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Monday, August 5, 2019

The Best Back To School Item & Giveaway

Time to start back to school shopping

         I received a planner from https://orderoochaos.com/ to facilitate this post.

 Summer always goes by too fast for my family. Maybe it is because we are having so much fun. This summer my boys went to summer camp and then we took an Amtrak train ride to see grandma. My family had a great time on the train and these seven tips for taking the Amtrak really made a difference. I took a solo trip to an awesome fitness conference in California and it super-charged my fitness routine. My middle son came home from the Merchant Marine Academy for a summer break and my oldest son graduated college. My daughter and her husband bought their first house and we helped them move in. Then my boys went camping with their dad. My oldest son got two job opportunities and started a job as a diesel mechanic. It was hard sending my middle son back to the academy as he will not be home again until next spring as he will be on a ship for several months. So much exciting things have happened this summer but the boys need to get back to school as they are bored. The youngest boys are growing up way too fast, it is hard to believe that three years have past when I wrote this Back to School Money Saving Shopping Tips post. My youngest was so little back then, somebody please pass the tissues! Keep reading to discover an awesome giveaway to win $1000+ in prizes!

 Must have back to school planner

  My youngest will both be in middle school this year. So that means more homework and having to be more organized. Their old school used to give them a daily planner but the new school that they are attending does not provide an academic planner. So I made to get them an academic calendar so they can keep track of all their assignments. I got my boys the Best academic planner for students that I could find. I want my boys to succeed in school and I know that a planner from https://orderoochaos.com/will help them.

  Are my children smart because of genetics?

Find out here Helping Your Child Succeed In School 

Giving Students An Easy Way to SEE Time So They Can Learn to MANAGE It. 

 The school planner that I selected for my boys came with plenty of free tools and is the perfect size for their new backpacks. This useful planner has more than just a calendar, it has places for the boys to write down assignments and daily to-do lists. My boys love all the stickers and the ruler that attaches to the planner. There are even pockets so they can place important papers in them. I know that the planner for school will help my boys keep track of time. I love the companies tagline "You Have to Be Able to SEE Time in Order to Learn How to Manage it.” 

These planners are not cluttered or busy. No filler or fluff. No word of the day. They do what they say they do. Plan time.

   Another item that I always purchase to help my boys with an organization with school work is different colored pens. I know that color-coding items in my planner for bloggers have helped with me with making money with blogging. I know leading by example is one of the best ways to teach kids and if I have good time management skills then my kids will learn how to manage their time. An academic planner that is designed by students for students is always the best planner for my middle school boys. So if you are thinking "How do I teach my child good time management skills?", this planner needs to be on your back to school shopping list.

Leslie Josel, the founder of Order Out of Chaos, is a big deal in the time management and parenting world.  
She’s ranked #15 in the world as a time management expert. She travels the world speaking on topics facing parents and their students today. She is in the process of writing her third book, writes a weekly column called 
Dear Family Coach for ADDitude Magazine (the premier magazine for those with ADHD and LD), and she’s one of 
Family Circle Magazine’s parenting experts and write articles for them as well.  All of this exposure helps to build the Order out of Chaos brand. Trust us when we say people trust Leslie.

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Liz Mays said...

I do think planners like this are going to help keep students on track. The good planning habits should carry over to their careers too.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Sweet, what a great prize pack. I will be entering for sure. I do need a better planner!

Passion Piece said...

That's wonderful you've been able to do so many nice things this summer. I love this planer and would like to get one! :)

Xxxx said...

I am totally lost without a planner!!!

Jaredamy said...

I really love planners and need to be better about writing in mine. There is something so gratifying about checking things off.

Maureen Fitzgerald said...

I think teaching kids how to manage their time is something that should be taught more. It's a life skill that will take them far.

Kathy said...

I actually have the exact same planner. I love it too. It's so nice! What a wonderful giveaway as well.

Wren LaPorte said...

That planner is so cute! Comes with everything kids need when going back to school.

Gust si Aroma said...

I am thinking about back to school items these days, too! Thanks for these suggestions!

krystal said...

A good planner is essential for staying on top of tasks! Love the look of that one. Tons of room for notes.

Ruth I said...

Those are amazing and sought after prizes to win. It must be nice to have some freebies during the start of school. A school binder would be so much awesome.

alexandra cook said...

Oh wow, sounds like an amazing giveaway! Love these back to school stuff especially the planner.

Myrah Duque said...

Great recommendations. I'm all about back to shool these days.

Cindy Ingalls said...

I like the idea of using a planner for your kids. It's a great way to teach them organization and responsibility, and it can help you know what they are doing and when it is due.

Kiwi said...

Great suggestions for back to school stuff. Also a nice awayway too!

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Anonymous said...

Academic planners are great! I always get my daughter one and make sure she uses it.

Blair Villanueva said...

Planners are good gift idea and always useful, both for all ages. I also like collecting it.

tiffany dayton said...

Really great prize.

RogerLavoie said...

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Binge on Basics said...

Planners are always a great gifting option. I love getting cute planners as gifts so much

sharery dair said...

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jamesanderson said...

Your summer sounds like a whirlwind of joy and accomplishments! From Amtrak adventures to fitness conferences and job opportunities, it's heartwarming to witness your family's growth. Best wishes for the upcoming school year!
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