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Friday, February 28, 2020

OneClass Is the Best Resource For Homework Help

How I help my older kids with their homework

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 I have been doing this parenting thing for 30 years and I still have trouble with many things. One of the major parenting skills that can be tough is helping the kids with their homework. It should be a simple thing for me as I was a straight-A student many years ago. I was that kid who enjoyed school and worked hard to get good grades. So why is it so tough for me to help my boys with their homework?

 I have five kids altogether but only two are left living at home. The three oldest kids are either married, working, or attend school. So the youngest two are still at home. These boys are in middle school and there are times that I am unable to help them with their homework. You would think with all my parenting skills that I would have the homework thing figured out. Well, I don't. The older three children, in the past, would help the younger boys with their homework but now that they don't live here, it is my job to help with the homework. The problem is I am unable to help my boys with their homework, especially math. I am talking algebra math. I simply don't remember what I learned in algebra from my high school days. Maybe it is because I just don't use algebra in my daily life or maybe because the schools are teaching this new math. I have turned to the internet when my boys don't understand a math equation and that only leaves me more frustrated. I want to help my boys with their homework and be that good parent but I can't! I want to help my kids succeed in school and get good grades.

OneClass helps kids get better grades

 If you are a frustrated parent just trying to help your kid with homework, you need to check out OneClass. This homework helping website will hopefully end the nightly homework battles that parents face. I am glad that I discovered a website that understands the need for kids and parents to have homework help any time of day. So now when my kids and I don't understand a math problem, we just head to OneClass and get the homework help right away without having to do a frustrating internet search.

Get study materials and homework help

 OneClass has homework help for many subjects like math, science, history, and more. This unique website is designed for school grades, including college. I love that I can access millions of high-quality study guides and discover many solutions to my kid's homework questions. The study guides show real homework questions and give the kids the answers they need.

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Math equations in easy steps

 OneClass has over 3000 solutions alone for mathematical questions. I love that this homework site shows my boys how to set up the math problem step by step and does not just give the math answer. I am even learning how to do algebra again. I forgot how complicated an algebra equation can be but OneClass makes algebra easy to understand. This homework help website is like having a teacher in your living room. I like that I can turn on the computer for homework help for my kids and not have to leave the house to drive them to a tutoring place. This homework website has verified answers to a wide coverage of subjects, including many subjects of math like calculus and geometry.

Helps kids study for exams

 The OneClass website even has access to study guides from 1000+ schools, including popular colleges. These study guides from the schools even have sample exams so students can have access to the school materials that they need to study for a test or exam. So now, students can study at any time they want in the comfort of their home without having to head to the library.

 My middle child is attending the Merchant Marine Academy. This school does things differently when compared to other colleges. As part of his coursework, my son does a 12-month ship tour, in addition to all his school classes. So that means that while he is learning how to navigate a cargo or military ship, he is also doing homework. So since he does not have access to his teachers in the classroom setting, my son has to study online. OneClass is the perfect solution for my son when he needs help with his college homework. Thank goodness my son has wifi on his cargo ship so he can utilize the homework help at the OneClass homework help website. This website is a smart solution for even college kids as I am sure most parents would not have a clue when it comes to helping kids with homework at the college level.

Get the homework help that you need

So make your job as a parent easier and check out the OneClass homework website. This website has the solutions and study help for your children so they will be able to understand their homework. They might even get better grades at school with the homework help that they receive from the amazing school website.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow this sounds amazing, I would have found it SO helpful when I was in school. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

Adventures in Aussieland said...

OneClass sounds like an incredible tool to help support students! I feel like there are so many incredible sites out there now to help with homework. It's great because no everyone learns in the same way. So finding different ways to explain the same concept and help teach it is wonderful!

Lisa Joy Thompson said...

I have twins who are in middle school. I will totally be checking this out and hopefully it will work well for them!

Marie at Complete Literature said...

I have not heard of OneClass before. It sounds cool. BTW, I have 3 boys left at home and 5 adult kids that are either married, working, or attending school. But I always did most of the teaching. That way I knew exactly where my kids are at.

The Super Mom Life said...

I've actually never heard of OneClass before, but it sounds wonderful! I'll have to look into it for my kids!

Prime Beauty said...

Math was always my worst subject so when my kids got to middle school and algebra I was't much help. Good thing their dad was an engineer.

Sherry said...

This sounds like a fabulous site. When my kids would bring home math work the new math just baffled me. I would look it up online and still be confused.

Cristina Petrini said...

If it existed when I went to school it would have been easier! Really useful!

Gust si Aroma said...

I think that OneClass service is so perfect for my friend. She has these problems with helping her son with the homework.

Nyxie said...

Sounds very interesting. It sounds perfect for anyone helping kids with homework!

Wren LaPorte said...

This sounds amazing! I believe that my kids would benefit from this. Wish this was an option when I was a kid!

Kita Bryant said...

I would have loved to have a resource like this when I was growing up. I have to try this with my kids.

David Elliott said...

I will have to check this out for my daughter. My ex decided to get my daughter into online school and she can't help out either, especially as we are in Algebra now. I can help but I don't have her enough to really be helpful. I will have to check this out as a supplement to whatever I can teach.

Monica said...

I could really use this, because I STRUGGLE with helping my kids with their homework! Thankfully, my oldest two are still here, so they can still help the younger ones.

Ruth I said...

OneClass is offering such a great service! I would consider this soon for my niece.

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