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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How To Keep Baby Skin Healthy And Soft

        I received samples from My Little North Star Organics to facilitate this post.

  I graduated to grandma last year and I am loving my new title. It was last August that I became a grandma and I am in love with this cute little girl. My grandbaby is the cutest and she is perfect from head to toe. She has perfectly soft baby skin and I know that my daughter is taking good care of her skin. My daughter uses skin care products that are made for baby's delicate skin which is good as this baby has sensitive skin just like her mom did as a baby. All my kids had eczema as babies and they all outgrew it except for my youngest son. My youngest son still has eczema but you would never know by looking at his skin as his skin shows nothing. This son who is now 11, has helped me discover the best products to keep his skin eczema free. So now I am passing on my experience of sensitive skin care to my daughter.

We’ve all said it at some point, “soft as a baby’s bottom” While babies may have perfectly soft skin, it is also extremely delicate and requires extra care.

 My boys are 11 and 12 so it has been a while since I have had to bathe a baby but I do remember how sensitive baby skin can be. Baby skin needs extra care and my daughter discovered that last month when she applied a lavender scented lotion on the baby's skin. The baby broke out in a rash. At first, my daughter thought that maybe the rash was caused by carrots. My daughter has many food allergies, including peanuts, so she is introducing new foods one at a time to my grandbaby. My daughter tried carrots again and the baby had no rash so that is when she discovered that it was the lavender baby lotion that caused the rash.

 Crafted specifically for babies, this product is made from only pure and organic ingredients to soothe babies with any type of sensitive skin or allergies.

  I am helping my daughter learn that chemical-free and non-toxic skin care products are best for her baby's soft skin. I am teaching my daughter to select products that use essential oils as fragrance. As that is what I have learned over the past couple of years with my son's sensitive skin. I love introducing my daughter to new baby products and ones that are organic are always my favorite. It makes perfect sense to me to use organic baby wash and lotion on baby skin. Skin is our largest organ and what we apply to it affects our whole body. Baby skin is thinner than adult skin so it is more susceptible to damage and irritation as it continues to develop during their first year of life. So avoiding harsh and toxic ingredients are even more important.

So, do organic products really make a difference in babies’ lives? Yes, they do. It’s not only what we put in our babies’ bodies, but also what we put ON their bodies… after all, skin is our largest organ.

 My son is enjoying My Little North Star Organics baby products and loves the way it smells. He likes the citrus scent and is happy that it does not have a typical baby powder scent like most baby products. We will be sharing this baby shampoo/body wash with the baby. My daughter will love that the baby shampoo is tear-free as we don't want that cute little baby to cry from soap in her eyes. Their products are made from only pure and organic ingredients so they are great for big kid sensitive skin and delicate baby skin. Their chemical free and non-toxic baby shampoo and body wash are made with lavender and orange essential oils to create a tranquil bath for everyone involved. I love that it is vegan and never tested on animals.

My Little North Star Organics is tear-free, hypoallergenic and contains no harsh chemicals making it perfect for babies/kids with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies.

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  1. I bought it for my 3 years old daughter, she loved it. Thanks


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