my husband. He drags himself to the gym with me and does not have fun.

  2. This is going to help a lot of people like me (awful packers). LOL Water, snacks, and a charger are all key.

  3. I go to the gym almost everyday. I love what you're packing in your gym bag, it is awesome. Cute and awesome.

  4. These are helpful tips. If I'm ever invited to a fitness conference, I now have an excellent reference!

  5. We love the Regular Girl product too! Love how it is not thick and globby!!

    1. Glad to here that you are a Regular Girl fan. I too love that it is not globby

  6. These are all great ideas. I've never been to a fitness conference before. I really do love those socks though!

  7. Loved your tips and what's in your gym bag! So many things I don't have in mine!

  8. I do love the socks. I am a backpack person. The bigger the bag the more crap I end up hoarding in it.

  9. Great tips not only for a fitness conference, but also for a sport trip. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Toni | Boulder LocavoreMay 24, 2019 at 4:01 AM

    This is really helpful! Thanks for all the tips!

  11. I never went to fitness conference. But, if I had to ever go then I will probably go in the form you have listed here. It sounds perfect.

  12. I'm always such an overpacker, it looks like you do a much better job. Never been to a fitness conference before.

  13. awesome packing guide! looks kinda similar to what I pack for running a big event somewhere far (I guess the fitness part takes it all)/. Enjoy!

  14. I've never been in a fitness conference and I don't think I will, but I have to say your advice is always convenient and appreciated.

  15. Great post! Here I am wondering why I never packed knee-high socks for my trips. I try to go to the gym whenever I am staying at, but I never thought of the idea of wearing knee-high socks. Looks super cute! I'm trying these tips from now on.

    Candace Hampton

  16. Great tips on what to pack! I didn't think about some of these so thanks for sharing!!!

  17. I never knew that there is a fitness conference! That is amazing that you get to enjoy such a fun event!

  18. This is a really useful resource! I have never been to a fitness conference so I wouldn't know where to begin!

  19. You obviously don't want to over pack for a conference. All of this makes a lot of sense. Nothing was missed in here.

  20. Fitness conferences are the best conferences. You have packed all the necessary items. Can't think of anything that you might have missed. Bookmarking this post

  21. Great info on what to pack for a fitness conference. Had no idea about this conference sounds really interesting.

  22. I love reading packing and travel tips from which I always learn something. Each person has the wisdom of travel and packing, and we need to share this treasure!

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