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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Homemade Galaxy Slime

                The color of this non-toxic slime is so pretty.

 Summer is here and I am always looking for craft ideas to keep the boys busy. While looking online for a craft idea, I came across this awesome recipe for Galaxy Slime over at Gina Michele. I really like her recipe as it does not have Borax in it and that means my sensitive skin son can play with it. My boy's really liked that Gina Michele's recipe used glitter glue to give it a cool look and color without food dye. The last batch of slime that we attempted to make used food coloring and it stained my boy's hands blue.

  I had to make a run to the store to get the glitter glue and the contact solution. I was very happy that those ingredients cost less than $5.00. I chose a pretty blue color of glitter glue.

Then the fun began and I let the boys make the Galaxy Slime. The boys enjoyed creating this sparkly goo of slime. I love that the glitter stays in the slime and does not get all over the house! This recipe made a nice stretchy slime and the blue sparkle just begged me to play with the slime. It was so fun and a bit messy for the boys to make the slime, thank goodness we have soap and water. So I sent the boys to the sink to wash their hands with the new Softsoap® Hand Wash Plus Lotion™ liquid hand soap that I just received the other day. This soap is so gentle on my skin and makes them feel so soft. These Soft Soaps have lotion in them so they feel so silky. The Orchid & Coconut Milk is my favorite as it smells so good! This soap also has other scents like Aloe Water & Lime and Shea & Cocoa Butter.

               Sponsored post: I was sent samples of soap to facilitate this post. #SoftsoapTouch

Homemade Galaxy Slime
Supplies needed:
4 oz Glitter school glue, I used blue
1/2 Tablespoon Baking soda
1 Tablespoons Contact lens solution
Container or bowl
Old spoon (that you no longer use for food)

This makes one small ball of slime.

1. Pour all of the glue into the container. My glitter glue came in 3 oz, so I had to add 1 oz of white school glue.
2. Add the baking soda and stir
3. Add the contact lens solution.
4. Scoop the slime out of the bowl and start molding it with your hands. If it feels too sticky, add another spoonful of contact lens solution.

 After the boys played with the colored slime, I sent them off to wash their hands. I am also happy that my youngest son did not get any rashes on his hands from the slime.

                                Hand washing is always a good thing after playing with slime.

Washing your hands not only gets the dirt off but it also takes care of germs. I make my boys wash their hands a lot so I am glad that Softsoap has lotion in it to keep their hands moisturized.

Make sure to store the Galaxy slime in a zipper plastic bag so it does not dry out. 


Alayna said...

I follow a bunch of Instagram accounts that do nothing but make slime. There's something about the videos that calms me down.

Tiffany Meiter said...

That's really fun! It seems like a great activity to do with your kids.

Sarah Bailey said...

I love seeing all the different slimes around at the moment, I love the shine on yours, this is definitely one I would love to try making myself.

Cathy Mini said...

This homemade slime project is so stinking cool! I wish we made stuff like this when I was a kid on summer break!!

Parenting Patch said...

My kids love playing with slime! Your homemade galaxy slime looks super fun and easy to make!

Unknown said...

I know some kids who would absolutely love playing with this galaxy slime! Looks like heaps of fun

crystalcarder said...

My kids would love this slime. We went to an event a while back and they made slime, but they used the craziest chemicals, so I wouldn't let my kids touch it. This slime looks safe and easy to make.

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

I love that this recipe doesn't use Borax! I am totally going to make this with my daughter!

Blair Villanueva said...

I have a friend who uses slime to relief his stress. I will share this to him :)

Unknown said...

How cool!!! I have 2 boys at home who will absolutely love doing this!

Pooja Kawatra said...

We also keep on doing this slimy stuff at home and so good for their motor skills.

Garf said...

This is cool. I would like to play slime myself ;-)

. said...

I have notice so many kids are into slime.

Apolline Adiju said...

This sounds like really fun and I am so tempted to try out your recipe at my home too. Thanks for the recipe.

PR Daily PH said...

My niece loves DIY slime. For sure she will be thrilled when I show your recipe to her.

Innocent Mk said...

As a parent of a school age child you are no doubt familiar with slime. That's right, I am talking about that stretchy, ooey gooey toy product which kids are going ape over.here

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Unknown said...

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