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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Working Out In a Gym VS Exercising Outdoors

Which is better? Exercising outside or working out in the gym? Keep reading to find out. You might be surprised at the answer.

  I so love running outdoors and never thought that I would join a gym. When the opportunity came through my husband’s work to join a gym for free, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.  I loved this opportunity so much that I joined three gyms, hey they were all free. 

 Each gym had different perks so that is why I joined three. One gym was close to my house, only a ½ a mile away.  This gym was open 24/7 but was small and did not have many different machines. The next gym that I really loved was 10 miles from the house but was huge and had a pool and hot tub. The last gym was three miles away and had plenty of different machines, the truth is, I joined this one as they offered pizza and bagels a couple times a month as well as free haircuts. 

My teen thought I was crazy. Joining three different gyms that I probably would not regularly visit to work out. My teen likes to compare me to a person who joins a gym after New Year's Day. You know the person who is the New Year gym sign-up person that has good intentions of getting fit but then after the first month stops going to the gym. Did you know that most gyms make a lot of money off people who join gyms at the beginning of the year?

My teen might just be correct when calling me a New Years Gym person.  Right now my attendance at the gym in the past 2 weeks has only been three times.  I guess I am so used to running outdoors that it is going to take some time for me to take advantage of the benefits of working out in the gym.

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 The one thing that I do before working out in a gym or outdoors is to grab a healthy snack so my body has the energy it needs. I am all about getting extra nutrition in my body and my favorite snack lately is a healthy protein smoothie. My favorite protein smoothie is made with Nuzest protein powder. I love that this protein powder is made with clean plant-based ingredients. The vegan protein powder is vegan and allergy-friendly. So it contains no nasty ingredients like soy, milk, nuts, or GMOs. It is a gluten-free protein powder and contains plenty of protein. 

So what do I like about the gym?

 I like that the machines work with different parts of my body. My arms need some toning as running outdoors is great for my legs but not those “Bingo” arms that my teenager says I have. So when I am at the gym there are a couple of machines that have me moving my arms and legs. I can also feel the machines in my abs so that might help with my "spare tire". I also like using the kettlebells after working out to help further tone my arms. The gym is also air-conditioned so I can work out any time during the day in the summer.

What do I not like about the gym?

 I tend to not get a good fast workout on the machines as I get distracted by the TV screens and they slow me down. I am still learning the programming of the machines so I need to up the intensity on them. I also get bored with the machines and watch the clock, I can only look out the window for so long.

What do I like about running outdoors?

 With running I feel I get a better workout as I have a hurry-up and get-it-done attitude. I have a couple of routes that give me four miles of running so I run fast to get to the point of my turnaround. Then I have to always run back to get home. I also get lots of wonderful changing views when I run like seeing hot air balloons in the sky or a rabbit running past me.

What do I not like about running outdoors?

I have to get up early in the summertime to beat the heat, I am not a morning person. In the winter I have to wear more clothes in order to run outside, I like running in shorts. Then there is the bathroom problem. If I don't time my running right and I have to go potty, there are no bathrooms outside.

    So as you can see there are pros and cons to each way of exercising. I am just happy that I have both options available to me. Now I just have to figure out a schedule to combine both the gym and my running so I can get the benefits of both. Visiting the gym has inspired me to do some arm work at home. I bought a balance board and found my old weights. So now I do a couple of minutes of standing on my balance board along with some arm exercises. The weights that I have are only 3 pounds so I need to get some 5 and 10-pound kettlebells.

Which is your favorite way to exercise? Indoors at the gym or outside? Do you like running?

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  1. I bought a balance board too because it was recommended by a physical therapist for strong legs and knees. It sounds like you are getting inspired lately to work out more and that is excellent.

  2. I really need to find these Good Green snacks!!! Wow your husband must have an awesome job! LOL love that you could join SO MANY gyms for free! GO YOU!

    1. He works for the city and the health insurance that we have gives us this perk.

  3. I'm really inspired! Need to be more physically fit.

  4. I'm really inspired from this post! Taking care of our health and Body is very important to be more productive.

  5. Being physically fit is not only to keep our body healthy but also our mind.

  6. I like exercising both in a gym and outside but I have to say these days walking on a treadmill is easier because I can multitask whilst walking haha. Love to read my book! I also do barre classes for strength and just started yoga for flexibility!

  7. As a busy stay at home mom and homemaker, I get most of my work outs around the house. Just today I lugged boxes and baskets up and down my stairs more times than I can remember!

  8. Yeah there are pros and cons to both. I hate excerise in the winter, arthritis at 35 sucks, so if it's warm, I know my muscles work better. So it would be outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter.

  9. Oh so this is the snack bar that my cousin is raving for! I like running as my workout, I prefer outdoor because of fresh air.

  10. I am a GYM girl. I hate working out outside - LOL! Sounds weird, but it's very true and everyone knows this about me.
    Something else I do love though.... Nuzest! :)

  11. If I have a gym membership, I don't go. If I decide to work out outside... I don't. So, signing up for classes I need to pay for and attend is the best way for me. Unless I have a workout buddy, of course!

  12. I have never had a gym membership and don't really "work out". But I do love getting outside with the kids, they are a whole different level of exercise LOL.

  13. Except for running I can do any other activity outdoors. I get a headache if I run. However I enjoy the gym more as I can focus on a part of the body and work on that

  14. For me, I love exercising outdoors. Going to the gym can be boring at times. I love the fresh air and changing scenery of walking around the neighborhood.

  15. I don't know why, but I always preferred a treadmill to running (who am I kidding?), walking outside. Weird, huh? Now I need a coffee!

  16. This is inspiring. I am trying to get healthy. I have gained way too much weight and lack the desire to exercise or eat right. I am working really hard to get back.

  17. I love the comfort of being able to workout at home. I like being healthy, I also need convenience.

  18. Bringing snacks to a workout is a smart idea. A good healthy snacks after all those calories burnt need replenishing. You're so fit! Keep up the good work.

  19. See I'm totally the opposite. I fell in love with fitness whenever I joined a gym years ago and I've been slowly trying to convince myself that I do indeed have to run outside for training and not just on a treadmill haha! I'm planning on running the Grand Canyon R2R2R2 next year so I've been trying to gear myself up for having to do so much more training outside to be better prepared.

  20. It's wonderful to have so many options at your disposal! I wish we had more local gym options here, but they're all very overcrowded at any time even vaguely approaching peak times. I wish I could replace all of my time at the gym with hiking, but there are muscles you just won't exercise on a hike that you can put to use at a gym!

  21. I agree. I like running outside on a trail as opposed to a treadmill or track. But having access to an indoor gym here in Texas is a must. Some days its just too hot to run outside unless I get up at the crack of dawn.


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