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Friday, September 20, 2019

Back To School Fitness Tips For Kids In Middle School

The new school year is here and it is a perfect time to focus on a healthy body

          I received a Razor scooter to facilitate this post.

  The new school year is here and parents are pretty much done scrambling to get everything on their lists from backpacks to notebooks, and even a new school wardrobe…but what about those overlooked items to keep kids happy, healthy and on track the rest of the school year? What about a fun item that will keep kids healthy and may even help them learn better?

 This fun item needs to be on every kid's back-to-school wish list alongside those fancy gym shoes that you kid wants. The item that I am talking about is a fun Razor Scooter that will make being healthy fun. Every kid needs fitness time and the sad thing is most do not get enough exercise. Kids are in school all day and they may only get gym class once a week. If kids are getting any recess, they usually are not running around as too often the schools are worried about kids getting hurt so recess time is usually kids standing around talking. Older kids who are in middle school get no recess so they are getting even less healthy body exercise. Lack of exercise may affect their school work.

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Make exercise a part of their day
 For the purpose of this post, I am talking about tips that may only pertain to kids who are in middle school and up as that it the age of my kids but you may find that these tips work great for younger kids also. Middle school kids may not be getting enough exercise as they no longer have recess and some schools do not make gym class a requirement. So as a parent, I encourage you to help your kid make fitness a part of their day. Exercise is important and will even help kids stay healthy.

Exercise can help with independence
 One of the best ways kids can get some healthy exercise is by allowing your kids to ride their bikes or scooter to school instead of having you drive them. This is best if you live a couple miles from the school.  Middle school is a perfect time to give kids some independence. Now that my boys are older, I allow them to go to the park by themselves and ride their bikes around the neighborhood. Yes, I worry about their safety so I use the buddy system. My boys can only go somewhere if they are with a friend. So have your child and a friend head off to school on their own with a fun scooter. The best part of riding a scooter instead of a bike is no worries of flat tires. If you are worried about their safety, get them a cell phone so they can call you once they get to school. Most scooters can be locked up with a bike lock or if your kids are lucky, like mine, the teacher will allow them to leave the scooter in their closet for the day.

Exercise will help improve their grades
 If biking or riding a scooter to school is not an option for your kid, then encourage them to play outside when they get home from school. It is amazing what 30 minutes of having a blast on a scooter can do for their brain. The exercise will help your tween be able to focus on their homework better. Better study time may just lead to better grades in school.

Encourage them to take part in sports
 Most middle schools or junior high schools offer after school sports so now is a great time to encourage kids to get involved with sports. My oldest son loves playing basketball and running so he participates in basketball in the fall and track and field in the spring. These sports teams not only give my son some great exercise but also a chance to make some friends. My younger son is participating in archery and PT with his leadership class so two days a week he gets some fun fitness also.

Make it a family thing
 After work or dinner, the whole family can spend some quality time together going for a walk or playing at the park. Instead of sitting in front of the TV watching a show, set the example for your kids and get some exercise with them. Razor makes scooters for all ages, even adults so get in on the fun and scoot around the neighborhood with your kids. Exercise is a great stress reliever so you may find that the family exercise time benefits you too.

Play some music
 If your day is busy and there is not the time for your kid to get outside. Then blast some energizing music and start dancing. Your teen might think you are crazy but they may just join in on the fun.

Stop driving them everywhere
 When you were a kid and you wanted to go visit a friend or go to the store, did your parents drive you? No, chances are you had to walk or bike so encourage your kids to do the same. Again, work on that independence thing and let them walk. If they participate in after school activities, let them get home on their own with a fun teen-size scooter.

A scooter designed for off-road fun 
 My boys love Razor scooters and own several of them. The best about scooters after the crazy fun is not having to worry about flat tires like you do with a bicycle. My boy's recently got a scooter that is designed for off-road fun. This durable scooter is built to handle a variety of riding styles and is design and tested by John Radtke. My boys think the scooter is cool and has a killer look. My older son could not wait for the weekend so we could head to the skateboard park with his awesome scooter. My son wanted to see how this scooter performed on the ramps. This Phase Two Pro Scooter Radtke has some awesome features that my son loved like the Die-cast aluminum spring brake cartridge that had a push-down feature. The scooter deck had an awesome looking cool-kid design that my tween loved. This is a dual-purpose scooter that can be also used on the sidewalk making it the best transportation for tweens. My boys enjoy using this awesome scooter at the skateboard park near our home and they also use their scooters when they go to places like the store or a friend's house.

How do you encourage your middle school kid to exercise?


Jaredamy said...

My kids are ironically on their Razor Scooters now. It is such a beautiful, end of summer kind of day.

Kristi said...

We make our kids bike and walk to school, depends on activities and schedules. One of their friends mom's thought that was horrible, which was shocking. I nicely explained that it's good for them :)

EMILY said...

My kids love their Razor scooter and I love it gets then outside. I'm fortunate my kids are all pretty active.

Gust si Aroma said...

I have a daughter that is almost a teenager. These tips are useful. I understand that the exercise is the key!

Cristina Petrini said...

Great suggestions! A way to get kids to keep fit in a fun way too!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Such great suggestions, it's so important to teach kids about exercise from early on. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Celebrate Woman said...

I love the recommendations to keep kids active. Especially, the one that tells me not to drive them to ALL the places. Allow them to walk and scoot to their destination. Yess!

Sherry said...

My son would love a scooter. As a family, we need to get more active. I think going for a walk as a family is a great idea.

Ruth I said...

This look cool! THese are great ways to be active. Love the idea of doing it with the family.

Rachel Lavern said...

I assumed that scooters had dies in popularity since I have not really seen any in a while.

Jen Sky Walker said...

My first grader has a razor scooter and loves it! He saw older kids on one and asked for one for Christmas.

Amanda said...

I think fitness is very important for kids of all ages. Encouraging them to be outside and play in sports helps their social skills and helps focus all their energy.

Echo said...

I think exercise, burning off energy and being hands-on are the best ways to learn! My kids LOVE swimming and playing on the trampoline.

Sandra said...

I love scooters! It's a fun way to exercise and still appreciate the views / surroundings during play time. Really wish I could be a kid again and enjoy this!

Cindy Ingalls said...

Both of my nieces loves their scooters. It's great little tool to get them outside instead of sitting in front of the tv or ipad.

Peachy said...

Making exercise a family thing really helps our tween and teens exercise more. I guess they just need an example to follow?

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