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Monday, February 3, 2020

Vegan Omelet Made From Chickpeas

A light and fluffy vegan omelet that is so delicious that will make it easy to give up eggs

  I follow a mostly vegan, plant-based diet but there are several foods that make it hard for me to eat strictly plant-based. Having a dairy allergy makes it easy to not eat cheese or milk but I still enjoy eggs and seafood. I have nothing against people who consume animal products, I just think that my body is healthier when I eat plant-based foods. I try to eat eggs and seafood once a week and then eat plant-based meals for the rest of the time. Since I have so many food allergies, I am not strick when it comes to consuming food products with eggs in them, especially when I eat out of my home. My food allergies to dairy, soy, and mushrooms are complicated enough that I am not picky when eating at restaurants of a friend's house. I  have to avoid my food allergies as one bite can cause a major asthma attack that makes it hard for me to breathe.

 My vegan omelet is a satisfying vegan meal. It looks so much like the real thing and the taste is amazing. No, it does not taste exactly like an omelet made from eggs but this vegan omelet has the texture of an omelet. The gooey vegan cheese and the spinach make for an incredible vegan meal that will fill you up. One bite and you will be asking for more. Eating a vegan diet has never been so delicious.

Since having to give up cheese two years ago after a food allergy blood test revealed that dairy was the cause of my severe asthma symptoms, I decided that I wanted to heal my body even further and started consuming fewer animal products. I even started to explore a keto food plan but I did not like the side effects of the keto diet and the fact that it had a heavy emphasis on meat. I do include some vegetarian keto meals in my diet and I use a keto protein powder but I have no plans to go full keto at this time. I like my carbs and bread. I also feel that I need the energy from carbs to maintain my workouts like running.

Vegan eggs are:
+ Delicious
+ Easy to make
+ Plant-based food
+ Nutritious
+ Vegetarian
+ Great for any meal
+ Allergy-friendly
+ Gluten-free

22 Meatless Monday Meal ideas

 Now that I have the desire to eat more vegan meals, I am exploring vegan recipes that make good substitutes for my favorite meals that have eggs and seafood in them. I discovered a vegan recipe for tuna that tastes so similar to tuna salad and a recipe for a gluten-free vegan eggless quiche that uses chickpea flour instead of eggs. So I am learning that cooking vegan is not that hard and that plant-based meals are delicious.

Chickpea flour makes a great egg replacer

 Chickpeas are loaded with protein so they are awesome for so many meals without meat. I love using chickpeas in homemade hummus so I always have several cans of chickpeas in my pantry. I also keep dried chickpeas or garbanzo beans in my pantry as they are not that hard to cook, they just take time to cook. So when I am planning several meals that have chickpeas in them, I will cook chickpeas in my pressure cooker for a faster cooking option. That way I have plenty of chickpeas to make my easy roasted garbanzo bean snack. The best way to use dried garbanzo beans is to make chickpea flour. Sure you can buy chickpea flour in the store but that stuff is so pricey. Once you see how easy it is to make chickpea flour from dried garbanzo beans you will never buy chickpea flour again. Chickpea flour is the main ingredient in this vegan omelet as it makes a great substitute for eggs. There are many other ingredients that make great egg substitutes for when you are making recipes like cookies.

 Eleven Egg Substitutes For Baking & More

A non-stick pan is a must for vegan omelets

 Since this vegan recipe or omelets does not use real eggs, the mixture has a tendency to stick to the pan. So I recommend using a non-stick pan when cooking the vegan eggs. If you are worried about the toxic chemicals in non-stick pans, you need to check out this safer ceramic-coated nonstick frypan that needs no oil when cooking your favorite foods. I use this safe nonstick frypan all the time when I make my easy vegetarian egg foo young recipe and pancakes. I just love the cobalt blue color of the frypan.


The Red Copper 5 Minute Chef makes cooking omelets so easy

 When I make omelets for one, I love using my Red Copper 5 Minute Chef as this handy cooker makes cooking for one so easy. This cooking device cooks most items in five minutes and is used often in my house. My boys love using the Five Minute Chef for cooking pancakes and I love it for making poached eggs. So I know it will do a great job of cooking my vegan omelet.

The fillings for the omelet are your choice

 I like adding spinach and cheese to my vegan omelet. Of course, I use vegan cheese as I have a dairy allergy. I always have frozen spinach in my freezer so I decided to use frozen spinach in this vegan dish but you can use fresh spinach in your vegan egg omelet. You can omit the spinach and add other omelets toppings like diced red peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc. You can also make this vegetarian omelet without any veggies if you like. The choice is up to you. I like to top my meatless omelet with sliced avocado and salsa. Ketchup is also a good egg topping.

The best vegan omelet ever!

 I am not 100% vegan yet and still eat eggs but this vegan omelet tasted so much better than a real omelet. It had an incredible mouthfeel and the taste was awesome. I will be making vegan omelets more often. The plant-based ingredients were easy to mix up and it cooked up just like a real omelet. I will make sure that I always have a batch of chickpea flour in my pantry so I can whip on this delicious plant-based omelet when I have a craving for eggs.

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Vegan Spinach Cheese Omelet Made From Chickpeas

Vegan Spinach Cheese Omelet Made From Chickpeas

Yield: 2-3
A satisfying vegan omelet that is so delicious and looks so much like the real thing.


  • 1 tablespoon flax meal + 3 tablespoons water
  • 3/4 cup plant-based milk
  • 2 tablespoon nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup chickpea flour
  • 1 tablespoon potato starch
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil – for frying
  • Filling ingredients
  • 1 cup cooked spinach leaves
  • 1/2 cup vegan cheese


How to cook Vegan Spinach Cheese Omelet Made From Chickpeas

  1. In a bowl, mix together the 1 tablespoon flax meal + 3 tablespoons water and let sit for a couple of minutes to thicken.
  2. Then add all the other ingredients, except the coconut oil and the filling ingredients. Mix well and let the "egg" batter stand for 5 minutes. The batter should be the consistency of thick pancake batter so add more water if needed.
  3. Heat a non-stick pan up over medium heat and add the coconut oil. Then pour about a 1/2 cup of batter into the hot pan. Spread the batter around the pan taking care that the omelet isn’t stretched too thin or it will break when folded. Leaving the batter on the thick side is ok as it will make a nice thick omelet
  4. Allow the omelet to cook for a couple of minutes.  When it looks like the texture of a pancake right before flipping it, then it is time to add the fillings. Place some of the spinach and cheese on top of one side of the omelet.
  5. Use a spatula to lift the one side of the omelet and fold it over. Then use your spatula to press down from the top to seal it. Flip the omelet over to make sure it is golden brown on both sides. If needed cook for a bit longer.
  6. Allow the omelet to cook for a couple of minutes and then remove from the pan. Repeat the steps for the rest of the batter.


You can add other toppings to the omelet like fresh spinach, tomatoes, diced peppers, or any other favorite omelet ingredients.
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