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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Encourage Your Kids To Want More

So your children are getting to that age now where they are being asked about what they want to do when they're older. Yes, they grow up so soon! But don't panic, they're not quite there yet. You still have time to fill them up with your own personal knowledge and wisdom before they venture out into the big wide world and find their own.
Here's how you can do just that.

Encourage them to study hard.
It's important to let your children know the reason they should study so hard. It's no good just saying "It's for the future!" - They know that already. Their teachers probably say it to them every three minutes, so much so that it becomes meaningless. If you want your child to study harder - tell them why. Explain to them the pros and cons, and what can and can't happen if you get a good education under your belt. Most children won't respond well to you getting frustrated with them - it'll just make them close themselves off even more. They're growing up now, so speak to them like the 'almost adult' they think they are, and you can expect a whole different response.

Encourage them to get a part-time job.
They have to start somewhere, and one of the easiest and most popular lines of work to get into is catering. Whether that be someone working in the kitchen cleaning up dirty dishes, or on the other side waiting on guests, taking their orders, and making sure they're happy. You can find basic tips for applying to work at Red Lobster and application information found here. They don't have to want a career as a waiter or waitress, but just getting out there and having to work, and then to see money in their hand at the end of the night will install a drive in them that any parent wants their children to have. It's telling them - look what you get if you work hard - see how it pays off? Remind them that they can find something that pays well, that they actually love waking up early for - if they train hard enough.

Encourage them to make the most of every opportunity.
Teach your children the importance of taking every opportunity they get. This can mean anything from a job, work experience, or even a trip away. The more knowledge and life lessons they get to have, the more they will grow as a person and have a better understanding of who they are and what they want. It's no good putting the pressure on them to make a decision now - while it's good for them to think about their future - you don't want to put fear into them about how the next chapters of their life are going to go. They grow up so fast, so enjoy it while they're young. Have fun with them. Take them away to different places, and share new experiences together as a family before they’re ‘too old’ for that.

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