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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Get Kids Moving With This Amazing Scooter

Get the kids away from video games with this amazing scooter!

        I received a couple of Razor Scooters to facilitate this post.

  You won't find video games in my house as I want my kids free time to be active time. Kids, like grownups, need exercise. Exercise helps with so many things from keeping the body healthy and controlling one's mood. Did you know that daily exercise can help with depression? Exercise can even help kids succeed at school and sleep better at night. Most people think of exercise as torture but it does not have to be that way when you have a fun scooter to ride. When a family exercises together it is a great bonding time and a whole lot of fun. The whole family can enjoy the speed of a scooter as the creator of the best scooter makes scooters for the whole family, from toddler to mom and dad. Yes, you heard that right, even dad can join in on the fun. That is if he has a scooter that is made for his height and weight.

Razor Scooters get kids moving!

  My boys outgrew their old scooters so it was time for some new ones. So we went online to look at all the scooters that Razor carries. I was amazed at the selection. Razor had way more than just scooters…electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and so much more! My youngest son is growing like a weed and is way bigger than his older brother who is on the short side. So I selected scooters that were made for their size.

The boys were so excited when the Razor scooters arrived!

Electrifying sparks are so awesome!

  For the older son who is 11 years old but the height of an eight-year-old, we selected the Spark Ultra Kick Scooter. My boys wanted a scooter that made cool looking glittery sparks. Remember when you rode your bike as a kid and you slammed on the breaks to make skid marks on the road? Well, that is the kind of fun that you get with the Spark Ultra and it leaves no marks on the road, just a flash of light. This scooter needs no batteries as the sparks are made by a foot activated Spark Bar! The Spark Ultra has a height adjustable handle and holds kids up to 143 pounds so my short kid will get plenty of use out of this scooter until he has a growth spurt in high school. Then he may be too tall for the scooter but if he is anything like his older brothers he will still fit the weight requirement. My 18-year-old is 6'3" and weighs 135 pounds but eats like a horse. My 24-year-old son I think finally put on weight once he hit the twenties. Yep, I have a lot of boys, 4 of them to be exact.

A scooter with a kickstand!

   For the younger child who just keeps getting taller, I selected a scooter that would grow with him, unlike the pogo stick that he had that was only for kids who weighed less than 60 pounds. My son may weigh 78 pounds but he is a tall lean child who should be able to still play on toys made for kids. The A5 Lux Scooter supports up to 220 pounds and has a height adjustable handle as well as a bigger foot platform so even dad can ride on this study scooter. I can see the A5 Lux Scooter lasting well beyond the teenage years. This scooter even folds up to fit into a backpack so my boys said dad should get one for work. That way he can take the bus and ride the scooter once he gets downtown.

A taller handle means mom and dad can join in on the fun

Dads big feet fit just fine on the A5 Lux Scooter 

The park is the perfect place for fresh air and exercise

  My boys love riding their Razor scooters around the park but they even take them when we walk to the store. There is a grocery store a mile away from our home so the boys will ride their scooters while I get a nice jog in. Once we get to the store, the boys fold the scooters up so they can bring them into the store while I pick up a couple items like milk and bread. These boys sure do eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches! My older son said the handles on the scooters are so comfortable.

Razors Scooters make awesome gifts for the whole family!

  It may only be fall but it is never too early to think about Christmas gifts. Razor has a scooter for every size in the family. Get the whole family outdoors for some amazing fun fitness time. Trust me, once you get on one of these scooters you will forget that you are exercising.

Make fitness fun for the whole family!

 Head on over to Razor.com and check out all the cool products that they sell from scooters to electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards, and so much more! Then tell me which ones you would want to have some amazing fun on. The scooters come in lots of color combinations too!

Which Razor product do want to ride?

 Watch the Razor Spark Ultra and A5 Lux Scooters in action

See the Razor Spark Ultra make sparks!

See the Razor Spark Ultra make sparks at night!


Delhifundos said...

This scooter looks amazing. I always tell children to play outside instead of spending day and hours in playing game on phone and tablets.

Dalene Ekirapa said...

This just reminds me of how we had a hard time finding a scooter for my two younger brothers..but finally, we got it. With how boys can be super playful, such toys would keep them busy. Your boys were so happy to get this I'm certain!

Jessi Joachim said...

How cool is this scooter!?! I think my Daughter would absolutely love it! It would be a perfect Christmas gift I think!

Monidipa Dutta said...

This takes me back to my childhood, I always adored these scooters. These would be a great gift to any child.

AiringMyLaundry said...

What cool scooters! My daughter has one of these and loves it. She is aching for a motorized one, but I'm not sure if that'll ever happen.

TessaG said...

Razors are great! My kids both have them, but one of my sons literally completely wore his wheels down to nothing!

Jackie said...

My daughters love their razor scooters when they were younger. The spark Ultra is really cool!

Simply Stephanie said...

I remember always wanting a scooter when I was younger, I feel like I should live out my childhood dream and get one to commute to work LOL! Thanks for sharing!!

Vaibhav Mehta said...

I have always wanted one since childhood but Indian roads dont exactly allow such amazing vehicles to traverse safely. Lovely to see the boys chilling AND having a great time!

Ola @ WanderWithOla said...

Wow, the scooters look awesome, especially the Razor Spark Ultra! My husband used to have a scooter when he was in college. It would be nice to get one again!

Joanna said...

Children these days do love this type of scooter. I know that all my friends who have kids have bought theirs a similar scooter.

Unknown said...

These are pretty cool. My boys still use the 3 wheeled ones because they are young but will be moving on to the 2 wheels as they grow older

Heidi@OneCreativeMommy.com said...

Those look like great scooters, and the sparks look like so much fun! I always wished my kids' scooters had longer handles so that I could give them a try.

What Corinne Did said...

I have seen so many grown ups on scooters lately i have considered getting one myself! Looks like so much fun!

Devyani said...

My son loves scooters. Will give this a try.

Blair Villanueva said...

Kids in my neighborhood also uses this kind of scooters together with their Dads! They look cool :D

Kristie Cirak said...

I love that it has a kick stand on it! Ive never seen that in a scooter before so they get thrown on the ground all teh time !

Mommy Sigrid said...

My youngest daughter has been asking me to buy a scooter for her. The problem is, we really don't have anywhere to play it with. We don't have a yard and the area around is a busy street. :(

To Youpiter said...

When I have a kid I probably buy him this scooter or maybe it will be possible already flyimg scooters 😂

logan pual said...

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Unknown said...

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