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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Interactive Learning In The Kitchen With Eat2explore

Make learning fun with cooking

      I received a food subscription box from Eat2explore to facilitate this post.

  As a mom to five kids, I have learned that the best way to help kids learn is to make it exciting and fun. That way kids will have no clue that they are learning. I am that mom who wants to help my child to succeed in school so they can get a good job later on. One way that I like to teach my kids is through cooking. Cooking can teach kids not only the skills that they need but also teach them math, science, and even history. Yes, you can teach kids history through cooking and make your kitchen an interactive learning place. You can make learning history fun for kids with Eat2explore. Eat2Explore is a fun subscription box for kids that includes tasting ingredients from other countries as well as fun learning materials so you can create delicious recipes with your kids while learning about other cultures. The best part is eating food dishes from other countries without having to hop on a plane.

Cooking Subscription Box for Families

 My boys were sent a food subscription box from Eat2explore and the theme for the month was Japan. This monthly subscription box was a great weekend activity for some quality time with my boys. My boys are starting to enjoy cooking and this food craft box is something that they look forward to just like the delicious Gramma dessert boxes that we get every month. The Gramma subscription boxes have helped my boys learn how to make cookies and the Eat2explore boxes will help them learn how to make healthy meals. My boys will one day move out and will have to cook so learning how to make healthy food is always a good thing.

What is eat2explore and is in the cooking subscription box?
Eat2explore is a monthly cooking subscription box that contains food from around the world so experience food from another country along with a history lesson. Your kids will learn about other cultures while tasting new food. This subscription box is the beginning of learning about people around the world.

What is in the box:
3 recipes (4 servings each)
essential spice/sauce mixes
shopping list for fresh ingredients
educational country brochures
educational activity sheets
fun cooking tools
flag pins, stickers, passport

Learning so much through cooking

 Kids learn so much through cooking. Cooking teaches kids math as they have to measure the ingredients. Cooking also teaches kids many basic skills like how to use a knife safely and how to use a stove. Kids also expand their reading with cooking as they read the recipes. The activity sheets that were included in the box will give my boys some learning like math, science, social studies, and science. My boys can do the activities while waiting for the food to cook. There is even a word search and a Hiragana Chart so my boys could learn how to write in Japanese.

Salmon teriyaki

Trying new foods
 The Eat2explore box included just the spices and sauce that we needed to make the international dishes so we had to head to the store to buy other ingredients like soba, salmon, and green cabbage. These are new foods to my boys so they were excited to try them. Some of the recipes also called for meat but I liked that one had a vegetarian option. Since we don't eat meat, I will substitute fish for the chicken in one of the recipes, and that way we can still experience the flavors from the sauces and seasonings. I really like that the recipe cards have pictures on them. This month the boys and I made the Okonomiyaki which is a Japanese cabbage pizza. It was super easy to make. The included sauces made this cabbage pizza so yummy. This pizza reminded me of tempura veggies that were made into a pancake. The recipe called for shredded cabbage but I made it easier and used a coleslaw mix. I also did not add the bacon. I do declare that our recipe looks very similar to the photo above that was included in the box. The boys are excited to cook the Salmon teriyaki with the toasted nori and Japanese sticky rice. We will cook this recipe next.

Where can I try out eat2explore?
You can find more information about the Eat2explore subscription box from around the world boxes and their monthly subscriptions on their WEBSITE. This box is a great way for the whole family to learn about other cultures.

What country would you like to learn more about?


Cristina Petrini said...

Who says that with healthy products you can't make exquisite dishes? You have shown it! Yummy!

AiringMyLaundry said...

How neat! I might have to pick this up for my kids. They'd get a kick out of trying new foods from around the world.

Katie Beck said...

This is an excellent idea for young ones! I love getting my kids in the kitchen, cooking with me definitely makes them more apt to try new things.

thesummerwinediary said...

What a cool little subscription food box. My boy is too young for cooking now but as he grows up I will definitely teach him how to cook at least some basic dishes. Cooking is a life skill that should be taught in all schools. You're doing such a great job as a mom of 5. You have all my admiration!

Chad said...

oh this is amazingggg!!! I super love the idea, it is so engaging and super fun. I will get it for sure, thanks a lot

Why Girls Are Weird said...

This looks yummy AND fun! I may have to try this out sometime, thank you!

Dalene Ekirapa said...

That is a subscription box!!! Goodness! Just look at how packed it is, with awesome stuff. I love that it includes foods from countries around the world plus recipes to prepare such. Learn and enjoy the meals!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

sounds like a prefect idea ad a fantastic box! I am so very much in love! I wish it was delivered to where I live

Mavs Escala said...

This is such a nice subscription box! I want to subscribe too. Such cuties.

Going With Karen said...

This is such a cool idea!

Alexandra said...

I really love this idea! This is such a great way to learn abroad without actually leaving!

David Elliott said...

I think it would be really fun to try this out. As my daughter is getting more experimental in her food choices, this would be a good way to go.

Ewuzie Kingsley said...

Having to go through your post has taught me something interesting that indeed,Cooking can teach kids not only the skills that they need but also teach them math, science, and even history This is interesting To me

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