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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Gardening In The Southwest Desert

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 When I moved to Albuquerque many years ago from the midwest, I had to learn how to garden in the desert. Living in the desert has its challenges when it comes to having a garden. Since it does not rain much in the desert, our gardens and yards are quite different in drastic ways. When people from the midwest come visit me for the first time, they notice right away that most yards do not have grass. Our yards are instead are landscaped with rocks as maintaining a green lawn requires a lot of water. Since it does not rain much in the desert, water is not something to be wasted here. For those that do choose have grass in their yard, they are only allowed grass in a 1/4 of their yard and even that amount can use a lot of water to keep it green. So having grass in your yard can mean an expensive water bill.

 So for those of us who do not want an expensive water bill and want to conserve water, there are other options for having a beautiful garden. We choose to grown beautiful plants that are native to the southwest and can survive the heat of the desert. We have a garden that is xeriscaped with drought-resistant plants. Drought-resistant plants require very little water after they are established in your yard. Again since Albuquerque gets very little rain, we are always in a drought so plants that require very little water are always best to have in your garden. Plants like cactus are plants that can survive with very little water but there are many more plants like this. The purple sage bush and yucca plants are other plants that are drought resistant plants as well as some evergreens. These are plants that only need to be watered once a week in the hot summer.

 Other plants that grow in the desert of the southwest are wildflowers and weeds. The weeds seem to grow like crazy in my yard despite never getting any water. It seems that I am always pulling weeds in my garden and most of these weeds have thorns on them. So every year I always buy a pair of durable gardening gloves so I pull the weeds out of my garden. For the smaller weeds, I like to spray them with my All Natural Homemade Weed Killer Spray that works in a day. My non-toxic weed spray only takes 3 ingredients to make and does a great job. I am always amazed at how fast the weeds die after I spray them with this natural weed spray.

 For the taller weeds that are easy to pull, I wear garden gloves that have a textured latex coating so I can get a good grip on the weeds to yank them out of the dirt. These gloves also protect my hands from the thorns.

The best garden gloves to protect your hands

 The pair of garden gloves that I like are ones made by KAYGO and sold on Amazon. I like that I can get three pairs of the KAYGO KG13L Gardening Gloves for a great price so my boys can help me pull the weeds. These gloves are comfortable and provide great breathability so my hands do not sweat while I work in the garden. I really love that the gloves are puncture resistant so the thorns from the weeds do not hurt my hands. If you need a pair of durable gardening gloves you can save 20% off your purchase with my code MOMKNOWSKG To buy a pair of these gardening gloves CLICK HERE. The promo code is valid through August 31, 2019.

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 Gardening in the southwest may be different but I have learned how to grow plants with little water. The plants in my yard still look beautiful and I don't mind having rocks instead of grass. That means that I don't have to mow any lawns. After the yard work is done and the weeds are all pulled, I love to relax in my yard in my Adirondack chairs. I restored these purple Adirondack chairs several years ago and they make my yard an oasis in the desert. The chairs were easy to restore and I save money by not having to buy new yard furniture. To see what my Adirondack chairs looked like before I painted them Click HERE.


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