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Sunday, July 30, 2017

I Gave Up My Plastic Water Bottle

 I never thought that I would make the switch.

I was never a fan of metal water bottles. I had my purple plastic water bottle that I always carried with me and I was good. I would get metal water bottles in the mail from brands that I was working with and would try them and just did not care for them. The water tasted weird in them and I hated drinking from the wide spout as have the time I would spill water down my shirt. Then there was the problem of me losing the lid and don't get me started on that loud ping sound they made when tipped over. My husband loved his metal water bottle as it kept his coffee hot and water cold but that did not excite me as I just could not get past the way the water tasted. I use a water bottle for drinking water and the water has got to taste good so I was happy with my favorite purple plastic water bottle. I was not going to switch.

  Well that all changed a week ago at Blogfest. In my swag bag, there was a teal water bottle that caught my eye. Once I looked at it and saw that it was metal, I was like cool I can give this to my teen as he was asking for one. I decided to check out the water bottle's website to learn more about the bottle. Well going to https://takeyausa.com was a good thing. I saw all the pretty colors that their water bottles came in and saw the pretty purple one. Anything in purple grabs my attention and I just have to have it. So I decided to visit the Takeya's booth in the expo at Blogfest and see if they would exchange my teal water bottle with the purple one. Once they saw I was wearing purple and I told them that I need my water bottle to match my outfit for pictures, they were happy to switch bottles. While at the Takeya booth, I learned about some wonderful features of their Active Line water bottles and I also saw all the colors they came in. The Lime and Solar ones were also so pretty! It was these wonderful features of the water bottle that convinced me to give up my plastic water bottle. The one feature that helped me to switch was the way the water tasted. The Takeya water bottle may be a metal one but it did not have that metal taste at the small spout was made from plastic. The awesome purple coating on the bottle also did not feel like metal. Check out some of the great features:

 + Insulation in lid means no condensation through top of lid – and protects beverage temperature even longer
One-handed delivery makes it easy to hydrate while moving or driving
+ Sip, chug or pour your drink with ease
+ Leak-proof twist cap means no more spills
+ Hinge-Lock™ keeps cap out of the way while drinking
+ Wide loop handle with smooth swing action for all day carrying comfort
+ Stainless steel handle pin for extra durability

+ Double wall design keeps drinks ice cold to help you revive quickly
+ Vacuum insulation keeps bottles sweat-free
+ Powder coated for sure grip - even when hands are sweaty
+ No flavor transfer – switch from pre-workout to water, to protein shake with no lingering tastes
+ Insulated, leak-proof, "one-hand delivery" Spout Lid - perfect when you're on the go
Protective bumper for added durability
+ Lifetime Warranty: Awesome. Guaranteed.

Once I got home from Blogfest, my teen tried to take my Takeya water bottle and I said "no! It is purple and it is mine!" The teen begged for me to get him one and I said: "we'll see." I have been using this wonderful water bottle for a week and my other plastic water bottle has been put away. I am so glad that I made the switch from plastic and I just love how my water stays cold even when I leave it in the hot car. I take this water bottle everywhere! Just look at all the wonderful colors that this water bottle comes in. I think I just might need the lime one to match my other clothes. You must visit their website to check out this awesome water bottle and how vibrant the colors are as this picture does not show it that well.

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